the resort

chapter 1

Part One - January 1 - Fry's POV

Being a Google executive is the best. The CEO offered me an amazing opportunity (probably just to get my headstrong attitude off his chest) that I simply could not refuse. I would be testing out the Google Island Resort for a full year to make sure everything was up to Google's standards. The resort is located on an island in the Pacific near Hawaii. "Its serene atmosphere and breathtaking view are just magnificent", he told me. "You were the first person to come to our mind when trying to find volunteers." I was to customize my entire trip like any other guest would through the google homepage. Questions like: "Which type of room would you like to select?", "How long will your visit last?", "How many guests?", and "Food Options." I was told to choose either "Bakale Diner" or "Order Up! Catering" for the "Food Options" Category since they were both owned by Google and would be free of charge. I had already tried Bakale Diner; it was sort of bland and boring, so I decided to go for the other option: "Order Up! Catering." After researching, I came to the conclusion that it was infamous for for foods that are too delicious. Not sure what that meant, but the Five Stars on Yelp only helped me on making my decision. When I chose "Order Up!", I had to choose whether I wanted to be served with the Normal Pack, Deluxe Pack, or the Extreme Pack. Obviously, I chose the Extreme pack. I could handle it.
Google allowed me to take a few friends as well to limit bias reviews on both the resort and "Order Up!"; I brought in three of my friends.


I carpooled with my buddies Kayden, Taylor, and Eliza to the harbor. Kayden and I have been close since grade school. We've been in the same sports teams, the same classes, the same university, the same job. We were always together our entire lives; we even look alike according to some people. There was just one noticeable difference -- our weight. While I eat normal portions and let myself go every once in awhile, Kayden always ate whatever he wanted to. At his current age, 35, he weighs a little over 210 pounds, whereas I weigh 178 pounds. During my 30s, I started to gain weight a little more rapidly since I abandoned playing sports.
Taylor was Kayden's younger brother. Unlike his older brother, Taylor spent all his time in the gym because of his love for exercise. Similarly, however, he shared his brother's appetite. In fact, he probably had a larger one. Eliza is Taylor's girlfriend and longtime friend of mine since university. She lives on my street and we regularly get together to hang out. She cannot stand my attitude at times, but I'm lovable enough for her to still consider me a friend.


When our boat was reaching the island, we got ahold of it's beauty and glory. It's rich evergreens and palm trees were visible from miles away. Its lush greenery definitely astonished us all, but none was more grandiose than the ornate castle Google called a resort. In the month of January, where everything should still be cool and dead, was nonexistent in this New World. We all could not wait to unload and start our fun-filled year.

Part Two - January 1 - Fry's POV

While Taylor and Eliza wanted to stay in their room for a little while, Kayden and I "explored" the Resort. IN all honestly, we were searching for the diner.
"I haven't eaten in hours," Kayden groaned.
"Me neither," I said. "Let's just keep walking."
"Do you even know where we're going?"
"'Course I do," I told him.
He let out a sigh of uncertainty. Of course he didn't believe me. With my luck, we found the dining hall in just a few moments after our conversation.
"I told you," I winked.
"Oh, shut up, Fry," he smiled. He grabbed my chest and pulled me closer to him. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, his other slapped my belly. "You need to gain some more weight, dude. I don't wanna end up looking like a blob when I'm standing next you."
"And what's wrong with looking like a blob?" I asked. "I thought you didn't care for how you looked."
"Yea, I know. But I care for you."
"Oh, well, thank you so much for looking out for me," I said sarcastically. "Let's eat."
We sat down on the nearest booth we could find. We awaited our server's arrival, so we passed the time by looking through the menu, exchanging jokes,and discussing the future we would all experience on this resort.
"Hello, you two! My name is Rhyan and I'll be your server for today. Have you folks ever dined at "Order Up!"? She asked. We shook our heads. "Well, we're notorious for serving foods that are just TOO delicious! You chose the Extreme Pack which offers every single type of food you could possibly think of, but with an "Order's Up" Twist on it. Plus, the portion sizes become a little bit bigger as well."
"Perfect!" Kayden said. "I'll have two burgers please."
"Of course," Rhyan said. "And for you?"
"I'll just have a burger as well," I said.
"Make that two," Kayden added.
"Gotcha!" Rhyan said. "I'll be right back with your orders!" She hurried back to the kitchen.
"Dude, I can't eat two burgers!" I said.
"Yea, you can. You just don't know it. I've seen how you pound through boxes of sweets. This is nothing different."
"Yea, but-"
"But nothing. You're going to eat those two burgers before we leave."
And I'm glad I did. When our burgers arrived, we noticed that the patties weighed exactly a pound. While Kayden got really excited, I grew anxious. But with one bite, I fell into a different A world where nothing, but the burger in front of me, mattered. A world where I could eat all I wanted. Sure, my stomach hated me after I finished licking my plate, but it was all worth it.
"I can't believe you actually ate two burgers... Good job, man!"
"Heh... Well, I think it's time I start having a little fun. This year, I am going to do whatever I want. I'm on a paid vacation for heaven's sake!"
"Yea... Yea! Start living, Fry!" Kayden said. We got up and waddled back to our rooms.
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this story is getting amazing, hope Taylor gets bigger than Kayden soon smiley, also hope Toko to bring Taylor more of that fattening shakes smiley
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Taylor wants more, and so do your readers. smiley This is fantastic. Suspect the extra sex isn't going to counteract all Taylor's snacking, and with Eliza waiting on him this former stud seems destined for a very fat future indeed!
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This is shaping up wonderfully (and so are the guys!) smiley
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Great start!
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Good start should continue
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Oh resort sounds so relaxing and i have to think about food wine and sexy girls... this really loooks promising :-)