chapter 1: 275

Chapter 275

Sophia lay languid on the sofa, with one thick, fleshy leg hanging off. A tiny red thong lost in her soft, gelatinous rolls. Her distended, bloated belly separated into two hefty rolls of overflowing fat, unable to be contained in her tiny, overgrown, white crop top. The lower, more ponderous belly roll, rest upon on her massively dimpled thighs and wide hips, jiggling with the slightest movement - perhaps a burp or a snore.

Sophia could hardly move, once again, due to the daily food binges she had been having since her husband, Chad, had been on a month long business trip in Hawaii. No, he did not offer to bring her.

At least she had three more days to clean up this pigsty she had curated - barren cardboard pizza and takeout boxes scattered around the living room, an abundance of metallic candy wrappers and soda cans, and enough empty wine bottles for concern. Her food consumption completely surpassed greedy and turned to pure, guiltless gluttony over the past month. Sophia's appetite had become absolutely insatiable and she spent most of her days lounging around, bingeing on various, trendy Netflix shows while devouring bags of fast food in an unquenchable, and quite slovenly manner. Her unburdened lethargy paralleled with multiple overindulgent feasts throughout the day (and night) caused her to pack on another whopping 35lbs of blubber, concentrated mostly in her lower belly roll, love handles, and growing double chin. Without even realizing, she had gained more than one-pound per-day of plush adipose tissue. She was larger then she had ever been, now resembling a renaissance painting -

A knock at the door jolts Sophia awake from her afternoon food-induced coma. She grunts as she attempts to heave her heavy, voluptuous pear-shaped body from the couch, but before she can she hears Chad's voice and the clanging of his keys. Sophia winces in pain and lets out a groan as she plops back onto the couch, weighed down by her stuffed, wobbling belly. "Oh shit," she thinks to herself, flushed and frightened by reaction he will most definitely have from the mess.

"Sophia?" Chad questioned aloud as he walked in, immediately gawking at the pigpen of their once pristine, Brooklyn walk-up. "Sophia, it smells the like the god damn food court in here - where are you?" He quickly walks over to the couch, where he finds his bloated young wife engulfing the loveseat. Clearly taken aback by the fact that his trophy wife has way surpassed chubby and blubbered into full on fat girl territory, his gaze pierces her soft, flabby, over-fed body for what seems like an eternity. Chad stammered in disbelief, "Sophia - wh-wh-what did you do to yourself?" Her chubby cheeks flush full magenta as he clenches one fist and grasps her hanging belly aggressively with the other, causing a violent wobble.

Chad starts to berate her in a disgusted tirade, "Look at your belly, look at this room! You've become a total porker. My God. You can't keep doing this, Sophia. Gorging like this every day, stuffing your face like a actual slob. Have you even left the house this month? I can't even see your panties. You're going to the gym tomorrow morning, my trainer Arianna is great - she trains all the girls at Miss Universe. Come with me, you're getting on that scale."

Sophia waddles quickly and nervously after Chad towards the bathroom scale, her massive thighs chafing together and her colossal, dimpled rear end swaying and wobbling with each heavy shuffle. She catches herself in the bathroom mirror and can't help but notice the melted chocolate on her double chin and her engorged belly hanging completely over, covering her panties completely.

Chad orders her to get on the scale by slapping her gut and pinching her overflowing love handles, causing a droplet of sweat to drip down her round, chubby face. In disbelief he watches her weight on the scale increase, "200..220..240..250...260...Jesus Christ...275"
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BoyWonder88 8 months
Great story!!!!! I tried to message you on kick to tell you how much I enjoyed it 👍🏾
ganmark05 8 months
Wow!! I love it!! Its so insanely hot and amazingly sexy! Just like the way your body looks with all the newly added pure attractively sexy soft pure fat, that is rapidly multiplying and piling onto your beautiful little ballooning body!! Congrats on the
riptoryx 8 months
I'm liking this so far. >=D
Where will you take their relationship? Will Chad decide to support and encourage her discovered self? Will he threaten to leave? Discover someone new? As an author you are the captain, director, and facilitator. Imagine.
tunker 2 years
Looking forward to reading more!
Ballooning ditzy young wife is one of my favorite story genres... great start! smiley
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Its only chapter one smiley