Saving Mary

Chapter 1 - the beginning

"I'm going for a run I'll be right back!"

Mary was soon out the door, turning on her playlist of workout music, and ready to start her daily jog. Mary was a healthy girl, and had curves that would make any man drool.

Her feet started hitting the pavement, sending shockwaves up her body, and made everything bounce. She hated how when she could never find a good enough sport bra to keep her breasts from violently bouncing. "Oh hell with it! I look fine as hell so who cares!" As she ran down the street Mary tuned out the rest of world. The only things in her sights was the road, and the music in her ears.

"Bentley do you have visual on the target?"

"Yes sir, she is in sight."

"Stay close to her trail, we think today is going to be it!"

"All right, I'll be standing by for the order."

Bentley didn't feel comfortable, the neighborhood was giving him the chills. Huge houses with perfectly kept lawns and white picket fences. Almost made him sick to his stomach, but Bentley wasn't here to take in the scenery, he was here for a job.
For weeks, he had done nothing but surveillance, but he didn't mind as long as the money was deposited into his bank account. He never asked his clients questions, he just did what he was told, and right now that was watching over a particularly stunning woman.

Bentley had never been on a job before where he would just sit in a van and watch someone for weeks. In a way he became to know his victim, and grown fond of her as well. He knew enough about her it was almost scary. "To be in her bedroom at night would be amazing..."
Before he knew it the sun was setting, turning the sky different shades of orange, yellow, and reds. His target had finally gone home and was in sight.

"Bentley what is the status of our precious cargo?"

"She just went into the house. Should I perform capture, or wait for further instruction?"

"Just sit tight Bentley."

Mary turned the music up on her radio. "Nothing is better than coming home after a run and taking a cold shower!" Her favorite song started blaring through the speakers, and she felt the urge to unwind and dance. Singing into her hair brushed she marveled at her beautifully sculpted body. Her tight stomach, round hips, bubble ass, and not to mention her perky double D's.

Mary turned on the shower, and started to hum along as she stepped in. Her parents had gone out for a date night leaving Mary home alone. "I wonder what movies are on tonight, maybe I'll call Jessica over for a hang out." Taking shampoo and massaging it into her hair she didn't have a care in the world. Then out of nowhere, the shower curtain flew backwards, and that's the last thing she remembered....
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Nok 10 years
PS: Great premise for a story. Good luck with it.
Nok 10 years
It IS on par with rape. Don't lie to yourselves: self deception is the third greatest sin, and by far the most common. However, as fatlilboy said, this IS a fantasy site, created for the express pupose of fulfilling fantasies that shouldn't be fulfilled in reality (at least some of them) and while rape is the second greatest sin to perpetrate, the lust and fascinations involved in these stories are biological, primal, and if they have to be fulfilled, best done here, in ways that don't involve repression and violent crime in real life.
Nerdy Girl 10 years
all I can say Dragon is never read any story I have ever written .. and well done to the writer
Dragorat 10 years
If the story broke any rules it would be gone I assure you.This site tries to stick to the rules & guidelines set by our founder.
Bellyastic 10 years
Thanks Fatlilboy, my sentiment exactly.
Fatlilboy 10 years
Oh, get a life, dragon. This is FANTASYfeeder. Look it up. Keep writing. This isn't even a DARK story and you're complaining? It's awesome and not unlike many, many of its type. Why the heck do you think that one of their own self-processed topics is: SUBMISSION as a category. I suggest you take yourself somewhere else and leave FF if you're going to use commentary like "rape" which is a serious offense.
Dragorat 10 years
Hmmmmmmmmm.....The mad doctor routine with the lovable assistant....I LIKE it...can't weight for you to continue...Muhahahahahahahahahahaha