fat suits - a chubby weekend

  By Nok

chapter 1

Cute and sexy scifi.


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Fat Suits - A Chubby Weekend

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It had been a long day at work, a long week, and I couldn't wait to get back home, to start my weekend, be with my husband, my male, my mate, to relax together, be together.

Once in the door, I slipped off the size 3 slim pencil skirt, removed my blouse, and continued shedding layers until I was naked. Michael wasn't home yet. In the bathroom I washed my makeup and put up my hair. I weighed myself, 111, looked at my 5'4 body in the mirror. Smooth. Professional. A Standard A1-Petite body. I couldn't wait to change. I would just start with one, until Mike got home, while I made some food. In the bedroom, I stepped into number 1, currently 28 pounds.


I unhook it from the Sustainer and its sisters. As I inch it, peel it up my body, I feel it cling to my skin without hesitation or space, like the hands of an expert lover--like those of Michael, I smile to myself. It grasps my thighs, then my bottom, sliding boldly but without friction into every crease and fold. As it wraps my sex I grow warm and flush. My arms slide in easily to the upper sleeves and then my hands into super soft ultra-thin gloves, covering all but my manicured nails. I wrap the lower sleeves around my forearms and they merge with the rest. Finally, I press a thickness of soft, just-nascent rolls together around my stomach and under and over my breasts, up to my neck and then the soft chin and jawline and then finally over my face, though it opens, as I do, orifices for sight and sound and breath--and eating.

It grows just slightly warm, as with a tingling sensation, and a moment of current that is only just more than merely imagination. I flush the more in anticipation, and I feel a sense of sinking, and then finally an instant of slight cold as my own blood circulates to the surface, mixing with my blood already in the suit...

...and I am fat.


"Body Grace 3000 is proud to bring you the newest in our line of Smart Skin Standards-compatible products, the Reality series. The Reality series focuses on five product lines: Blemished Scar; Graceful Aging; our most celebrated line, Palette Change; and our most elite and controversial lines, Swole and Glory, and Real Bodies...

"... but Real Bodies especially brings you the most cutting edge technology and the 'coolest' new features. In its most simple sense, Real Bodies is a body suit designed to phase with your Smart Skin and become a part of it, connecting and integrating with all of your body systems. It comes equipped with a direct hybrid interface for connection to your Conscious-Systems Onboard, both for active management and specification, as well as customization, but in its default mode it absorbs, replaces, and/or 'ex-vivo' in-vitro multiplies a portion of your body's subcutaneous fat cells.

"Then, as you ingest excess calories while wearing it, rather of just being excreted like normal by your Standard, they can instead be routed to the suit, this new you, creating more of... well... you.

"Your Real Body can disperse calories evenly and appropriately across the fat cell population of your own genetics which it now contains, or it can take on any of a variety of preprogrammed shapes and forms, customizable to any extent of which your imagination can conceive*.

"These suits can even grow new cells and apoptose old or unwanted ones as you wish, as well as adjust cell density, cell size, and suit size**.

"That, when comboed with an unrivaled ability to adjust skin architecture and connective-tissue structure, allows for further customizing between a smoother finish, or a more natural and cellulite-heavy look, depending on preference.

"In addition to a host of biochemical features, when the suits pick up a sample of your fat cells they also sample your Smart Skin, and keep a supply of it as well, cushioning need for skin expansion on donning. As a cross-over promotion with a basic version of Blemished Scar, blemishes can be carried over and even augmented between suits, not 'like-real', but 'for real'--thus the ever popular stretch-marks are still an option for those with discerning taste, of course ;)"


I run my hands over my forearms, feel the soft sweet new flesh there, feel it give under my fingertips. Just a little beneath, a few millimeters, I find my standard muscles--toned just moments ago, with the first layer of decadence they have already become distinctly less firm, integrated and enamored of the softness that coats them, as am I. My thighs don't quite touch--yet--but there is a new roll, that extra bulge right in the middle, one of Michael's favorites, my fat pad, that wasn't there at all before, and it just brushes my other thigh when they slide past each other. I feel it every time, every step, and every time it makes my knees quake just a little, makes me hornier, and happier, and ever more flushed. I brush my hands through my soft bush of auburn fur to stroke my sex lovingly. Beneath the hair and soft skin there I feel my suit, but it is me now, seamlessly become my own body; the fat has wrapped my mons as well, even, I think, my lips. It looks like me, it feels like me, it is me--there is no distinction anymore. It phases down and in, 'melts' through my Smart skin, even my soft luxurious fur, and then even my muscles, effortlessly, becoming a part of me, becoming me. I am fat.

My bottom has become pudgy, squishy, luxuriously unworked, over my normally firm glutes. I feel that too when I walk. Extra fat has layered my firm stomach muscles, my hands find and caress, sinking just the slightest in, and my breasts with just the slightest new heft and sag and femininity. Michael loves those too. I smile even wider. Soft neck, a roundness to chin and cheeks, baby soft, a little fat gathered below in what will someday, on some suit, be a second chin.

It has been 8 months now we've been filling these-of-me. Mike bought me a first set and a regulator, a Sustainer 3150, all kept hooked up in our closet when not 'in use'. My first few suits were 'filled' now, to the sizes we wanted them, but it would take years more, and several more suits, to 'get me as fat' as Mike wanted me to be, as I dreamt of being in my wettest of dreams, luxuriating in infinite softness, unable someday even to move. The shiver that moves through me results in a surge of arousal and near-instant wetness, and a giggle despite myself.

The specialized smart-fat-cells in me have already begun my custom program, absorbing leptin and producing ghrelin and other hormones (amongst them, serotonin and oxytocin, there intentionally to addict me these memetic paths) and I feel hunger join libido in ticking up. What had been barely a nosh when I arrived home was now inching toward starving and horny as all get out. I hurry to the kitchen, wiggling my new naked butt chub happily as I move and smiling the whole way.

I begin frying up some eggs with bacon and cheese, though I don an apron first so I don't get splattered. In less than 20 minutes I have finished cooking, eaten the entire fry up, and begun on a second. My hunger, as well as elsewhere, is practically an inferno of passion.

It is with a sense immense satisfaction and relief that I finally feel large firm hands on my new butt squish. Mike nuzzles his nose into the hair over my ear and neck and kisses me with lips and brogue, "you've got so chubby my lovely." He kisses my cheek, its new extra soft, as I smile, totally lit on the rush of hormones, and turn my lips to his as he wraps his arms around me and my apron and takes me in in his passion and kisses.
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Nok 4 years
Thanks for the props and suggestion Vulpix!
Nok 5 years
haha, yah, I have that problem with ALL of my stories. But no, the big issue with this proposed ending is more that it sounds too much like another story of mine (not that that's really avoidable, considering, lol)
PrincessBlurmy 5 years
I had this problem with one of my stories - being unable to choose between two endings.
Eventually I decided to write them both and have them as alternates.
Nok 6 years
XD thanks!
Womansbellyl... 6 years
Interesting concept. You should keep going with it!