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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: This episode brought to you by the letter P. No, not like that. Get your head out of the gutter. Or don’t maybe. Your call. Yes, this is an absurdly long title for a chapter, shush.

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A young man with brown hair and eyes laid in bed and sighed as he looked on the woman he loved. He smiled as he tilted his head down to see the beautiful, somewhat chubby, woman asleep beside him a bit better. Piper's head rested on his shoulder and each breath going through her nose made her chest rise and fall. Perry found himself loving everything about the woman, not just the traditionally sexy things like her chest and butt, hell, even her beautiful, blue eyes weren’t the end of it. Perry loved her voice, her excited and energetic nature, hell, even her increasingly pudgy belly made him smile. Everything. Perry's shoulder was starting to fall asleep from the weight of Piper’s head on it, but he didn’t want to move, it may wake her up, and she’s too damned cute to disturb right now. Perry thought back to how he’d ended up here as he held the sleeping woman.

A blonde woman who appeared to be about 18 popped up on camera, she was extremely thin, and pretty short too, hardly over five feet tall from the looks of it. The woman looked like she’d hardly be a hundred pounds soaking wet. Piper bounced a bit as she waved and said “Hi everybody! I’m piper! And welcome to the show!” One would be forgiven if they thought she was just bouncing like that to show off her chest to her audience, but anyone who’d seen this show before would know that Piper is generally hyper enough that it would be more of a surprise if she didn’t bounce up and down a bit. After her greeting Piper flopped back onto aLay-Z-Boy type recliner that hadn’t been visible until now, as she had been blocking the camera from seeing it.

Piper spoke as she took a laptop from a small, swiveling shelf on the side of the chair. She said “Okay! I had promised I would do whatever got the most votes on my website. Let’s see what that is.” And opened the laptop, she tilted her head to the side and, with a perplexed squint, said “Oh,” before pausing as she stared a drawn out, “Kay, I guess a good chunk of my viewers want to see me. Ummm, eat, a lot.” She then paused again and, with a confused look on her face she shrugged and said “Sure, okay, now, I keep my promises, so I’ll do it. Hell, I’m mostly just glad you didn’t ask me to do something too sleazy, I was worried that would happen when I realized I’d only said I wouldn’t do dangerous stuff. I wouldn’t have guessed this would be the internet’s request, but that’s fine. I can eat a bunch on camera. So, what, like a meal from a restaurant? Easy,” and she pulled out her phone to order something on Postmates, saying “Let’s go with IHOP, there’s one down the street, and they’re pretty good for the price they charge. So, it’ll be a bit before the food shows up,” she grinned at the camera before saying, “For me anyway! You won’t have to wait long thanks to the miracle of,” And a cheesy graphic effect had the hands of a clock whirl around the screen, after which Piper held up a plate of pancakes and said “Video editing!” before laughing.

As I watched the video on my computer I licked my lips. Piper was a short, blonde woman who was full of a bubbly energy that made you want to smile even if you weren’t mesmerized by the woman. Well, I assume you would be anyway, I wouldn’t know what it's like to not care about Piper from experience. Her videos made me want to smile every time I saw one. This was even true when I was feeling down, a condition that never lasted long when I watched her show to be honest. It made me glad that I lived alone for once, it meant that I could have the show running in the background of my life while I was home, and could do so at nearly any time. I was fully aware that I had a little bit of an obsession with the girl and I would hope and pray that I ran into her almost every day. Best of all she’d even said that she lived here in Hemet, so randomly running into her was actually possible.

See, Piper had a following online that was still fairly small, but picking up traction. Well, at least it was according to her, I’d never met anyone else who watched it. It was a variety show type thing, she would cover the news, she’d tell jokes, sometimes she’d sing or dance. She had even done a strip tease for the camera before once, but nothing more explicit than that.

On today’s episode Piper was fulfilling a prior promise to her audience. She would accept donations and, at a price of $10 per vote, she would do anything that wasn’t especially dangerous for her audience, fulfilling whatever request got the most votes. My request was for another strip tease, what can I say, I’m a horn dog. My original idea was to ask to meet her in real life, but not only is that dangerous but largely pointless unless I drop a ton of cash on it. I seriously doubt anyone else will have “Go meet Perry” as their vote. Much to my surprise, the winning vote was an instruction to eat “a lot” on the camera. As I watched the girl dig into a chocolate chip pancake with a side of fruit I couldn’t help but think, that isn’t really a lot of food, hell I’d gotten the same meal plus bacon and hash browns the last time my family went to a diner. I sighed and watched, I couldn’t put a finger on it, but there was something nice about watching the girl eat. At the end of her video she said that she’d make this a regular segment of her show since it drew so much attention/cash for her. She’d also said that she’d have an open “Donation, box, tin, thing. You know, like what they’d hand our at old Catholic churches.” With her fulfilling the request whenever a hundred dollars had accumulated from votes. Once the video was over I had some, ahem, “alone time” then went to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night. As I laid in my bed to go back to sleep I thought back to my dream. I had been feeding Piper a bushel of grapes on a sofa as angelic music played. “Really?” I said out loud, questioning my own subconscious. As I fell asleep once more I had an odd thought, it should have been more than just grapes.


The next morning I got up, took a shower, and went back to my living room where I sat down on my recliner and checked my website on my laptop. I had already received $100 from my fans, I had never gotten this much for a single show before. “Looks like the show is picking up steam.” I said with a grin. Then I saw it, my show wasn’t getting popular, no, it had picked up a patron, no doubt someone with a fetish for this sort of thing. A single person had put in $60 toward the request of “Same as last time, but more. A lot more. You didn’t have nearly enough. Eat at least twice as much this time.” I rolled my eyes and said “Aren’t these things a trend online already, like, Muck Bong or something?” I laughed a bit to myself before saying “Eh, whatever, let’s see where this goes.” With a shrug.

Now, I wasn’t exactly desperate for cash. I’d been doing this as a side hustle while I thought about which major to take now that I was in college. For now I could simply put “undecided” on all of my documents, but that wouldn’t last for long. I wanted to be an actress in all honesty, but I knew that path was nearly guaranteed to fail. So, I decided I still have a few years to find a path, and in the meantime I could try this out online, just to see how it goes. I didn’t expect it to be raining gold exactly, but a few bucks here and there would be nice. Hell, I’d gotten enough for a textbook so far. Maybe I’d get that from one video if I got more weirdos like, um, what was his name? I checked the donation’s source, it was from the screen name Vicariousobesity “yeah, definitely a fetishist.” I said with a laugh. I got up and went to class, English 101 was my first for today. When I finished class I checked my phone and saw I’d gotten an email, my video request had reached the threshold to shoot again, “Why did I set that so low?” I muttered to myself before realizing it. $100 wasn’t anything to sneeze at, hell, maybe I would raise it a bit next time, just to see what I could get.


Meanwhile, Perry woke from a delightful dream, at least one he presumed was delightful. Perry had woken up so excited that he wanted to go jack off or something. Which was unusual, especially since he didn’t even remember the dream. Perry’s thoughts were interrupted by his stomach growling. “Maybe I’ll go get the same meal that Piper had eaten, she made that look good.” he said to himself, before adding “Oh, and bacon and hash browns too of course.” With a bit of a smile. “IHOP it is.” Once he’d gotten ready for the day Perry went to the local diner to grab a bite.

Perry’s visit to the local IHOP started out normally enough. He went in, spoke with the hostess, and was asked to wait a minute to be seated. It was a short wait, but a minute felt like a century for Perry when he saw it. There was a beautiful blonde woman, one who Perry had seen before, and the literal girl of his dreams. Piper asked for an order to go, “Hey Sally,” she said to the hostess, it seems she knew her, at least in passing. “Can I get the same order as last time, but like, twice.” Then she looked down and put a hand on her chin, quietly mumbling “He said at least twice, what I'd gotten before, he probably wants more. Don’t want to disappoint the guy who's actually paying.” Then looked up and said “Um, on second thought, can I make one of those a combo?” then the woman said “Okay, two white chocolate raspberry pancake meals with sausage.” Piper said “Uumm, actually, you know what? That sounds good, sure.” Then she went to sit down as she waited, Perry repeated a few words to be silly, saying “You know what, that sounds good. I’ll have the same please, but just one.”
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