"encouragement" - a chance encounter over myspace messenger

Chapter 1

Oh what a wonderful Saturday night I had. I was chatting away with friends on myspace following a day of being quite lazy and indulging my appetite. I was already done with my evening meal and was ready to settle in for a cozy night in in front of the TV with a few relaxing beers.

I was about to log off from myspace when a new conversation window opened. It was a person I've never chatted to before; she seemed friendly so I thought hey (out of courtesy) I might as well chat a little while longer - interacting with her was bound to be more interesting than watching TV right? So I cracked open a beer and started to type.

The conversation was fun and easy flowing - we talked about this and that - life's little ups and downs and dreams and ambitions. I felt we were on a similar playing field. The conversation flipped to our goals in life. As I was a few beers down by this time, and pleased with the food I had packed away during the day, I decided to mention my weight-gaining goals. To my surprise, she was not instantly repulsed by the sight of the new pounds I have recently laid all over my body.

In fact, she seemed positvely interested in this aspect of my life, and congratulated me on my growth thus far! She had sneaked a peak at my before and after pics while chatting and was quite impressed and pleased with my progress - which in turn pleased me no end ;)

She was eager to help with my goals and offered all the encouragement I would need - reassuring me that I could certainly handle a "... few more pounds" on my newly felshed-out frame. I talked about the struggle of gaining alone without support; being able to indulge and give into every food-based temptation can be tough at time folks - people don't realise! ;)

Anyway, I started talking about the food I had eaten during the day and how I was shocked with finally managing to gain after several failed attempts over the years. All the talk of food was starting to whet my appetite (or it could have been the beers too) and she seemed eager to ensure that this time round my gaining was not going to fail. I looked at my belly, bloated and round. It was already full and heavily-laden with the treats I'd devoured during the day. I thought to myelf; can there be room for any more? ... I was unsure.

I told her how I felt, and she was happy to offer any encouragement she could if I decided to eat some more. She thought I certainly needed some extra food to help fill out my belly some more and eventually reach my goals. We discussed what I could eat - she asked about 24 hour fast-food places. I thought with my belly hard and taught and my trousers already unbuttoned to ease the pressure upon it; that there was no way I could venture outside. I knew I had a pizza in the freezer - which I mentioned - "Yes!" she said. That would do, she insisted I at least consider it. Before I knew it the freezer had been raided, the oven fired up, and another beer cracked open.

After roughly half an hour of chatting the pizza was ready. I was being increasingly turned on by her encouraging words; and before I knew what was happening I was devouring the pizza; slice by slice; bite by bite. I was filling up fast; the day's indulgances already laying heavy around my waist.

I had to take a break half way through - my breathing was heavy and laboured and my belly moaning its discontent at the mouthfuls I was sending its way. How I wish she could be there to see what she had inspired me to do; my belly full and fit to burst - oh how I longed for her encouraging hands to caress my belly and rub it gently to free up some space for more - more pizza - more gloriously fattening calories.

A ten minute breather was all I needed; only four slices to go I told her. I knew I could do it; I knew I had to do it - for her - she believed in me. "Try one more slice ...", she playfully suggested. My will-power was weak by this time, and I gave in - to my own desires and her demands. One slice became two, and three slices became four. I was there! I had done it! My second meal of the evening. I let out an almighty belch (which I'm glad she didn't hear) and collapsed backwards heavily into my chair; my gut round and protruding; pushing tight against my shirt - straining each hard-working button.

I was heavy and bloated - fully satisfied with the fact that I had managed to push beyond my limits. She was impressed. How she longed to rub my belly; and feel the thick, juicy layer of fat she was helping to grow. I thanked her for pushing me, spurring me on to give into my desires and greed. It felt good; very good; and she was pleased.
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FrecherTyp 13 years
wow that was very interesting would be nice to experience such a nice evening but to really have effects it should be much more evenings ;-)
Littleextra 14 years
Hi MollyRen - thanks for reading. Feel free to steel/plagiarise as you wish - I'm sure you'll be able to make the tale even more readable - especially with your insights into the opposite side of tale (as the stuffer rather than the stuffee). I look forward to reading your work! smiley
Chub41ub 14 years
nicely done, sunshine! keep writing & lemme know when you plan on doing such a feat again- would love to help any way i can ~_^
Maximum 14 years
great, but these kind of things tend to end up with her being a fake it seems... smiley