kasia and maciek - mutual gaining

chapter 1

In high school Maciek, barely over 170 cm height (5 '7") at that time, used to weight over 105 kg (231 lbs). He enjoyed the way his body looked, although finally he could not resist the pressure to conform.

It were all going mostly into one part of the body.
- Does it already kick? - the girls from the class were asking, while stroking the hands over his big belly.

On one side, he felt excited that his weight is noticed and he could even find some amusement in the idea of being humiliated for his extra kilograms. However, he too afraid that friendly bantering of few may evolve into something worse: discrimination at school and at job, even hate or bullying. In just two years he got down to 70 kg.

After graduating from college and achieving first successes in professional life, he started to feel less insecure about the idea of being different in private life. It all began unintentionally: on summer, spent on frequent barbecues and drinking with friends, he gained back over 10 kg (22 lbs). At first he felt a little ambivalent; still, it reminded him how he much he liked to sense own fatness.

Maciek was familiar with the terms like FA or BHM but he was never really tracking Internet groups related to fat fetishism. That changed now. He realized that he will not be happy in life until he follows the path of being truly himself - and find a soulmate who understands him
Online he met Kasia who not only could understand him but shared his fetishes. Unlike him, her weight was more or less stable all her grown life - since turning 18 years old, she never weighted lees than 90 kg (190 pounds), being almost the same height as Maciek. Moreover, she always felt more comfortable about being overweight and showing her curves to the world. Too tight shirts? Bikini at the pool? She loved her body and did not let any unified "beauty standards" get to her head.

Strong self-esteem was always helping Kasia to find men that were into chubby women like her, however that was not really was she was into. All her boyfriends were trying very hard to keep their skinny or athletic posture and did not approve her plans to gain much more weight - she wanted to hit at least 120 kg (265 pounds).

Kasia and Maciek chatted online almost every day, realizing that they are on the same wavelength when it comes to mutual gaining. They rejected the approach of "big is beatiful but deep inside I want to lose weight and someone to support me" that they were coming across so often on fat acceptance websites and forums. Instead, they wanted push the pedal to the medal.

They decided to rent an apartment together, even though they barely knew each other. But they believed that with attraction to mutual gaining should be enough for them to shortly find common ground in no time. So it happened.
Ironically, none of them liked cooking. Instead they ordered tons of unhealthy food from drive-ins and bought even more frozen pizzas and burgers from the local supermarket. To reach perfection in becoming messy, obese slobs, they spent all evenings of eating late in front of TV and sipping on beer (there was a bit of an act but no less a fun!). All that helped them a lot with tightening the bond and enhancing their fat fetish to the new level.

Soon enough Kasia and Maciek could not fit in their old clothes anymore. But they wore them at home anyway to emphasize the new rolls showing up. Also, they started to take a lot selfies - so they and the world could admire weight gain progression later ("look, we started so skinny").
Maciek had much more to catch up than Kasia, nevertheless they both finally met at the same goal of 150 kg (330 punds). In bed they had to resign from some of the positions they liked - as some of them were not possible for them anymore - but that only refreshed their sex life.

Not once, not twice they heard someone on the street whispering "look at these whales" behind their back. They did not care. They had each other, they had their deepest fantasies come true. Nothing else mattered.
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