adults at play - 1

chapter 1

They sat slumped on the couch next to one another watching tv. Her head rested upon his shoulder, and her index finger traced light, suggestive circles onto his bloated belly. He'd eaten well that night, like every night. She looked up at him, wanting to talk, maybe more.

'Remember you said you wouldn't gain for me?'

'Yes,' he said. 'And I haven't.'

'Oh?' Her index finger lingered a little while. She loved denial. Propelled by it, she began to nuzzle his neck; her breath was warm and sweet.

'Sweatpants again tonight?' she asked.

'Yes,' he replied. 'Just for comfort.'

He turned up the volume on the remote in an attempt to evade his wife's questions. But she was persistent as ever, and began to curl one of the drawstrings of his sweatpants around her index finger, pulling at it playfully.

'Yes, your comfort's very important these days,' she said. 'And why are your sweatpants so comfortable?'

She began nibbling on his ear lobe now. There was no response from him. Just silence.

'Tell me,' she said. 'Go on.'

'Tell me.'

He turned his head and gave her that 'don't push me' look of his.

'They just are, okay? Now quit it. Leave me alone.'

He tried to push her wandering hands away, as his chubby cheeks began to redden. He was cute when flustered. It only made her want him more.

Feeling defensive, he hooked his thumb behind the waistband of his sweatpants and pulled it outward with force. The material stretched out far, but sadly not as far as he'd liked in order to make his point.

'You see?' he stretched the material again for effect, 'they're just roomier than regular pants, that's all. And that makes them more comfortable. Nothing more, nothing less. Now just leave me alone, please.'

'Do you find you need more room these days?' she asked innocently, a knowing smile rippling across her lips. 'I don't understand. Explain it to me. Maybe I'll understand it better,' she said.

He leaned forward and grabbed another piece of candy from the full bowl on the coffee table that she replenished daily. It was his third piece since the last ad break by her count. Subconsciously she squeezed his thigh in approval.

He leaned back and chewed on it loudly, swallowed, and sighed.

'Look, being roomier just helps. But I don't need more room. Everything fits me just fine. Now quit it, seriously. I've had a busy day. And I want to watch this.' He crossed his arms defensively atop his belly in a strop, and turned his head back toward the tv.

'Awww, don't be like that,' she said, as she traced the convex curve of his gut with her hand. She squeezed her pinky and ring finger beneath his waistband, which was getting nice and tight.

'Mmmm, I can tell these pants fit you just fine.'

She giggled. 'At least just fine for now'.

He blushed furiously as he caught her staring lustfully at his belly, watching it rise and fall with each of his laboured breaths. She was picturing it bigger, rounder, fatter, heavier; he knew it. He'd seen that look before.

'I'd really love to see you in those jeans I bought you a few months ago,' she said, still staring at his belly. 'Why don't you wear them for me anymore?'

'You know full well why,' he said, turning to look at her.

'Candy?' She reached and offered him the bowl, smiling sweetly.

He scowled playfully at her.

'Yes, candy'. He took another piece.

'I'm eating too much of it. And it's all your fault.'

She kissed him on the cheek. 'No such thing as too much. And it's not my fault you enjoy your food.'

Her hand wandered up the inside of his thigh and squeezed it tightly. He moaned pleasurably, then sighed reluctantly.

'Okay, okay! You've made me fat, I'll admit it.' He clutched his belly in both hands, lifted it up, and let it drop. 'Happy now?'

She blushed.

'I think you like being fat,' she said.

'I think you might be right,' he said. 'I think we both might like it.'

He leaned in to kiss her, but she pulled away and put a finger to his lips, and stared into his eyes.

'Just remember,' she said, 'I never made you eat a single thing, okay? Your appetite's just a little bit bigger than you first realised. I just had to show it to you, that's all. I knew I was right.'

He pushed her away, feigning upset.

'Don't toy with me woman. You know exactly what you did, and how you did it.'

'Who me?' she pointed to herself, all doe-eyed, sweet and innocent.

'Yes. You,' he said, pointing back playfully. 'Now enough of your teasing.'

Rising up with some effort, he effortlessly grabbed her legs and spun them up onto the couch, sending her body sprawling backwards onto its comfortable cushions. He dragged her laying body towards him and leaned over her. Her hair splayed out in wild tousles behind her head.

'Mmmm,' she moaned, as her body began to writhe invitingly to his eye.

'What are you going to do to me?' She looked up at him, smiling coyly, waiting patiently.

'I'm going to do what I like,' he said, his eyes sparkling wickedly, as he leaned his big body down onto hers and let her feel some of its weight.

'Just like you've been eating exactly what you like?' she asked.

'Exactly like that,' he said.

She felt his big belly quiver ever so slightly as its weight began to prise her legs apart. She couldn't prevent that these days, now that he was getting so big.

'Mmmmm,' she moaned again, as she squirmed beneath him. 'I like it when you get angry.' She looked away timidly.

He peeled her top upwards from its waistband and pulled it up and over her head, and began to shower her midriff with delicate kisses; his beard lightly grazing her skin. She felt her body respond to the attention. He pulled down at her leggings and began to run his large hands up and down the inside of her thighs. His kissing intensified, becoming more and more frenzied as he reached up towards her neck.

She writhed pleasurably again beneath his weight, sweet torture. She closed her eyes, threw her head back and moaned loudly her approval to let him know he was doing it 'just right'.

His kisses finally reached her waiting lips. Their eyes met momentarily before closing once again as they kissed each other passionately.

'I want you,' he said, his voice now husky, his breathing heavy. 'More than ever.'

Her eyes opened with a jolt, and flashed mischievously.

'Stop!' she shouted.

He froze, but knew what came next.

'What's wrong?' he played along, as he always did.

'I think I have a headache,' she said.

'Really? Right now?' His brow furrowed as he looked down upon her.

'Yes.' She smiled up at him. 'It just came on, right now; funny that'.

'Another one, tonight? Just like last night, and the night before last?' he asked dryly.

'Yes, ... just like all those. It's so odd. I was feeling fine just a minute ago,' she smiled.

'Well that's a shame,' he said.

'Yes it is,' she replied.

'Unless of course,' her arm reached slowly to draw the bowl of candy nearer to her, 'you're feeling hungry?'

She grinned widely. 'I really think an empty bowl might help clear it all up.'

He kissed her on the lips. 'Oh really, d'you think?'

She nodded, smiling. 'Yes, I think it really would.'

He leaned down in close to whisper in her ear.

'You clever girl.'

'It's no wonder I'm getting so fat.'

*** *** ***
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ceReallyFat 6 months
Very cute and sexy, and just the right length.
gainerfan1 6 months
Great scene!
hurgon 6 months
Great to see you back writing and this certainly does not disappoint! She sure knows how to push (and pop) his buttons.
Fiji 6 months
Superbly crafted story!
Good so far, but I never understood the headache excuse. Orgasming releases dopamine and FIXES headaches.
Built4com4t 6 months
Short and very sweet...that's a keeper. nicely done.