Chapter 1

ring, the days warm but the nights stayed cool. She had a list she needed to complete, and tonight she would begin it.

Certainly she’d always preferred a bigger man, someone whose size seemed to dwarf her own. Never considered thin, she’d always been more of a curvy girl than the skeletal models her contemporaries adored. So for her a man had to have alittle bit of meat on his bones, enough strength and girth to make her feel safe. That night’s conquest fit the bill exactly.

He was roughly 6’ 3”, and about double her size around. Curly brown hair framing a troubled yet enticing face. She spied him at her local haunt enjoying a good stout lager on his own. It seemed almost too easy at first. She saddled up to the bar at the only open seat, luckily right next to him and ordered herself a drink.

For a moment he feigned interest in a football game while she had an attack of nerves, though her confidence soared from a distance at this close a range it seemed to diminish some. She looked down at her cell phone for a moment, trying to rebuild her phantom courage.

The bartender came back with her drink and started some small talk with her, Brown-eyed boy began to lose his false interest in the television and turned towards her. “what happened to that friend of yours?” The bartender asked, “That skinny guy, you know, always wore a suit?”

“Oh him,” She started “Well it just didn’t quite work out. Something just didn’t quite click.” She stated, slyly looking over at Brown eyes to gauge his reaction. He quickly straightened up staring quickly back to the television. ‘Perfect’ she thought.

“Not much of a loss” said the bartender, “he seemed a bit of a prat anyways”

At this the girl chuckled and began her drink. “First time here?” she asked the boy. “I used to come by regularly, but I don’t think I’ve seen you.”

“Just found it this week, seems dank and dusky, just how I like my bars” he replied with a grin.

She smiled at this, taking in the way his sips of beer were more like gulps. Obvious case of nerves, but a good sign nonetheless.

“Are you new to the area? I’ve been here a year and sometimes it seems too long already, then I find something new to make it worthwhile.” She said.

“Relatively, got here about six months ago from N’arleans, certainly don’t miss the heat but damn, I do miss the food” he said, turning a shade of pink from embarrassment. “Not that I really need it” he corrected himself, looking down at his perfect paunch.

“Oh you just haven’t found the right places, there is plenty of good food to be had. If there’s one thing a small new England town can give you it’s good eats.” She said with a slight smirk and rising excitement.

“well if it’s here I have yet to find it, God knows I’ve been living on subway the past few months, tasty at times but man is it monotonous.” He said with disappointment.

“We’ll have to fix that I think” She stated. Before her nerves could catch the best of her she finished her drink, shaking her head to the bartender when he went to grab another. “In fact I’m a bit puckish myself, do you like Sushi?” she stated, before her quick buzz could leave her deflated

“Yea, actually. I’ve only had it once during a business trip, but I did love that spice. Is there a place around?” he asked, surprised at his candor.

“few blocks up, what do you say you finish that beer and we head out for a bit of Saki/Sushi time?” She suggested, still riding the high from her bolted beer.


By the time their food arrived they’d already finished two large saki’s, she felt the buzz enough to appreciate it but was still a bit flustered that she’d made it this far so quickly.

“This looks amazing” he said as the waitrer laid down four platters full of the most decadent deep fried sushi she could find on the menu. “I’m not sure I could finish it all”

“I’ll make a bet with you” the girl said. “I will match every dish you eat, and if you can out-sushi me I’ll be sure to make it worth your while” she intoned.

He took a moment before he realized what she meant, at which point he grabbed his chopsticks and began to dig in.
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FrecherTyp 11 years
nicely done ^^ no criticism from me just that i like when the guy gains due to his new gf ^^
Apple24 12 years
Haha, thanks for the feedback!
Juicy 12 years
Oh, yum. Can you introduce me to him?