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chapter 1

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Megan was petite and slim only weighing one hundred and five pounds. She was a work out nut and most of her boyfriends she met at the gym. They all loved having a slim little hottie on their arms, but relationship wise that was the extent of it. They were all self- absorbed and treated Megan like a possession rather than a partner.
Megan and I worked together at a land company acquiring leases for various projects. A new project came in for a large wind farm in Iowa. Past experience had shown that females did better at getting leases in Iowa versus some of our other states, so Megan got the assignment.
Megan and I were co-workers and casual friends. I had never asked her out, but we did talk at our desks which were in the same large cubicle. I liked her and I think she liked me, but she was so slim and such a workout nut that I was not interested in a relationship with her.
“Megan, I hear you got the assignment in Iowa!” She smiled, “Yes Matt I did. I am looking forward to getting up there and getting started.” “How will Alan take you being out of town so much now?” I asked of her boyfriend, who I had met and was a total jerk. Megan sighed, “Matt, Alan and I broke up. He was so into himself there was no time for me in his life.” “Oh I am sorry to hear that.” (not really)
Megan smiled thinking to herself, “I wish Matt would ask me out, he is really nice and not bad looking either, though he should work out more.” “Thank you Matt for asking, but I am on my own again.”
“Where are you going to stay in Iowa?” I asked. “Matt, I found a really nice B&B in Winterville, which is also the County Seat, which should make things more convenient for me.” I chuckled, “Megan I hope the B&B has air conditioning, it is really hot in Iowa in the summer, I worked out there a couple of years ago.” “Oh it does Matt, that was the first thing I checked. But they don’t have any work out facilities, which worries me. I will be eating out all the time, I am afraid I might gain weight. I used, to be heavy when I was in high school, but I lost weight in college.” I thought to myself, “That would be awesome, Megan would look so hot with fifteen or twenty pounds on her.” I replied, “Oh I am sure you will be fine there Megan.” We hugged briefly and we said our goodbyes.
Megan arrived the next day in Winterville. She checked into her B&B which was an old mansion downtown, close to the courthouse and Main Street. The owner, a widowed farm wife, named Martha was very nice. Megan was startled to see how obese Martha was.
“Let me show you your room dear”, cooed Martha as she waddled (literally) up the stairs. Megan had never seen a woman so short (same height of Megan) but so heavy. “I serve breakfast from seven until ten and I do serve a dinner. I am used to more of a boarding house than these new bed and breakfast ideas.” Megan replied, “Martha that works well for me. I will be working at the courthouse for a few days before I go out and call on anyone.”
Megan unpacked and thought, “Matt was right, it is so hot and humid here, I hope I have the will power to get up and run in the mornings.” She finished and went downstairs. “Martha, I am going over to the courthouse to check things out.” “Okay dear, I will have dinner ready when you get back, they close at five o’clock.” Replied Martha. Martha thought, “What a nice young woman Megan is, so polite, but so skinny, poor thing, but I think I can help with that!”
Megan was sweating when she got to the courthouse. It was air conditioned, thank god she thought. The ladies who worked there were a lot like Martha, all we either over-weight or downright obese. Megan noticed empty donut and pastry boxes in the break area. She thought, “I am going to have to be really be careful about eating here too.” She met all the clerks and they were all very nice and helpful. After chatting and looking over the records and equipment, it was time to close and Megan walked back to Martha’s.
True to her word Martha had a big spread ready to dinner. Megan “freshened up” and came down to dinner in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She was shocked at how much food was on the table, but knew better than to say anything. Martha was ready for her first assault on Megan’s waist line!
“Please sit down Megan and let me serve you.” “Thank you Martha, but not too much, I watch my weight.” Answered Megan. “Oh nonsense, dear, you are so skinny!” With that reply Martha smothered a plate in pork, mashed potatoes, a rich, cheese, rice and broccoli casserole. Megan groaned to herself, “Oh my God so much food, I am going to be stuffed tonight.” Megan was polite and ate everything on her plate. Martha did try to get Megan to have some seconds, but she backed off when Megan looked like she might get sick.
Megan got up from the table feeling stuffed and bloated. She stifled a burp, “Excuse me Martha, but I have some work to do on my computer.” Martha looked taken aback, “No desert Megan?” Wanting to be polite, Megan just answered, “Maybe later?” Martha smiled, “Okay dear I will bring some pie up later.” Before Megan to protest, Martha headed into the kitchen to start cleaning up.
Megan climbed the stairs feeling her bloated belly bulging against the waist band of the shorts. She got to her room and pulled off the offending shorts and sat down at her computer. She worked for about an hour and half when there was a tap at the door and Martha came in.
Megan blushed and pulled her t-shirt down to try to cover her panties. If Martha noticed her charge only had on panties and a t-shirt, she did not say anything. “Oh I hope I did not startle you Megan, I brought up and little slice of my apple pie and a scoop of ice cream for your desert.”
Megan looked at the plate, the slice was nearly a quarter of the whole pie and the ice cream was piled high on top of the slice. “Oh thank you Martha that was very sweet of you.” Martha smiled and left the room quickly before Megan could protest the size of her desert, calling over her should, “Now enjoy dear!” She closed the door behind her.
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Imalwayshungry 7 months
I’d never want to leave that place!
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My favorite place to live/stay is my fictious "Bellows Farm".
Imalwayshungry 7 months
I can’t wait to get to that story!