Another quarantine weight gain story

chapter 1

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My name is Matt Fox, I live in a medium size Florida city and I’m a high school senior this year. I’m on the swim team, I’m pretty good, not great, but better than average. My next door neighbor, Ed is also on the team and just about my best friend. His house has an in ground swimming pool, not huge, but decent size. We can’t really swim laps, but we can practice starts and turns.

It was nearly time to go back to school, Ed and I were practicing nearly every day, when things changed. I didn’t realize it at the time, but would be a profound change for me especially physically. Ed’s dad got a big promotion, which meant a transfer to the west coast. They had to move very quickly, his dad’s company wanted his dad out there as soon as possible and Ed also had to register for school etc.

A relocation service that was hired by his dad’s company pretty much took care of everything. They moved out in just days from the announcement. I was pretty bummed, Ed was my best friend, and our house didn’t have a pool, so my/our practices were curtailed. The relocation company bought the house and then sold right away to another employee of Ed’s dad’s company. They moved in two days later.

I was hoping that the new family would have a son in my class or maybe even a hot daughter. I was initially disappointed. The family who moved, the Adams, were all overweight or obese, including their daughter Amanda. I was bummed out.

After a couple of days, my mom, Claire, insisted that I at least go introduce myself to Amanda. She was out by their pool lying on a chaise lounge chair. The only bathing suits I had were Speedos that the swim team wore. I pulled on a t-shirt and a Speedo and headed over there.

I called, “Hello, my name is Matt. May I come in?” Amanda looked up, “Oh yes Matt please do, I’d love some company. I don’t know anybody here at all.” I walked up to the chaise, she was wearing a very tight black, shiny nylon bikini panty with a matching halter top. I was surprised that a girl as heavy as Amanda would wear such a revealing bathing suit. She had quite a pot belly sticking up in the air, round plump thighs, a big booty, there was a roll of fat being cut into by her halter strap. She did have very smooth, soft skin which jiggled if she moved. I looked her in the eye, “Amanda, it’s nice to meet you, welcome to the neighborhood.” “Thank you Matt, I’m very glad to meet you. Take off your shirt and join me, please.” I did she was checking out my Speedo, I was sure. I was in pretty good shape at that point, being five foot ten and about one hundred and fifty pounds. I also notice while sitting down, that Amanda was really quite pretty; she had brown eyes, nice hair, and a hint of double chin and round cheeks.
We started chatting, I really started to like her, and we had similar interests and were even thinking of the same major when we would start university next fall. We got in the pool, it was getting pretty hot. Amanda said, “Matt can you help me up please?” “Of course”, I replied. I stood and Amanda held up her hands I took them and gently pulled her up. I was surprised by the effort it took. When Amanda stood, she brushed by me with her belly. She blushed, “Oh sorry Matt, I take up a lot of room.” “It’s okay Amanda.” We got in the pool. Seeing her now standing up, I was taken by how round she was. Her bottom/booty really stuck out from her back and thighs. Her belly now sagged a bit onto her thighs. We stepped into the pool, I held her hand to steady her. “Thank you Matt, for being such a gentleman, I’m sorry I’m so fat.” “Hey Amanda, I really think you are quite pretty.” She smiled lighting up the back yard. “Thank you Matt. I have to say I really like your swim suit.” Amanda thought to herself, He’s so nice, I just wish there was a nice fat belly and bubble butt in the Speedo”.

We kind of swam a bit. Amanda didn’t like exercise, so she sat in the pool on the steps leading into the pool. I showed her some of my swim moves and she seemed to enjoy watching. We got out I helped Amanda walk up the steps, holding her hand. She held onto my hand until we sat back down.

“Thank you Matt, for being so nice to me. I really like you. I’m getting hungry, would you like to stay for lunch?” “I’d love to Amanda.” It seemed like just on cue, her mom, Marge came out of the kitchen/family room. “Amanda dearest are you two ready for lunch?” I hopped up to greet her mom, it was the first time I had met her. My mom had introduced herself a couple of days earlier. She smiled looking me over, “Matt dear I do like your swimming suit.” I blushed just a bit thinking, “What is it about “Speedos” that women like so much?” “Thank you Mrs. Adams,” I stammered. She smiled and replied, “Lunch is ready you two.”

I helped Amanda up, getting an approving smile from Marge. Amanda took my hand again, I thought that was forward, but I didn’t mind, I was starting to like her. We went into the kitchen, the table was covered in platters of food. I have a huge appetite, given I’m on the swim team and practice laps every week day and Saturday mornings. So I can really eat.

I was surprised at how much Amanda ate. She had two bratwursts, two cheese burgers, fries, potato salad, sweat tea and a huge chocolate sundae for dessert. I ate three cheese burgers, two bratwursts, fries and a sundae. Marge put us both to shame eating four of everything and two sundaes.

Marge said, “Why don’t you two go back out to the pool. I’m so proud that you ate such a good lunch.” I was thinking “Now I know why Amanda is overweight.” Amanda took my hand again we went out to the pool area. She suggested, “Matt let’s use the Jacuzzi, I’m feeling kind of full.” I glanced at her belly and it looked like it was sticking out farther than this morning. My own belly was showing a small bloat. I helped her step into the Jacuzzi and I turned it on. The hot water and bubbles really felt good. It usually happens the bubbles get into my brief and inflate it a little. Amanda saw it and giggled, “Matt you look like you’re getting a tummy!” I blushed and pushed down my brief. “No it’s just the air bubbles get in there.” She sat very close to me, I didn’t mind. We got out, I helped her over to the pool and got in. She sat and I swam around a little.
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1goldleader 10 months
Such a great story, as always!!
Fattyboy526 1 year
Good Story but is it 240 or 340. As Matt being 340 is more plausible for him having a 52 inch waste. Just an observation
Fanedfox 1 year
Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe I’ll edit the story to fix that.
Snarry0901 2 years
I like it.😙
Littlejohnboy 2 years
Well done story.