the force of food

Chapter 1 - the chocolate challenge

To begin with, Emily was a very submissive girl. But being slapped around by men for most of her life, she decided to try a different route. Women weren't very much her forte but sex is pretty amazing. She thought that if there's a will, then there must be a way.

When she turned 18 and headed off to college, she tried dating. She met many beautiful women. But, none of them felt like the one. That was until she met Liz. Liz was different from the rest, she didn't care about society's standards or how she looked. She was actually slightly a deviant fool. So oblivious in her own world, she hadn't embraced the darkness she creates.

When the relationship began to progress, Liz got much more dominant; she began to treat Emily with less kindness. At times for punishment she broke out the whip but, that wasn't terrible; time only ended as she brought out the food.

Food slowly was put into Emily's mouth, she chewed with pride as it was her favorite meal; Mac & Cheese, and waffle fries. She was being spoiled. She had been good this week.

Liz began to become more forceful with food. She began by giving Emily bites that were slightly too large. And feeding her a bit too fast. Liz began demolishing the border between the light and the dark encasing everyone in comolete darkness.

Emily's weight began to increase tremendously over the past few months, there was no number proof until a few days later, but she could see her stomach grow larger and larger as the day would pass. When the day came, she'd realize that she'd gained 50lbs, she started the year with a smaller 307lbs, and by July she had reached a high of 357.

As her stomach began to cascade downwards as it were a flourishing bud of life, and her thighs created a stream of fat caressing her beautiful figure.

She realized that she'd have to being eating more to fill her master's new diet. Where her tummy would surely grow lager and larger. Her thoughts began to wander as Liz began shoving the last morsels of food into Emily's mouth, and crumbs embracely fall to her stomach, when she chewed with lucious passion.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
I love this. Short, sweet and satisfying.