biddy belly

Chapter 1 - lady's feed

80 year old Mabel had a fall. The old lady had to go live in a care home. She was happy there, as they made delicious dinners, desserts and they let her snack as much as she likes.

The next day, Mabel waited in bed for her breakfast. Her career brought a huge plate of thick sausages, juicy bacon, eggs, toast, beans and a big milky tea. Mabel filled her face with the big breakfast. Her old, saggy cheeks flapped around as she gobbled the food down. Her belly swelled up, Mabel holding it as she ate. Her carer brought her some pastries for dessert. "Oh good! My favorites!" Mabel laughed. She ate the creamy cakes and chocolate eclairs. Her pants grew tight. "Can you loosen my pants please dear?" she said kindly. Her carer did as she said, giving her a squeeze on the belly. "Oh that feels so good! Keep going!" He grabs Mabel's swollen gut and gives it a rub. Mabel lets out a small burp. "Oh excuse me!" she giggles. Her belly was all filled, and Mabel was satisfied. She laid back and started to read her book with her hand on her bulging belly. The old woman relaxed, rubbing the belly and holding it. She thought of dinners, and desserts, and more dinners. 'Deeeee-lish!' she thought to herself.

It was dinner time, and Mabel wheeled herself to the door, waiting hungrily for her dinner. She could smell the roast beef cooking, and her tummy moaned loudly. She laid back with her tray ready to accept the plateful of yummy dinner. Her carer came in, with a huge plate of roast beef dinner with thick, meaty slices of beef and lots of potatoes covered in gravy. Mabel waited for her carer to cut the food for her to eat. He fed her the meaty meal. She laid back, letting her gut fill with the wonderful dinner. She ate and ate, belly bulging with beef and potatoes. The dessert was brought in, sponge cake with ice cream. Mabel was fed every last bit, her belly stuffed full of food. She moaned in happiness, licking her lips, then licking her plates. Her carer grabbed at her sides. "You've put on some weight there Mabel. That's good." Mabel laughed loudly. "Too many dinners haha!" She then laid back in her chair for a long sleep, stuffed full of foods!
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