Evolution of a feedee

Chapter 1

Sally was petite, five-two, she now, weighed only one hundred and ten pounds. She used to weigh around one-fifty in high school and she really did not mind being “chubby” as her mom put it.

Sally’s Mom, sisters Janie and Susie were all heavy, well more likely obese. The whole family had been fat pretty much their whole lives.

Sally was the only one who had gone to college and that was out in Colorado, where she fell into the fitness trap nearly immediately, getting assigned a “buff” roommate.

Sally had dated totally buff guys now since and during her college career and she was tried of the constant working out, all the dates revolving around some fitness activity. She was really a “dinner, a show (movie) and ice cream after” kind of girl.

She confided in Janie, her older sister, while visiting over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

“Sally, why don’t you just let go and enjoy yourself, do you really want to be on a diet the rest of your life?” admonished Janie, standing in the kitchen in only panties and a t-shirt, neither one doing a good job of containing her girth.

Janie was the fattest of the daughters, only Mom was fatter than her. Janie’s husband too was very fat, nearly three-fifty. He and Janie owned a restaurant where they spent seven days a week at.

Sally sighed, “I really would not mind gaining weight again. But I want to find a decent guy. I am afraid if I get too fat, I will not find anyone.”

Janie giggled, “Come with me”.

Sally followed her waddling sister into the den, Janie lowered herself, heavily, into the chair in front of the computer and logged on.

Janie brought up her favorite site. “Fantasy Feedee” Sally just looked on over her shoulder.

“Sally, see, there are a lot of guys who love fat girls.” Said Janie. Sally was stunned, she had never thought that guys would be into fat chicks. But what really got her attention was the feedee/feeder section. To think that guys or for that matter girls too, would actually feed their significant other to fatten them up for sexual gratification really turned her on!

“Janie, can I look through this site for awhile, Alone, please.” Janie giggled in reply, “Sure sis, enjoy yourself!” Janie got up from the chair and waddled back into the kitchen. Her appetite was stimulated every time she went to the site.

Sally was enthralled. She surfed through the site looking at profiles, pictures and posts. Nearly two hours into her “epiphany” Sally nearly shrieked out loud.

There was a picture of a guy, wearing a tight “Speedo” style black bikini brief, sticking out a modest paunch and she recognized him from work! She went to his profile and sure enough, she knew exactly who he was!

It was Ned Fox from the marketing department. Sally thought, “I have seen him around, nice enough and really not bad looking either, but he has never made an effort to talk to me.” Sally sat for a minute and then it hit her, “Duh, no wonder he has never hit on me. He loves this site and I am so slim now, of course he would not be attracted to me.”

To her surprise, Ned was online at that moment. She sent a message, using Janie’s login.

“Ned, what a surprise, we work together! I would like to talk to you, can we get together?” she typed.

Ned responded almost immediately, “Is Janie your real name or just a screen name, I don’t know of anyone at work, named Janie.”

Sally typed back, “Ned, Janie is my sister. My name is Sally. I work in accounting.”

He typed back, “Oh Sally, I have seen you around the office. You are really cute, but, uh thin too.”

Sally giggled, “Thank you for the compliment Ned. I am thin, now, but that could change! Lol. Ned I really would like to meet you.”

Ned, stunned, typed back. “How about Monday for lunch?”

Sally giggled again to herself, “How about Monday for dinner? I don’t want to worry about eating to much and having to go back to work!”

Ned typed back. “Date!”

Sally signed off, but not before creating her own login account.

Sally went to her room and took off her pants and blouse and pulled on a t-shirt for some modesty and went down to the kitchen.

Janie looked up, “Hey girl where are your pants?” Sally giggled, “Hey you don’t have any on, why should I?” Janie said, slapping her huge belly, “Because I am stuffing myself as usual and I can ruin clothes doing that.” She giggled.

Sally told Janie all about Ned Fox at work and setting up a date. She even told her about her comments about how her weight could change!

Sally then asked, “Janie, can you help me with some “weight training” I want to show Ned some more of me for our first date!”

Janie shrieked, “Sally you have come to the right person. This weekend is the best weekend of the year for gaining weight! Put your skinny little bottom in that chair and let big sister take good care of you!”

Janie spent the whole Thanksgiving weekend stuffing Sally to capacity. The rest of the family was overjoyed that skinny little Sally was finally coming to her senses and putting on weight.

Sunday afternoon, Sally was giggling and getting turned on trying to fit into her jeans. Under Janie’s tutelage, she had gained nearly ten pounds! Sally settled for leaving her jeans un-snapped and her t-shirt riding up on her newly plump tummy.
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