The blind date

chapter 1

This was bad. I hated blind dates. I despised them. My sister said I needed to date more, so she fixed me up with a coworker from her insurance firm. His name was Steven Gray. Come on, I was only 23. I didn't need a boyfriend right now. I was a strong, independent, gay man who didn't need a relationship.

But wants and needs were two different things, two VERY different things.

This happened every month or so. She'd call me up to tell me she found a really cute guy who was dying to meet me. They were, until they saw me. My sister was a tall, beautiful brunette. I was not. I mean, I was tall, 6'1", but I was chubby...portly...fat. I guess older siblings take all the pretty, at least in my case.

I had gray eyes and the same brown hair as Kate, but that fat just repulsed shallow guys who would feel that they had been tricked into going out with me. They never showed any interest in me. I always ended up feeling like crap, and I was always still single.

I was trying to be positive as I prepared for a night to remember. Yeah right. I put on my biggest outfit to hide my 239 pound body. Even in that I looked fat. Damn.

I pulled into the parking lot of "Smith's Family Buffet." He chose the venue. I instantly felt regret. Why had I even bothered to show up? I guess I wasn't going to not show up. I mean, that would ruin any chances, right?

I got out of my car and made my way to the entrance. I was told to look for a purple tie. Corny. I know. My sister thought she was little miss romance. I spotted a guy wearing one. I made my way to a table in the corner. I couldn't believe how gorgeous he was.

He was way better than all the other dates my sister had picked. He was sipping from a glass of water. His lips were fleshy. He had blue eyes, and I mean His hair was black and cut in a cool short way. Mine was just slightly curly. He stood up and smiled.

"You must be Edwin Summers, Kate's brother." He was taller than I was.

"Yes, but you can call me Eddie," I said. "You're Steve, right?" He nodded and smiled at me.

"Are you hungry? I'm starving." I doubted he was hungry. Was he making fun of me? He probably was.

"I am too." Of course I was. We made our way to the buffet line and he began to pile food onto his plate. I took small bits here and there.

I glanced at his ass a couple of times and was amazed at its full, round shape. It was huge. We went back to our table and he began to eat his humongous portion of food. I wasn't planning on eating all that I wanted in front of him.

"So, what do you do?" he asked.

"I'm a salesperson in a clothing store."

"Cool." He smiled encouragingly. "Do you get discounts and stuff?"

"Yeah. How old are you?" I had wanted to know beforehand, but Kate said it could be used as an icebreaker. My nerves were so bad I just blurted it out. He gave a raspy laugh and I blushed.

"I'm 22. I'll be 23 in a month." We were basically the same age. I sighed to myself.

"How tall are you? I ask because... you're taller than, uh, me." Was I brainless?

"I'm 6'3." He was so...nice.

"How much do you weigh?" Why on earth was I asking him that? Was I crazy? But I needed to know.

"190 pounds," he said with a smile. He ate a forkful of pasta. My stomach growled. I needed more food. "Okay. How about you? Same three questions, go."

"23, 6'1, and I weigh... 2...240 pounds." I wish I hadn't asked him that last one. I felt myself get really red.

"That's kind of husky," he said. "You'd be even cuter if you got a bit bigger."


&quo t;I like bigger guys." He swallowed slowly. "I always have. You're one of the cutest guys I've ever gone out with, exactly how Kate described you." He smiled.

"YOU'RE the cutest guy I've ever been out with," I exclaimed.

"I was shocked you didn't get more food though. Aren't you hungry?" His eyes darted to the buffet, then back to me. "I wouldn't mind if you got some more. I think you should."

"Oh--Okay." I got up and got some more. I got A LOT more, a whole bunch of chicken and pasta, some little dessert cakes. I was making a pig of myself.

I started shoving all the food into my mouth. He encouraged me to get some more. I did. I got even more than the first time. I slowed, but ate all of that too. He moved to sit next to me and unbuttoned my pants. I felt my full gut push forward even more with the increased room.

He put his hands up my shirt and rubbed it. I loved that feeling. His hands were warm and strong. He said he would call me and then got up and left. I never felt so attracted to someone.

I looked around in my stupor. An elderly couple looked at me with wide eyes and open mouths. I got up and made my way out of the buffet. I drove home dazed, praying Steve would call me. I really hoped he would.
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Fatfiction 14 years
Omg!!! Thank you carlos!!! You're so sweet. I try to update often and I want to finish this because I have another idea for a story.
Carlos 14 years
I have to say this story is very good in my opinion and the fact that there is a new chapter every couple of days make me like this even more keep going smiley
Fatfiction 14 years
I know. This story is sort of getting me back into writing. I used to have another account but I had to delete it. I hope to pace them a bit better in the future. Thank you for the comment!!!
Chub41ub 14 years
a little fast at times, but cute ^_^