the arrangement

chapter 1

She saw him walking into the restaurant from a mile away. His large, overfed belly clad in a tight button down shirt didn't make him difficult to spot. He had plumped up so nicely these last few months, she couldn't wait to take more formal measurements of his growth after dinner.

Their arrangement was simple. They met once a month at a restaurant of her choosing. He ate. And ate, and ate and ate, all under her watchful eye. Then, they went back to her apartment where she weighed him, measured his belly fat, and set a new fattening goal for him to meet for the next month. On the months where he reached his goal, he was rewarded. On months that he didn't, he was punished.

This arrangement was set nearly a year ago, and neither had missed a monthly rendezvous yet. And, her sessions were proving very effective.

He had always been on the chunkier side, which is what drew him to her attention in the first place. She knew he was a natural glutton, and she hoped to capitalize on that by encouraging him to eat until near bursting at each meal. He happily and greedily obliged her.

The result of this consistent overeating was very apparent in his plump gut, which stuck out straight in front of him nearly two feet. It only drooped slightly at the bottom, where his body started to succumb to the enormous amount of blubber he had acquired.

She sipped her drink as she watched him approach, his belly jiggling with each step. She had specifically requested a booth rather than a table. She liked to watch him squeeze himself into the seat, and loved seeing the table pressed into his belly fat as he stuffed himself. He was clearly far too big to comfortably fit into the space, but that didn't faze her: If he wasn't such a greedy little butterball it wouldn't be a problem. It really was his own fault. A wicked smile spread across her lips.

"Well hello," she said, her eyes immediately fixating on his belly.

"Hi there." he said, sheepishly. He still turned bright red every time he saw her, uncomfortable with all the attention she gave his fat, though secretly he enjoyed it.

She watched as he started to lower himself into the booth. At first he tried to sit down effortlessly like a thinner person would have been able to. The corner of the table jabbed him in his belly, stopping him dead in his tracks, and making her giggle. On the second try, he sucked in as much as he could. Unfortunately, he had grown so plump and fleshy that doing this only negligibly reduced his size. He tried to sit again, only to be prodded by the sharp corner once more. She was giggling harder now, she couldn't believe how enormous his belly had become.

He looked at her with pleading eyes "Would you mind giving me a hand?"

"Just one hand? I think we might need more than that to press in this big, juicy belly."

She got up, walked over to him, and rested her perfectly manicured hands onto his round, fat tummy, one hand just below his chest and the other hand the large swell of fat that surrounded his belly button. She couldn't believe how far hands sunk into his soft blubber with such little pressure. He was truly becoming the perfect fattened Hansel to her wicked witch.

She started pressing her hands into his fat; swells of blubber rose up in between her fingers the more she pushed. She did this until his belly was as compressed as it could get, which was enough to just barely allow him to squeeze himself into the booth. As he sat, she kept his fat tummy pushed in, one hand below the table and one hand above. Once he was comfortably in place, she abruptly lifted her hands and his belly sprung forward several inches on either side of the table. All of the buttons on his shirt strained, revealing his tight, white undershirt. She lightly tapped on the belly roll that jutted onto the table, causing it to jiggle, and leaned over him.

"Someone's been a greedy little boy, haven't they?" she whispered seductively in his ear. "Well, I hope you're ready to pop, my fat little doughboy."

She moved back to her seat across from him just as the waitress approached.

"Hi, my name is Jessica and I'll be your server ton-" the waitress stopped as soon as she noticed the table pressed into his large, fat belly, not knowing what to make of what she was seeing.

The woman snapped her out of it by starting to order, "Yes thanks Jessica, we'll have the mozzarella sticks, an order of nachos, and some spinach and artichoke dip."

The waitress immediately broke her gaze from his belly and began writing down the order. After she finished she went to take the menus from the table.

The woman reached out and stopped her, "Oh no no, that's just for us to start with," she said, making eye contact with her date.

The waitress stammered something that sounded like "sure, no problem" and walked away quickly.

The woman knew he was humiliated by the waitress seeing how fat he had become, but that was part of the fun of it. She loved when people noticed his large, plump belly. Once, a few months earlier, they had been on the train back to her apartment, when an old woman approached him and began repeatedly poking his round stomach with her bony, crooked finger taunting him "My, my, my you're fat enough to eat!" This had entertained the woman so much, she couldn't wait to see what might happen tonight now that he was even larger.

As they waited for his food to arrive she idly stared at the shirt buttons straining against his belly. She wondered how much she would have to feed him before they started to pop off.

Curious to continue exploring how much bigger he grown over the last month, she slid her foot out of her high heel and extended her leg, pressing her toes against the lower half of his belly. He sat up straight suddenly, surprised at the pressure. She began to knead his doughy stomach with the ball of her foot, then gave it a few hard pokes with her big toe.

Yes, he had certainly kept up his end of the bargain. He would be rewarded very handsomely after the meal.

Just then, she noticed him looking behind her, eyes wide. She could tell the food was on its way. She sat up straight and slipped her shoe back in her foot. She didn't want to distract him from his feast.

The waitress placed two smaller sized plates down in the middle of the table, and proceeded to shift around empty glasses and napkins to make room for a large platter of nachos, an enormous basket of mozzarella sticks and a bubbling cauldron of spinach and artichoke dip. The woman knew the portions at this restaurant were exceptionally large, and she was eager to see how much he would be able to stuff himself with. Hopefully enough for at least one button to pop.

"Well, where do you want to start?" she asked, smirking...
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Amazing. So perfect.
Hands down, one of my favorite stories on FF. The buttons popping, him getting stuck... and she teases him so perfectly.
PudgyHansel 6 months
We.........errrrrrrrrrr...........I need more of this story
upto236 7 months
were that she were my feeder
Built4com4t 10 months
Even better the second read :-)
fatlilboy 10 months
I'm in bliss - in a trance - in love with your writing and addicted to reading more
Just keeps getting better and better! Chapter 6 is delish! You write so well, balancing eroticism with weight gain and the psychological games the feeder is playing... excellent!
Trans Fat Boy 10 months
Fantastic story! Pushes all the right buttons
xanadoo579 11 months
You are all too kind -- glad you are enjoying it!
PudgyHansel 11 months
Absolutely amazing. The attention to detail and working the history into the storyline males this some of the best I've read. Have to agree with nycfeedress too.....the "fat enough" line sent a small shiver up my spine.
FatPrey 11 months
One word....amazing smiley
Candycrave 11 months
chubette 11 months
I love it! Not just because I have a soft spot for stuckage, but that certainly added to it smiley
nycfeedress 11 months
super hot.......also especially loved the 'fat enough to eat' line!
usdaporky2007 11 months
Love this story!!! Especially the part about the "manicured nails" and "being fat enough to eat"
giantjay 11 months
Loving this story, and looking forward to more!
xanadoo579 11 months
Thanks so much all!
sugarkitten7 11 months
Best story ever
littleextra 11 months
Very hot, bravo!
Built4com4t 11 months
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