The Garden

chapter 1

"Thank you for coming Mr. Enkeli." Johan gave a nervous smile and allowed the doctor to continue. "We really appreciate you taking us up on our offer," Dr. Rankin continued. "I know you didn't have the best relationship with your father and completely disregarded his research, but you agreeing to do this is very helpful to us and furthering millions of dollars of exploration."

"You said that I was the only one who could...and I don't want to just waste all the effort you all have put into this." Johan Enkeli was the son of renowned geneticists Albert Enkeli. He died at the hands of one of his experiments, Angelo.

Angelo was the very person Johan was informed he had to go and see. He was told Angelo craved companionship, he was not told, however, of Angelo's sadistic nature. He had murdered every single one of his previous companions.

"Alright Johan, you have a bed in the bio-dome on the opposite side of Angelo's. Whatever meals you want will be provided at your request." Rankin paused. "Do be careful...he's quite...sensitive." A heavy metal door parted and Johan looked into what appeared to be a peaceful meadow.

"It's beautiful," he said as he walked into the artificial garden. The heavy metal doors closed quickly. He turned around, somewhat frightened. He walked further into the scenic area. "Angelo," he called. "Are you hiding from me?" he asked jokingly, trying to bring him out.

Dr. Julian Rankin had chosen Johan in hopes of his survival. Angelo would never hurt him...hopefully. Albert had spent his time with Angelo talking about his son, Johan. Angelo had been requesting to meet him. He promised not to kill him. He promised to be kind to him.

"Why would I hide?" asked a deep, husky voice. "I'm not afraid of you." Johan had not been briefed in the slightest. Johan was kind of afraid himself. Angelo stood at an intimidating 6'5". He was wide and sturdily built. His arms appeared monstrous in their size and his thighs bulged with muscle.

"Hello, my name Johan." Angelo smiled. "I was wondering if you were perhaps Angelo." Angelo walked towards him slowly. His face was beautiful. Its features perfectly proportioned, as if sculpted by God himself.

"Do you honestly think there would be anyone else in here?" he asked as he leaned down into Johan's face. "Anyone with half a brain would stay away from a murderer." Angelo had said murderer as if it was a funny joke.

"Murderer?" Johan swallowed. Angelo's face still faced his head on. Johan looked into his green like dying grass, but alive and enticing, beautifully un-bright. 'The angels are as perfect in form as they are in spirit,' Johan thought immediately.

When he was young, before he began to despise his father and his father's work, he enjoyed the stories he would tell. They were stories of angels and their beauty, their kindness, their loving nature.

"I won't kill you though. I promised I wouldn't, and an angel must keep his promises." Johan gasped, they had met before. When Johan was a boy of nine another boy came to his birthday dinner. He was a young Angelo, a boy of eleven.

Angelo was always tall, and had always had a decent amount of muscle. He sat alone at the dinner party. No one would speak to him. He had longed to leave his garden; he begged to be taken outside...the real outside.

Dr. Enkeli volunteered to take him to Johan's dinner party. It was almost not allowed due to the fear of his special abilities as an angel. Angel...the label given to Angelo, he hated it. He felt unworthy of the name. Johan sat next to Angelo and talked to him until he was escorted back to his garden.

"It's you!" Johan exclaimed. An angel was someone you felt like you'd known forever... even though you had just met. That was how Johan remembered their first encounter. They seemed to have been lifelong pals. Johan jumped into Angelo, slightly shocking the larger man. Angelo pushed him off forcefully. Johan stumbled, but regained his balance. "Sorry..."

"Don't ever touch me," he said to Johan harshly. "Do you understand?"

"Yes. I'm...I'm sorry."
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MangaBL 6 years
Who wouldn't want a tall, dark, and hot feeder as lover and fed their feedee while having amazing sex. *drool*
Chub41ub 9 years
this is very nicely written & has a fun balance between storyline & sex, not gonna lie lol- there were moments it seemed rushed, but even then everything felt fluid & smooth. great job!
Fatgaining 9 years
dude, one of your best stories yet. need like a part 2 where Johan is bigger lol. but all in all great job
Feedfig 12 years
Well that's not the end is it? I wanted to see Johan become a huge blimp that even angelo had trouble lifting. Then maybe they'd have jiggly sex again. Lol.
Feedfig 12 years
Lol. You noticed. And don't worry, I prefer your sex heavy story style to the general. Endless sex is BORING. Yours I actually enjoy. The sex in yours is just like a happy reminder of how passionately they feel about each other. A story is always better than endless sexcapades. I was serious about it being good. smiley
Fatfiction 12 years
Okay, I'll admit, I'm a sucker for SOME storyline. I can sense your sarcasm, lol. smiley
Feedfig 12 years
Sex heavy huh? Well I like their first romp. You write so well. I like that he had to eat the cookies while everything else was going on. Really good!