Exercise for gainers

You may think it almost blasphemous to write the words 'exercise' and 'gainers' together in the same sentence on a weight gain site, since let's face it, for most of us fatties the mere mention of the word exercise is nearly akin to swearing.

Surely not?

Just the thought of it will bring some of us out in a cold sweat, bringing back awful memories of school when we were forced to run our fat bodies around the playing fields, with heavy aching limbs and lungs feeling like they were about to explode. We weren't built for it then, and with all the additional poundage we've since added to our jelly bellies and thunder thighs, we're certainly not built for it now. Others of us will have spent the past few months or even years, deliberately avoiding exercise in order to nurture those soft rolls of fat we so desperately desire. We've gone out of our way to drive instead of walk, take the lift instead of the stairs, and deliberately slow the pace of our lives to something more in keeping with our level of obesity. We've stuffed and overfed our stomachs, watching our bodies expand and soften, so why on earth would we want to ruin it all now by doing some exercise?

How little can I get away with?

Only simple strength training exercises like lighter dumbbells are advised, since they tend to increase the muscle weight and reduce fat. However if done at a comfortable pace for short periods of time they can be beneficial in the long run. Do not exhaust yourself however and if you experience any breathing difficulties please consult your doctor. Also make sure you drink a lot of fluid, as dehydration is quick among the obese. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and do a few warm ups first. Try bending over as far as you can as if to touch your toes or treading up and down the first step of the stairs. By all means join a gym if you feel comfortable with it, however be aware that gyms can be intimidating and scary even for the most experienced exerciser. Walking into a room full of sweaty exercisers, all of whom seem to know what they're doing is hard for most people, but it can be especially humiliating when you're very overweight. You may well find the Weight Benches are too narrow and many of the seats are just too small for our fat behinds. Getting up and down from the floor can be a workout all on its own and many of us carry a lot of weight around our bellies which make some exercises impossible. Traditional leg exercises such as squats and lunges may be difficult for people with knee problems and balance may be an issue for the heavier amongst us.

Exercising at home

Some people may find it preferable to exercise at home although right now, there's not a lot of equipment out there specifically for obese and/or overweight people. Recumbent bikes are great for people who need support while they exercise. One of the newest products on the market is the Recumbent Cross Trainer which offers an alternative to endless pedaling. This machine is more like a stepper than a bike and it allows you to work your upper body and lower body at the same time without stressing your joints. Most accommodate a variety of body types and sizes and hold up to 400 pounds. Exercise balls are great for working on balance, stability and abdominal strength. Try sitting on the ball while watching TV for a while and you&'ll feel your body working a little harder than usual even though it may not seem like you are doing very much. You may even be able to eat a chocolate or candy bar in the process. The key to exercise when you are obese or very overweight is to be creative. Find something that is comfortable for you, something you enjoy and something you'll continue to do over time. Remember to do just enough to stay healthy and no more, a few minutes a day perhaps when you get some spare time, but don't forget to increase your calorie consumption at the same time so that you continue to put on weight.


Portalchell 9 months
I don't really care what people think of me anymore
BlxxdyKawaii 1 year
Being fit and fat is where the term "strongfat" comes in. To be fit, AND fat, you're going to want to do less cardio, and more lifting. Perhaps even omit cardio from the workout routine.
Toms0321 2 years
A few years ago I found being fit and fat is actually good for your health. I went from 175 - 225 which I now have a fat stomach. I found wearing a vintage girdle supports me and feels great.
14 years
This makes since. Fat and fit would be the best combination in the long term. At least short walks will do.
Toms0321 2 years
It makes lots of sense I feel so much better now that I have a fat stomach, which is well supported daily in a girdle.
Bananaflower 15 years
and hey...don't forget about keeping your stamina up! smiley smiley smiley
Hiccupx 15 years
Well people are different, you may like to get fat and unfit, but this one's for those that want to stay reasonably healthy but still put on weight. This site tries to cater for all sorts.