Diary of winna

  By Nok

chapter 1

From the dates, I'm guessing this one was started around 2012. Very dark, and may contain mild scifi toward the end. Inspired, I'm sure, by several old stories. Due to the fact that I am no longer the age of the protagonists, and to the story's high level of kink, I may never complete this. Feel free to adopt and cite.


Until I can think of something better, I've decided to add a BDSM scale to all my stuff. It ranges from 1 to 10, where a 1 is mildly kinky and a 5 is solidly BDSM. A rating of higher than 5 is probably extremely naughty. If you aren't sure you like this stuff, I encourage you to find something with a rating of 3 or below.
This story's BDSM rating is 8.


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Enjoy at your own risk! 0.o ;p XD lol

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Diary of Winna

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February 13, 2010

"Momma, NO!," Winna pleaded loudly once more in her soft, southern drawl against her mother's firm determination, as her mother hovered over her sleeping sister.

"Now honey, I don't want to do this, but she was talking about boys again today" Mrs. Ohler tilted the drugged girl's head back softly, causing her prominent double chin to smooth out a tiny bit. The smooth bit of fat remained evident though, of course, a testament to her mother's determination that neither of her girls ever again have boy problems. She slowly slipped the greased tube down her beautiful, young, and only recently fattened, daughter's throat. Lessi just lay there, stilled by the gentle mix of drugs in her system. Her now large, soft belly, halfway out of its tight old shirt, rose and fell, and Winna remembered its concave shape, its tone, how her sides had gone in dramatically above her hips, caressing strong muscles. Large, soft, tender love handles resided there now, folded gently between fattened roles above and even fatter, now-matronly hips below. Her large breasts were now huge and soft, and lolled to either side of her chest as far as her still tight skin allowed in the practically-painted on T-shirt which still read, in faded and madly stretched and distorted lettering: "S. Canyon High Cheerleading, Alabama State Champs, 2009." Less than a year since she'd gotten that shirt, and complained to Winna about how it wasn't tight enough to show off her curves to Todd in. Back then, curves for her had meant only tits. Neither of them had even a thought as to the truly varied meanings and feelings such a word could have.

Winna looked on helplessly at the insanity taking place. She struggled inside herself, but she was absolutely intimidated by her large and domineering, now dominating and dangerous, mother. She and Lessi had made a promise to each other to keep their mother from going through with her new resolve, and Winna knew she was not just a coward now, but felt like a blood-traitor as well. Even had she had the will to intervene, however, Sammi stood by her, silently looking on through dark, dead eyes. She scared Winna almost as much as her mother did: Sammi was 6 feet tall, muscled like a black Vin Diesel, and never spoke. Her ebony skin shone with the soft light of the room, and she was completely loyal to Mrs. Ohler, her lover.

As her mother flicked the switch to start the 'pre-fat' flowing, she glanced sidelong at her other daughter, short and thin, high, soft, pert young breasts, clear green eyes and a beautiful, even clearer complexion, today just 18 years old. "Oh honey, dearest," she said softly, her voice full of genuine concern for her baby girl's wellbeing as she looked on her form with scrutiny, as if with new eyes, "I think we'd best get started on you there, too, now."

Winna had known this was coming, and only sank into herself and the chair, hugging her knees to her chest and looking on the fat blob her mother had forced into being, remembering her pretty, once slim sister...

June 17, 2009

It is the end of the last day of school. Winna watches as Lessi flirts with Todd, her bf of two weeks. They've already graduated, officially, but school doesn't actually end till today. Lessi pulls tight that same t-shirt, as if to show him what it says. He nods absently. His little brother sits on the edge of an old mustang convertible, looking bored. Derik. Winna hates him adamantly. He's so annoying. He sits next to her in fifth period, and behind her in first. He is the first and last thing she sees every day, and she loathes it. He's smart, in a way, but a self-fulfilled goof-off, and he's obnoxious and loud. And he always is chatting with Dana, a chubby girl who's also in both classes, and also just happens to be the second most annoying person in the world. To make the awfulness complete, Winna has secretly been harboring a crush on him for at least 6 months. The boy is oblivious though. Shouldn't he be able to tell what her insults and cold shoulder really mean? It would be obvious to anyone not so dense as a teenage boy...

Lessi's laugh rings out like music. Winna looks adoringly at her older sister. Honey of the high school, gentle and sweet, yet strong and clever, and a perfect body. Winna can't help being just a little jealous too, but admiration far outweighs it. She doesn't realize that over the last year, her body has come to look almost exactly like her sister's, save for a slightly smaller cup size, just shy of D, a slightly softer ass, and still about three inches less that her sister's 5'8. She watches her idol bounce on her feet, her breasts jiggling hypnotically and skillfully, her ass oscillating in time. Every boy, and man, that walks by stares at the southern belle. Todd must be in love, Winna thinks. She doesn't notice that his eyes are actually pointing at Dana's (and Winna's and Lessi's, actually) even fatter cousin, a dozen yards away.
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Nok 4 years
@karenjenk awesome! Glad you like them, and thanks for the props!
Karenjenk 4 years
I like dark and loved this.
just found your stories and am enjoying just about every single one!!
Nok 7 years
TY! Awesome!
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I like it! go for it smiley