sweet dreams

ava's first taste (part 1)

Ava dropped her suitcase, heaving a heavy, satisfied sigh. The blonde haired, twenty three year old, began her vacation at Valaris Beach. However, warm weather and relaxation isn't the only reason why she drove for ten hours, and across multiple states. The young woman rolled her belongings into the suite's bedroom, where a king-sized bed awaits. Lifting the suitcase onto the bed, she unloaded her belongings, hanging and storing her clothes in the closet and drawers. Her blue eyes caught a glimpse of the sliding glass door in the room, the beach view captivated Ava. Stepping out, her pale, white skin tingled from the cool ocean breeze, and the crashing of the waves is music to the ears. The sun's evening rays warmed and soothed her tired body after a long day. Satisfied, she returned to the bedroom and finished putting away her clothes.

Once settled in her new room, Ava turned her attention to a brown paper bag on the kitchen table. "So, this is it," she whispered to herself, "Sweet Dreams, the medicine that will make the body of your deepest desires to come true," Ava chuckled, thinking about the journey she made to get the product. Online, Sweet Dreams seemed to be a product of fantasy, as the young woman had heard of it from viral photos and videos. To the public, nobody believed in its' transformative properties, but to Ava, it was all too real. Upon research, she discovered the handful locations in the country where Sweet Dreams was sold, and one such place is Valaris Beach.

Ava dumped the bag's contents, revealing two vials and a piece of paper. Curious, she read the paper out loud, "Sweet Dreams, by Eicorp. Sweet Dreams is a experimental beauty product created from the mind of Joseph Newman. If you're reading this, you are one of the less than one hundred that have received this product. Congratulations! You are one step closer to achieving what you desire in your body! Be warned, as Eicorp is not legally responsible for any unwanted side effects Sweet Dreams may or may not cause."
The blond impatiently skimmed through paragraphs of text to read the directions, "Directions: Take one cup of water, and mix one milliliter of 'sweet'." She looked at the two vials, one blue, one yellow. The blue vial was labeled 'sweet', while the other, 'Dreams'. Continuing reading, "After mixing, remove all articles of clothing as bodily changes can causes injury to user and its' clothes. Then, drink the mixed cup. If mixed correctly, changes to the body will happen around one minute after consumption. Continue creating and consuming the mixture until desired body is achieved. The changes that 'Sweet' has made will remain until the first urination cycle, we do not advise holding to preserve dream form, as it can cause kidney damage."

"Oh, that's not good," Ava said to herself. "So, peeing removes everything?"
"To retain your dream body longer, mix one milliliter of 'Dream' into a cup of water. Doing so will safely preserve your body for twenty four hours. Five milliliter will preserve for one week, and for permanent effects, ten milliliters will solidify the change forever. We are not responsible for accidental/misuse consumption of 'Dreams'.
"Interesting, so I can keep what I like?" she coyly said.
"Eicorp recommends the consumer to drink 'Sweet' one cup/milliliter at a time to fine tune bodily desires. Then use the 'Dreams' vial to test out living in the new body long term. Then, if satisfied, make it permanent. WARNING: Vials are incredibly concentrated, and misuse can result in permanent disfigurement, or death."
"Gotcha." she laughed, her eyes stared at the 'Sweet' vial, the top included a one milliliter dropper. Grabbing a glass of water, Ava returned to the table.
"Here goes nothing," the pale skinned girl sarcastically commented, mixing the blue vial contents as directed. In her hands, the water faded into a light blue color indicating the mixture was successful. She prepared five glasses of 'Sweet Water' and headed off to the bedroom. Following directions, she unclothed herself completely.

The skinny, long, wavy haired, blue eyed woman peered at herself in the mirror, her bare flesh exposed to air. That didn't stop her from covering herself with her arms for modesty's sake. The young adult's eyes peered from the mirror to the mixed drinks, then back, self reflecting her appearance, poking and prodding her small frame, to many men it was a body that they would call 'small' or 'thin', maybe even 'sexy'. It wasn't about them, Ava cared less about the opinions of men, it was about her. It's her body, her skin. In the moment, her mind drifted off into the last time she ate with her friends, the people she most comfortable with. It was at Howard's Barbecue, her favorite place to eat and have a sweet drink. Ava would always gaze at Marcy, Claire, and Stephanie chow down on the food, leaving her nibbles being a depressing sight to the others. She wanted to be able to enjoy food, but even the most appetizing dish wasn't good enough for her mouth. The friends would joke about her inability to finish a plate, something the rest could do and more.

Marcy, her closest friend and neighbor, had the best appetite, and would routinely invite Ava to lunch and dinner in her apartment, for a chat, or to watch TV. She recalled asking the question to her, "Why do you not care about being so big? Don't people find large girls unattractive?"
"Girl, at my size, you have more to show, instead of being embarrassed at my size, show yourself off, be confident! Guys will bend over knee for you if you do so." Ava took the words to heart, despite her self-admitted weight of over three hundred pounds, she recalled men coming over next door on occasion.

Daydreaming over, Ava opened her eyes and looked at her belly - as flat as it was. Then, her attention drew to the backside, small and petite. In her skin she always had a sense of vulnerability, the twenty three year old craved to be the opposite. Closing her eyes once more Ava imagined being larger, taller, thicker - just like Marcy. Imagining her friend, naked beside her, something sparked within, it was of yearning and want, then to lust and attraction. The dark thoughts troubled the woman, she's never considered being bisexual, but for some reason, her admiration had transformed into something more. Ava shook the thought, and drew attention to the five glasses. Her desires can become a reality with each glass, but one question remained: How many should she drink?
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KaeDance 19 hours
So excited whenever I get a notification that this story is progressing
@KaeDance, thanks for your kind words! I don't want to spoil things. lol
KaeDance 2 days
Sooo sexy~ Looking forward to seeing how far she takes things, and whether or not she ends up taking Dreams.
@tablesofachair929 thanks! I'm glad you love it! smiley
Love this story. Makes me consider gaining...
I wonder if Nami will end up walking in while she's immobile
@lpark435 thank you, much more to come!
lpark435 1 week
Really enjoying this story, interested to see where it goes and who else might gain some lucious curves.
@princessblurmy Glad you enjoy it! The story isn't written in stone, but I plan to bring more drama with weight gain and such.
This is great so far, looking forward to see where you take it.
I will try to update the story daily if possible, or at least every few days. (I have a busy life lol) So stay tuned on this page for future updates!
I want to thank everyone for all the views and likes this story has been receiving. I will be modifying the story to remove the 'author's note' to streamline things.
@theswordsman, perhaps you'll find out in later chapters. The story is still ongoing. smiley
I wonder how alcohol would affect the sweet dreams