The best summer ever

Chapter 1

The Best Summer Ever!

By Ned Fox

Jane was getting ready to head home for nice summer vacation in her home town in Florida. The house had a nice pool and she got along well with her Mom, Anna.

Jane gained some weight during her college career. Though not intentional, not unappreciated either, she really did not mind the extra pounds, she had always had a good appetite. Since she was mostly on her own at school, she did not see the need to constantly watch her weight any more.

In high school, Jane had been careful about what she ate and got a lot of exercise. Her Dad’s insisted, that she stay slim and watch her weight. Her mom too, seemed to be on a diet all the time, again at her father’s insistence.

Things, about weight anyway, loosened up when her dad passed away from cancer. When she and her Mom, Anna, talked after the funeral, Anna surprised Jane by saying, “Dad always worked out and insisted that all of us stay slim and trim, and he still died early of cancer!” Jane asked, “Mom didn’t you enjoy working out and being so fit?” Anna looked at her daughter, “Jane, honey, I really didn’t enjoy it at all. My family were all big eaters, I was quite plump when I met and married Dad. He insisted that I exercise and diet to be the slim, pretty little wife he wanted. He was good to me, but that was the price and I have to admit, I accepted that. I know that Dad nagged you about the weight you gained your first year at college, I hope he did not hurt your feelings, dearest.” “No Mom, he didn’t, I know he meant well,” Jane replied.

That fall, Jane went back to college, the way things worked out, she visited some other members of the family over Thanksgiving and then went on a ski vacation during the Christmas break and a “road trip” with friends over spring break. Jane had not seen her mother in several months, and she was excited to get together with her Mom for the summer.

Jane spoke on the phone with Anna usually several times a week. The conversations were always good, with lots to talk about, and Jane really looked forward to the calls.

She was however, a little concerned. There was something about the way Anna spoke on the phone the bugged her and she could not put a handle on it. She new her Mom had a new “friend”, not really a boy friend, but someone close to her. His name was Ned Fox. Mom raved about Ned, how nice and considerate he was and how much they enjoyed eating out and cooking together. Jane had spoken to Ned on the phone a couple of times when he called to ask her advice on gifts or surprises for Anna. Jane had to admit she liked him too.

Finally her sophomore year was over and Jane headed back down to Florida, for a well deserved summer vacation. Anna had insisted that Jane not get a job this summer. She had received straight A’s this past year and Anna wanted her have a reward for her hard work.

Jane pulled into the driveway her house. She climbed out of the car warm and tired from the long drive. She looked around to see if any of the neighbors were out and about. Not seeing anyone, she did not try to re-snap her jeans. Her plump tummy bulged over the waist band and causing her t-shirt to ride up too, she patted her bulge, thinking, “Mom won’t mind a little more of me.”

Jane grabbed a couple of bags and headed in through the garage. Once inside, she called, “Mom I’m home!” She heard a loud belch, “BUURRP, Hi dearest I’m in the kitchen!” called Anna. Jane thought, “a little early to be eating, but oh well”.

Jane went around the corner and into the kitchen. She almost dropped her things on the floor, she was so shocked. Anna smiled, “URP, It is so good to see you again dearest, though you look a little skinny to me.” Jane cried, “MOM, what happened, you are huge!” Standing before Jane, was a now a quite fat Anna. She was dressed in white nylon panties, now filled with a very, very round fat tummy, a way too tight light blue teddie riding up on her round belly, a lacy and tight bra.

Anna patted her tummy and giggled. “I should have warned you, that I have been indulging myself this past year, dearest, I’m sorry to surprise you with this!” Making her tummy jiggle. Jane, put down her things and hugged her mom. She could not believe how soft she was, her hand sunk into her mom’s fat love handles and she could feel her fat tummy pressing against her. Even more surprising to Jane was how turned on she was! Jane looked at her Mom again, not only did she have a huge pot belly, but her bottom and thighs were round and so soft they jiggled with every move Anna made.

Anna said, “Let’s get your things out of the car before it gets to warm, dearest.” They started to head out through the garage. Jane said, “Mom, you can’t go outside, you’re not even dressed!” Anna smiled, “It’s ok dear, no one is up now anyway, besides, this is the way I dress unless I am going to the store or running errands.”

They got the car unloaded, now both warm and out of breath. “Jane, honey, why don’t you go change into a bikini, and I will fix you a nice big breakfast.” “Okay, Mom” replied Jane.
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Fanedfox 12 years
sweeterin: Thanks for the commment. I have received comments wanting the same thing, wouldn't be grand! Ned Fox
Kamina 13 years
Fun story with the style of a short and the heat of a novella; definetly enjoyable and though I haven't read Ned's referenceed work, I'm sure it does it proud.
Fanedfox 13 years
I seem never to be able to catch all the typos etc. Thanks for the comment!