The Doorway Problem

Chapter 1 - Celina

Celina Andrews was a 23-year old girl who lived in New York. She works as a desk clerk in a Citibank, from 9 to 5. Celina was notable not only for her great communication skills and her impeccable enthusiasm, but for her body. She was big, weighing in at 368 pounds; she had C - sized breasts, fleshy legs and thighs, an ample butt that measured around 49", and a fat belly that was round, jiggly, and hung down to the top of her thighs when she stood up. Celina loved her body, and she was never intent to lose any weight. Her boyfriend Shane, 22, loved this; he would feed him at her heart's desire. Nearly every night when she came home from work, Shane would whip up a glorious feast that would send Celina into a ravenous appetite frenzy. He would usually make the meal before working his night shift as a security guard. As 5pm rose, Celina made her way home, anxious about tonight's dinner.

As she pulled up to the driveway of her home, Celina got out of her car and rushed to the door, her body jiggling around her suit and skirt. She took out her keys, opened the door, and went inside. Shane must be at his job now, Celina thought. Celina hung her purse on the door knob and started to undress. As she unbuttoned her suit and shirt, Celina's belly bulged out in front of her, making her giggle. " Ah, sweet relief," she said, sighing happily. After unbuttoning her skirt, Celina was in nothing but her bra and panties. She went upstairs to her room and sat on her bed. She jiggled her jelly belly, shaking it up and down watching it make more waves than an ocean. As her belly play continued, she heard loud groans.

"Time for dinner!"

Celina pulled out a drawer that was filled with silk bibs of various colors. She took out a purple one, tied it around her neck, and went downstairs. When she was in the kitchen, Celina turned the light on and saw what could possibly be the largest amount of food in anyone's kitchen.

There were numerous burgers, fries, chicken, fish, shrimp, mashed potatoes, porterhouse steaks, heavily buttered corn on the cob, nachos, burritos, tacos, and subs. There was even a big stack of about 50 pancakes, drenched in rich brown syrup that oozed from the top like a volcano. There was enough food to feed four families. Celina's eyes nearly popped from her sockets. She never felt so hungry in her life.

A digital scale that was placed on a metal chair had a yellow paper attached to it.

Celina read the note to herself:

Hi Celene,

I know you're hungry, so I whipped up a big feast before I left. I bought this new scale for you because I know you want to grow bigger and bigger. I hope after tonight, you'll be bigger and sexier than ever.

Love you forever,


P.S. Don't worry; I have food with me. Enjoy!
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