the trouble of new medicine/pants

chapter 1

Rory had just gotten home from a long day at work and looked down in dismay at how tight his shirt was stressing against his now larger belly. He sighed and placed a hand on it as he guiltily went to the fridge to tart making dinner for himself. With a larger stomach, he now had a larger diet.

Rory had always been a slightly skinny fellow, and still was, well, everywhere but his stomach at least. It obviously bulged out, no matter what he was wearing and it was disproportionate with the whole rest of his body. It was all because of this new medicine his doctor had prescribed, but he knew he had no option but to keep taking it. He was single and knew in his condition wouldn't help him to get anyone anytime soon.

He started frying up a grilled cheese and before he realized it he had already had three, his stomach still growling for more. He had noticed it was an insatiable hunger, his stomach never ceased to quiet down, no matter how much he ate. He layed down on the couch and rubbed and jiggled his soft stomach as he flipped through Netflix. He looked down at his pants button struggling to contain his stomach, his chest, and how he was starting to swell up there as well. He groped himself there for a moment and was ... well... somewhat turned on from it. He bit his lip, squishing his chest again, then pulled his hand away. He slipped his hand underneath his stomach, feeling the weight of it in his palm. He sort of... Liked the feeling? This sort of shocked him and disgusted himself at the same time. How can I be enjoying this at all? He thought to himself. This is awful and I /hate/ it. But then he thought again. He had always been a positive person? Maybe he just needed to make the best of this situation. He took off his pants, sighing from relief. It felt so /good/ to have his stomach jiggle out of its tight constraints. He stood up off of the couch and looked down, realizing he couldn't even see his dick from that angle anymore. He blindly reached for it, and began to stroke himself nervously.
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