Quarantine gain

chapter 1

Crystal’s best friend had just moved away, she was really bummed about Jill moving out of state. Jill had been her best friend for several years. They lived next door to each other. In fact they had gate between the two houses.

Jill’s house had a great swimming pool, given they were in Florida, it was nearly a necessity. The girls would hang out in the pool most of the year given the how hot it was.

Both girls were quite slim, seniors in high school and pretty. Crystal was only five foot two, weighing around one hundred pounds. Jill was a bit taller and a few pounds heavier, but not much. They spent most of the time at home wearing just their bikinis.

It all changed when Jill’s dad got a big promotion and transfer. They moved right after Christmas to their new city and home.

A couple days after Jill’s family moved out. The new family moved in. Crystal was hoping the new people would have a daughter or even a hot son, but she was to be disappointed, at least at first.

Ned and his family were moving into their new home. Ned was thrilled that they would have their own swimming pool. Ned as quite overweight, well, he is fat, five foot ten inches tall and weighing two hundred and twenty pounds. He had a big forty four inch belly, chubby thighs and a bubble butt. He liked to wear brief style underwear and swimsuits. The club pool where they used to live, he was always too embarrassed to wear his brief style suits. Now he could wear them all the time.

Crystal’s mom told her the moving van had just pulled away; she suggested that Crystal go see if the new family had anyone her age. She was wearing just her bikini and went out to the gate. She groaned to herself when she saw Ned, “Darn, a fat guy! I was hoping for a new girlfriend or hot guy.”

Ned was wearing a black brief and started to get in the water. He looked up and saw a little hot girl looking over the gate. “Hi” he said. Crystal replied, “Hello, did you just move in?” Ned replied, “Yeah, they just unloaded the moving van. My name is Ned.” “Hi Ned, my name is Crystal are you in high school?” “Yeah, I’m a senior. What class are you in?” “I’m a senior too, Ned.” “Great, I glad you live next door. Crystal would you like to come over and swim?” “Thanks, Ned, I would.”

Crystal came through the gate. She was wearing a very low cut black bikini panty with a matching halter top. She had a flat tummy, slim thighs and small butt. Ned got out of the pool his belly sagging over the waist band of his brief, which was cutting into his chubby thighs. Crystal had to stifle a giggle looking at Ned’s chubby body. “It’s nice to meet you Crystal, sorry I’m so fat.” Ned patted his belly which jiggled. They shook hands and got in the pool and started chatting. Much to Crystal’s surprise she really enjoyed talking to Ned. They had a lot of the same interests, both were thinking of the same major when they went to college and even were in the same types of clubs in high school.

Crystal and Ned hung out the rest of the Christmas vacation. They car pooled to school and Crystal helped Ned get settled at school. She did get a little grief from some of her more catty friends about talking to a fat guy, but she blew them off.

Ned and Crystal both had really good grades; they didn’t have many classes together though. Ned was more into English writing and literature, where Crystal liked math better.

Then the pandemic hit! Ned and Crystal high school was forced to close and begin remote learning. Fortunately for Ned, his father worked for a large tech company, so they had the latest and best computers at home plus very high speed internet. Ned’s mom was a professor at Florida Southern University and she had to teach remotely. Ned adjusted to online pretty easily. Ned’s mom was also a feeder, that’s mainly why Ned is so fat. She was constantly fixing him snacks and large meals, so of course Ned was putting on more weight.

Crystal was not doing well with remote learning. Her grades were suffering, she really missed in person learning be able to ask questions and interact with her classmates.

One evening in April, Ned and Crystal were in the pool hanging out and chatting. Crystal giggled and gently poked Ned’s belly, “Ned, are you gaining weight, your belly looks bigger?” Ned chuckled, patted his belly, “Yeah, my mom fixes me snacks and large meals while I’m doing school work on the computer.” “Ned, how are you doing in school?” “I’m doing pretty well; I have a really nice set up, dual screens and high speed internet connection. How are you doing?” Crystal sighed, “Not very well, I got a “C” on my last math test, I was a straight “A” student in that class. I’m having a really hard time. I have to use my laptop, and our internet is slow because my dad’s on the desktop trying to work from home.”

“Crystal, you can come over and work at my house. We have another desktop with dual screens like mind that were not using. My dad’s company said he was essential because of their defense contracts so he doesn’t work from home, he goes to his office. Our internet wouldn’t be effected either.”

They hopped out of the pool and went to talk to Ned’s mom, Marge. “Mom, Crystal having a lot of trouble with her online learning, can she work over here on dad’s desktop?” Marge smiled; she liked Crystal, though she thought she was weigh to skinny, “Certainly! No one’s using that computer, so it’s wonderful that we can share it, I’ll call your mom right now.” Marge called and talked to Crystal’s, mom, Carol, she was so relieved that her daughter would be able to use a fast computer.

Crystal went home and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt over her bikini. She gathered up her school stuff and went over to Ned’s house.

The computer set up was a dream come true, large dual screens, super-fast connections it was great. Crystal felt she was doing better even in the first couple of hours online.

Soon Ned and Crystal were settling into a comfortable routine. Crystal came over at eight thirty; Marge usually had a pastry or other treat for her. They both started with their classes. They had a snack, usually cookies with whole milk in a large glass, back to work, then lunch, a large heavy meal, pasta or burgers and fries or pizza. They hung out in the pool, after lunch, usually both Ned and Crystal full, then back to work, snacks at mid-afternoon. Quite often, Crystal would be invited for dinner, which was always a large heavy meal.

The routine went on through April, May and into June. Ned of course was gaining weight, he always did. He was now up to two hundred and forty five pounds with a forty eight inch waist, equally large butt and thighs.
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