Trailer park bellies

chapter 1

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Matt finally got a job working oil rigs in Wyoming. He and his slim, petite little wife Sally were now moving to Rock Springs, Wyoming to be near Matt’s new job. The money was good, especially since Matt did not have much education, though he was fairly bright. Sally had a bachelor’s degree and figured she could bet a job in town after they got settled.

Both Matt and Sally were slim in good shape with flat bellies firm butts. They used to work out together too. This would soon change!

After a weekend unpacking and organizing their “double wide” trailer, Matt headed out to the rig. Sally slept in and finally woke up around eight thirty to a knock on the door. It was her neighbor Bobbi. Sally got up only dressed in a bikini panty and a t-shirt and answered the door, looking around it. “Hi neighbor” said Bobbi, “I live next door, I thought I would stop by and welcome you to the trailer park.” “Thank you,” replied Sally, noticing that Bobbi was huge, with a big pot belly with ample breast resting on top of it. Bobbi too barely had any clothes on, just a bathing suit bottom, a bra and a tight t-shirt. “Would you like to come over for some breakfast, some of the girls and I were just about to chow down, when we thought you might like to join us.” “Well I need to get dressed,” replied Sally. “Naw, just come as you are, that’s the way we girls do things here in the park. Come on, you have on a much as any of us do, the guys are all out on the rig anyway, who’s to get dressed up for?” “Well Ok,” answered Sally. She used the bathroom and got a pair of flip flops and followed Bobbi to her trailer.

Sally could not get over how big Bobbi’s bottom was, she was huge, her cheeks looked liked beach balls in her bathing suit panty. She dwarfed the petite little Sally. She was a bit surprised by getting a little aroused by following Bobbi’s huge bottom up the steps of her trailer.

She followed Bobbi inside, there were to other “girls” there. Jane and Cindy, both looked on the plump side, Sally noticed, but they too were only wearing panties and t-shirts. The table was covered with rich breakfast foods and smelled fantastic. The other girls were introduced to Sally and warmly greeted her. Jane said, “Dig in honey, you are a tiny little thing ain’t you.” Sally blushed, she was starving, she and Matt had not done any shopping since he had not gotten a check yet. “I don’t mind if I do,” replied Sally.

The four women stuffed themselves for nearly two hours. By ten forty five all the platters were clean and there were four bloated bellies around the table. “Oh that was great Bobbi,” said Cindy, “I am so stuffed.” Cindy patted her belly which was visible bloated. Jane burped, “Oh yeah that was great. I will do lunch today girls. How about cheeseburgers and brats, eh on the grill for lunch. How does one o’clock sound, gives this a little time to settle.” Jane said patting her bloated belly. All even Sally nodded in agreement. The other’s added how much they enjoyed meeting Sally and having another member of their “group”. Sally struggled to her feet, her belly was also visibly bloated lifting her t-shirt up, she thanked Bobbi and headed to her trailer of a shower.

After she left and other girls discussed Sally and her tiny figure. “She is cute, but so skinny, how does her husband stand it?” exclaimed Bobbi. “My Billy like us big girls,” she said patting her ample belly. Jane burped, “That’s ok she hangs with us, she’ll fatten up real nice, just like me. I used to be as skinny as her last year when we moved here, remember?” “That’s right,” piped in Cindy, “Jane was as small as Sally is now, when she moved here last year.” “Well that settles it”, Said Bobbi, “Our new project will be to fatten up Sally.” Cindy giggled, “I hope her hubby likes ‘em chubby”.

Sally got in her trailer used the toilet, stripped off her constricting panties and started a shower. She glanced in the mirror and was surprised by how bloated her tummy was. She ran her hands over it, stuck it out with her hands on the small of her back. She marveled at how good it felt to be so full and bloated. She started to get turned on running her hands over her tummy in the shower. She got out dried off and got out her bikini bathing suit and another t-shirt. She was still fascinated by her reflection in the mirror, now in her bikini, which only accentuated how bloated her belly was.

The girls assembled again at Jane’s trailer for what was the largest lunch Sally had ever eaten. The other girls plied her with fattening cheeseburgers and fatty brats smothered in cheese, with French fries and onion rings. They also had root beer floats and ice cream cones. Sally ate so much she thought she would be sick if she didn’t explode first.

The four stuffed girls headed over to the pool to “let lunch settle a bit” as Bobbi put it. Sally was sporting quite a little belly. Bobbi, Cindy and Jane winked at each other as Sally had some trouble sitting down on a lounge chair by the pool. No sooner than the edge of the gorge worn off, Jane had bags of chips and dips for the four bingers to munch away the afternoon.

Sally was awaken from her dozing by Bobbi announcing she had just talked to Billy and the girls were going to meet the guys at the “Road House” a buffet near the highway for supper and some beers. The girls went to their trailers to get ready.

Sally pulled off her halter top, standing in the bathroom she looked over the damage all the eating was doing to her once flat stomach. She was clearly bloated and she could not “suck it in” either. “I wonder what Matt is going to make of this?” she thought, patting here distended belly. She showered struggled into panties, a bra and a pair of low cut jeans, with a midriff baring t-shirt. The jeans and t-shirt really made her belly stick out noticeably.
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My dream life here!
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I wish I could write like you. Your style is so easygoing. Thanks for so many stories.