the island: mia and noah's discovery

chapter 1

“Morning beautiful” Mia half yawned, rolling over to face Noah. He opened an eye and smiled.

“You look— “ he began before nuzzling up to her chest “— really nice…”

Mia giggled. “Sure.”

After a few warm snuggled minutes, Noah lazily slumped onto his back, staring up at the ceiling, hand holding Mia’s.

“Are you doing your clothes haul review today?” he asked. “I think I heard something arriving this morning.”

Mia nodded, kissed him on the forehead before getting out of bed and wrapping her dressing gown around her then heading downstairs to get the parcel.

While by no means a popular YouTuber, Mia had gained enough of an audience to garner influencer status. Her slender yet proportionately curvy body complimented virtually any fit and so she frequented publicity packages from popular fashion brands.

Today’s package looked particularly enticing. Mia and Noah sat together doing the usual looking through the selection and categorising them into upcoming videos. Brands usually asked for the videos to go out within a certain time. This package needed to be reviewed within the week. They decided this bunch could make up two videos.

“This one looks good.” Noah said, holding a tight, revealing looking lace dress up and smiling cheekily at his eye-rolling partner.

“‘Course you do” Mia laughed, pressing it against her body. “And it looks like a good fit too.”

Noah ran his hands down her curved waist and flat tummy then dipped into the loose front of her jeans. They both enjoyed the feeling of his hands there — he especially enjoyed the after-meal feeling that seemed to make her hips that little more smoother and rounder. He longed for extra tightness.

After lunch, Mia began her usual camera setup while Noah tidied the room and opened the garden-facing French windows. The breeze brought a cool summery feeling in and swept Mia’s hair up a little around her shoulders.

Noah was heard but behind the camera in most of the videos, but sometimes Mia did Q&As and he would be called in to satisfy fans' calls for his answers on more often than not jokey and awkward questions.

Today’s session was both a haul review and Q&A. Mia tried each of the numbers in the pile and Noah went through the selected tweeted questions from their audience. The video was for the most part uneventful, save for a few nosey questions about their relationship. There were always a few of those — fans seemed desperate to get an idea about the rest of this classically charming, hot couple. And after all, the answers drove the comment section and seemed to win the channel boosts in following.

At the end of the day's filming, Mia told fans that they were off on holiday the week after “ a quiet island where we can relax away from our busy lives.” She admitted this without wishing to upset anyone. “We’ll be back soon — promise. I mean we’ve got like 5 hauls coming up to unpack and a live stream too, so we’ll see you for them!”

As they packed the equipment back up, Mia began “There’s no gym in—”

“In our in-the-middle-of-nowhere beach hut? Noah continued.

“Oi you know what I mean! I guess we’ll be walking and swimming a lot huh?”

“— Or we could just relax, slow down, lie down…” Noah said as he lay down on the wooden floor imagining the sea lapping up to his toes.

“Babe, I’ve a reputation. I’ve gotta keep this up!” Mia rebutted.

“You just told your fans that you’re relaxing. Honestly. I’ll cook, get supplies—”

“Supplies!?” Mia giggled— “We’re going on holiday, not feeding a village.” She closed the filming stuff cupboard and lay down with Noah, head against his waist. Noah didn’t reply and they lay together peacefully.
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UsTwo 3 years
Things have really heated up in the last couple chapters — having a lot of fun working on 11. Probably gonna end around 12. Any recommendations are, as always, very welcome ☺️
UsTwo 3 years
Thank you GrowingLoveHandles! So happy you're enjoying it. Things really heat up soon 😊
GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Just finished chapter 3. I’m enjoying this story.
UsTwo 3 years
Thank you Oliveira108! I'm really enjoying writing it!