10 years later, 10 years fatter - part two

chapter 1


I stood up & quickly tore off my shirt and jeans, Debbie had sat up, her flab folding & bulging in seductive rolls. She leans forward and pulled down my underpants. 'Oh Paul!' she said breathlessly. She took my swollen penis in her wet, warm mouth and began doing things with her tongue that made me shiver! Looking down at Debbie's head and watching her back fat jiggle turned me on even more. 'My god Debbie!' I moaned, 'my god!!' I came explosively in her mouth. My knees buckled as my come was sucked out of me. 'Fuck! Debbie you're absolutely amazing!' She leant back smiling, licking her lips.
'Your turn now, Fatty!' I breathed as I gently pusher her shoulder, indicating she should lay back. I unfastened her suspenders and slowly removed her sheer stockings. Our eyes met & we both smiled, my fingers caressed her soft, smooth fat legs. Debbie closed her eyes, still smiling. 'You have such big, beautiful legs Fatty. Such massive, thick, gorgeous thighs. But such tiny sexy feet.' I said as I raised her left leg & kissed each plump toe. Debbie moaned quietly as I kissed her foot & began kissing up her meaty calf, onto her thick, dimpled knee. I kneaded her blubbery thigh as I showered it with kisses, licking her soft, fat inner thigh. My fingers gently brushed the soft underside of her flabby belly apron. 'Wow, Fatty! Your belly is so soft, so fat!' I muttered before kissing the jiggling blubber. 'Mmmmmm!' moaned Debbie, 'I am so fucking fat!' 'Yes you are!' I replied, 'you are a great big fat beautiful whale! You're huge! So fat, flabby & jiggly!' I said as I squeezed a handful of her blubbery gut and shook it. 'My big, blubbery, jiggly Fatty!' I lifted her beautiful apron, exposing her plump fupa and began kissing around her glistening pussy. The smell of her arousing me even more. I gently parted the lips of her wet pussy with my tongue. Licking & flicking with my tongue paying special attention to her engorged clitoris. Even muffled between her immense thighs I heard her moan long & deep 'mmmmmmmm! Ooooh! Mmmmmmm!' I licked & lapped her juices, one hand squeezing her soft, fat belly. With other girls I'd managed to play with a breast while performing oral sex but Debbie's gut was just too large & lovely for me to reach over. My other hand squeezed a thick roll of flab above her wide hip. She moaned and squirmed as my tongue circled and flicked her clit and my hands squeezed her gorgeous blubber. I suddenly felt Debbie raise her hips & shudder, she let out a high pitched gasp. 'Oh my god! I'm coming! I'm coming!' She shrieked and I felt the huge girl shudder and her fat jiggled uncontrollably under my hands.
Rising up between her quivering legs I saw Debbie had been squeezing one of her own breasts as I licked her out. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and smiling as she licked her lips. Her breathing was heavy and there was a light sheen of perspiration on her flushed face. She opened her eyes & looked into mine 'Fuck!' she gasped. I smiled leaning forward to kiss her undulating paunch, my tongue exploring her cavernous belly button. 'You are so beautiful!' I said, sitting up beside her my hand stroking her massive gut, 'so beautiful & so fat! I can't keep my hands off you. I love feeling you jiggle, wobble & quiver. You're fat is so soft & smooth and gorgeous!' She giggled and turned towards me, her huge belly falling onto me with a soft plop. The feel of her warm, pendulous gut against me made me immediately erect, my cock pressed against her soft flab. Debbie raised her eyebrows, smiled and said 'so soon?' Her pudgy fingers reached for my erection but only the tips of her fingers could reach over her immense tummy. She positioned herself so she could reach me, her fat rolls bulging and folding sexily.
I put my hand under her hair, against her fleshy cheek & gently raised her head. We kissed passionately, hungrily. She lay in the crook of my shoulder, I kissed her hair, her enormous belly half covering me, her pudgy hand absent-mindedly patted her folds of flab. My arm curled around her, my fingers found her copious rolls of sexy back fat and gently pushed into a deep fold. Debbie moaned contentedly. I pulled out my fingers relishing the feel of her jiggling blubber. I rested my hand on Debbie's huge, round pillowy upper arm and gently squeezed.
'Are you really 10 stone heavier than when we first met?' I asked. Debbie left a couple of breaths before she replied, after all our 'fat' talk I was suddenly concerned I had gone too far. 'A little more actually. When we first met I was between 17 & 18 stone, I'm over 28 stone now, 402 pounds, 28 stone 10 pounds to be precise. The heaviest I've been'.

She sat forward turning her back to me and said 'will you unfasten my bra?' The bra strap was very taut and with a little difficulty I unfastened the 4 hooks, the released tension snapped the strap quickly out of my fingers. Debbie shrugged the bra straps over her fat shoulders giving me a wonderful show of her gorgeous jiggly rolls of back fat. I couldn't resist and kissed her rolls, my tongue exploring the creases tasting her salty perspiration. 'Mmmmmm' she moaned. 'I think we'd be more comfortable in bed?' she said, turning and leaning in to kiss me. Her now unfettered boobs pressing heavily onto my chest. I grabbed a handful of soft breast flesh and pushed her gently away. Her huge round tits wobbled as they shifted heavily, settling on top of her bulging belly. I grabbed her left tit in 2 hands and meant into take her nipple in my mouth. My tongue licking and flicking as her nipple slowly swelled becoming hard. My other hand grabbed her other breast and squeezed, I found and played with her other nipple, rolling it between my thumb & forefinger feeling it harden.'Oh fuck yes Paul!' she gasped. I could feel her breathing heavily beneath me. 'Bed, please' she said softly. I raised my head from her quivering breast and kissed her on the lips.
'It's through there' she said pointing to a door by the window, 'make yourself comfortable, I just want to get something.'
Entering the bedroom it was dominated by both floor to ceiling windows giving a panoramic view of the city and a super king sized bed covered in a plain white duvet. I stared over the city, the flat was not overlooked by any other buildings but there were gauze like curtains over some. I pulled back the quilt on the opposite side to where three was a pile of books and a pair of reading glasses. As I settled against the pillows a completely naked Debbie waddled into the bedroom carrying a Krispy Kreme box. 'Just need a little snack' she smiled.
The sight of her bare, jiggling fat body was beautiful. Her breasts quivered, separated slightly by the immense bulge of her upper belly which wobbled with each step. Her pendulous lower belly apron with her wide, deep belly button swung flabbily as she walked making a quiet slapping noise. Her huge, thick thighs made a soft rubbing noise as she swung her legs wide with each step to get around each other. She placed the box of a dozen doughnuts on the bed and climbed onto the bed next to me. I was entranced by the way her fat moved and shifted as she got onto the bed, a spectacular moving display of bulges, rolls, dimples, folds & creases. 'What!?' said Debbie, a smile playing on her lips noticing how I was staring. 'It's your blubber, you are so amazingly fat. It's beautiful I could watch you all day!'
She grabbed my erect cock, leant in and we kissed. My hands once more exploring her enormity. We kissed for what felt like such a long time. We both grinned as we parted, eyes locked. 'Could you help me with the doughnuts?' She said leaning back, her fat settling into jiggling rolls. 'I couldn't' I said 'I'm stuffed'.
'No silly' she giggled, her cheeks flushing, 'feed me?'
I smiled and, opening, the box selected a doughnut. Debbie held eye contact as I brought the sugary confection to her full lips. She finished the pastry in 3 bites. I let her lick the sugar from my fingers one by one. 'More for Fatty?' I said, she just nodded, licking her lips & smiled.
After she had made short work of 6 doughnuts she said 'Fatty needs a break'. 'But you have 6 more! How will you maintain that perfect figure if you don't finish them?'
'Oh don't worry I'll finish them' she replied rubbing her huge distended belly. 'Let me' I said rubbing, stroking & squeezing her doughy flab. Debbie closed her eyes, a broad grin on her fat face. 'I adore the feel of your fleshy tummy. So soft, so smooth, so squishy. I love how it jiggles & wobbles under my fingers'.
'I'm not too fat then?' asked Debbie. 'I'm not sure there is 'too fat' I replied, working a finger into her bottomless navel. 'What if I were another 10 stone heavier? 500/540 pounds, 38/39 stone?' she said opening her eyes and looking into mine. 'As long as it didn't affect your health too much and you were still mobile & happy I'd love it. I've never been one of those guys who want the woman they are with to be so fat as to be immobile. I'd love to look after you, feed you etc but only because we both wanted it not because you couldn't do it yourself if you wanted to'. Debbie smiled & pulled me towards her 'You're saying just the right things, you know' she whispered pulling me into a kiss, as I fondled her quivering boob.
As we separated and I continued to massage her tits Debbie said 'So if you're a boob guy would you prefer any extra pounds to go on my boobs?' 'Hey! Who said I was a boob guy?'
'You seem to like them?' she said with a mock pout.
'You do have the most stunning breasts, so big & soft but not too floppy, perfect. But I have to admit I'm more of a bum man. The bigger, the fatter, the wider the better.'
'So you'd like it if I had a bigger bum? You haven't seemed to pay it any attention.'
'I'd like it if you had bigger everything - bum, boobs, Ed belly, legs, arms and especially back fat!' Debbie giggled, turning her b
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