rival treatment

Chapter 1 - Envious Rival

*English is not my first language, so I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes.*

David couldn't stand Philip, they have lived in the same building for almost three years.Every time he saw him, he was overcome with anger and envy looking his perfect abs and muscles, but no more.

David has been sabotaging the diet of his loval, Philip, who has gotten softer. David happily watches the small but noticeable changes in Philip's body who relaxes in the pool like nothing, showing off what's left of his abs.

David is more than pleased with the sight, but he knows he needs to speed up the process and get Philip over with.

"Soon you won't be smiling asshole, you won't even want to take off your shirt again"
David is more than pleased with Philip's progress. He can't help but smile every time he sees his rival's flabby and stunted body. Seeing how the beautiful Adonis turns into a pig before his eyes, his enviable muscles deteriorate and turn into fat. He had done that to him, David had managed to fuck Philip's perfect body, the stud that used to exercise his muscular body for hours was now sweating in streams and gasping for breath as he climbed the stairs.

David waited for Philip to climb the stairs enjoying seeing the once perfect specimen for the first time out of condition. Once Philip reached the bottom of the stairs, his flabby body was shaking with the exertion. David look at Philip's face, he was no longer handsome, he was developing a double chin, his face was no longer sharp instead his cheeks were growing.

David's wicked grin only grew bigger as he reached up to Philip and takes off the sweaty shirt of the breathless boy.

There could be nothing more satisfying than seeing his rival in this state, his once toned body was gone, he was just a fat mess, not a single girl would ever look at him and think he is atractive, not anymore. Those ripped damn abs that David hated were gone, now there was only a mound of fat, David poked Philip's stomach several times, enjoying how soft it was now. The arms of the once handsome guy were no longer bulging and muscular, no, his biceps and triceps were turning into fat folds, David made sure to shake them to humiliate him. Philip was red with embarrassment but he kept panting drenched in sweat and defenseless before David, a few months ago he would have kicked David's ass but in this condition there wasn't much to do. David finally looked at the place where Philip's strong pecs dreamed of being, now there were only flabby moobs, David squeezed them for several minutes laughing at Philip.

"Look at you Philip, what a fat pig you've become, I mean, I've turned you. Didn't you know your new coach was an old friend of mine? oh that's right, he's also susceptible to money, a fat paycheck and you're finished. Poor and fat Philip reduced to this, I'll make sure you only get fatter and fatter."
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