mia in the city

Chapter 1

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Life felt almost anticlimactic at this point. Mia was 23 years old, just out of college. College for Mia had been exactly what she wanted her entire teenage life. Boys, parties, you name it. Netflix would've sued her for copyright if they knew how close her life then was to their crappy college shows. High school had been ideal as well, soccer and track came easy. Mia hardly had to study (due to her easy courses and her decent intelligence.

With her good genes (Mother was a trophy wife, her father had played football in college before becoming a big shot VP, meaning money was never an issue either), and full athletic career, Maya had remained pretty thin throughout high school. She was 5 6, and stayed within her tiny 115-120 weight range. She had olive brown skin, showcasing her Mothers latin american genes. She had brown eyes, and light brown hair that she dyed from her darker black/brown. Long eyelashes, full lips, you name it. She didn't have "curves" but perky shape in all areas and a flat stomach kept boys fully obsessed with her throughout high school. This wasn't for lack of eating, as Mia regularly had burgers, chick fil a, and ice cream with friends, but her metabolism and athletic life style, combined with an almond mom doing the grocery shopping kept her thin. She wasn't any more active than she had to be either, when she was in the offseason or weekends she rarely did the runs or drills outside of practice her coaches begged her to. Her natural speed and quickness kept her on varsity for 3 years in soccer and track however, and as a senior, she won prom queen alongside whatever boy she had chosen for that month. Commitment was not the name of the game for her.

In college, Mia had had opportunities to continue soccer in D2, but desiring a bigger college experience, she gave up all sports and went to Ohio State. Her marketing major wasn't super demanding, so she had plenty of free time. With that free time, Mia did not keep up her athletic habits. She ate, drank, partied, woke up in other dorms, and stayed out of any gym. Mia was not immune to the freshman 15, and some subsequent weight, but her metabolism kept it from being extreme, and only emboldened attention from boys. She wasn't rigid, which they found attractive, and for the first time she had true curves. She went from B cup to D, from 115-133, yet it all went to the right spots. She had thighs with some old muscle, and now some fat that filled any gap she had. Her ass ballooned, and everyone loved it as she went from slim to slim thick. Her body adjusted, and she stayed around this weight her whole college experience. When it was time to graduate, she took an entry level job in marketing for Coca Cola back in her hometown Atlanta.

In the "big city" her life slowed down for the first time. Living alone in a small apartment, she dated around, eating at the finest restaurants in town to escape the cheap food she had at home, and had some friends to go out with from time to time (and 0 time at the gym), but all that kept her going for her first year was looking forward to her yearly family vacation. Her family still took her and her younger brother, Mark, who was a junior in college, to vacation every year even after they had moved out. Mark was a swimmer at the University of Florida, and used his good family genes to the best of his ability. After one full year living on her own, Mia was ready to relax on vacation.

They left June 10, about a year after she had graduated and gotten a job to the date. As she packed, she brought the same beach clothes she had worn her entire college life. Bigger than her high school ones at home, but still size small for the most part. As they all met at the airport, they all hugged, as they hadn't seen each other much since Easter. As Mark hugged his sister, he let out a little "woah" as he embraced her... softer arms. "What is it?" Mia asked, and Mark replied it was nothing. On the plane, Mia ate the family bag of sour patch as they flew to Cancun, before anyone else had any. That was the way it had always been, she had the sweet tooth in the family, but she had changed.

They arrived at night, and ate a frozen pizza, (Mark had a whole one to himself, he had had training earlier in the day, and Mia had half of the one she shared with her parents, and hadn't done more than a jog in 5 years). The next morning, as Mia was putting on her best bikini and getting ready for the beach, to perform her yearly charade of attracting as many guys as possible, sh had a little trouble with the bottoms up her thighs, and her top was more revealing than it had ever been. Confused, she turned towards the mirror, and got her first good look at herself in a while. She let out the same "woah" Mark had. Her young wall of resistance to weight had finally crumbled under all the fast food she had at home, and full 3 course meals she had with guys on dates. She had never paid attention to how her life affected her body, and the effects were finally here. Her belly button was round for the first time, no longer on the front of a flat stomach, instead in front of a round, slightly sagging tummy. Her boobs were pouring out of her top, anything but family friendly. No wonder she had subconsciously gone for the sports bras the last 6 months. Her thighs still had no gap, but the muscle was all gone and all that was left were cellulite ridden thighs. Her butt sagged for the first time in her life, no longer perky, just full of flab. I guess 23 was when her genes ran out. She freaked out, cursing herself for letting herself become all the chubby girls she had mocked her entire life. She had to find a scale to see the real damage. Rifling through the closet, she uncovered a bathroom scale. She stepped on it, holding her breath. 146 flashed back at her. In a way, she was relieved. It wasn't terrible. 146 was manageable. She just had to suck in, and she was the same gorgeous she had always been. When she got home, she would see about a gym membership, but it was her vacation. She was allowed to relax. She went to the beach after her family, grabbing some more concealing bathing suits at a store. And at the beach, with a high waisted bikini, Mia felt like she was turning more heads than ever. Her ass alone won the attention of every man on that beach, her chest was impeccable, and the high waist concealed her small belly. She was going to have fun.

While on the beach, she talked to tons of guys who either came over or gawked until she waved. She had 3 hookups that week alone. On the final night, at the family's last big night, they went out to eat. After Mia's initial scare, she had calmed down and continued to indulge the whole week. At dinner, that didn't change. Half the calamari appetizer, a full plate of pasta and bread, and a slice of lava cake to finish. As she finished, she leaned back and subconsciously began rubbing the outline of her stomach pressing against her jean shorts. They were near bursting, used to a flat college stomach, now holding back 1500 calories and a chubby gut. She didn't notice, but Mark looked at her and laughed. He and his sister had had their differences, and she had been anything but kind to him as he grew up a little overweight. It would be hilarious if his friends saw what his hot sister had become.
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Tarquin 2 months
Love it! Great. Beautifully written. thanks
Rorrimknip 3 months
Great story - proceeding at a delightful pace Thank you!!!
JigglyArms 3 months
Wonderful story, I love the loss of fitness aspect and I hope to see more!
Fatpeter 3 months
Like where this is going, can’t wait to read more!
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OMG! I seriously can’t get enough of this! I love the story so much! You are an incredible writer! And this was a good chapter in my mind, but it has all been so good so far. So excited to read more �
Moneyshot69 3 months
Thank you so much!! Eager to keep writing!
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Really enjoying this story. Why do I smell a fatter Melissa in the next chapters? 🙂
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Check the recent chapters🤭
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Loving this story so far. Hope Melissa starts to fatten up in some way, two fit girls growing big and fat would be great!
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Moneyshot69 4 months