chapter 1



It was before the internet, smartphones - it was the mid 1980s. Thursday night was the night the three friends usually went into Ashton for a few drinks, games of pool, a laugh & to meet girls. They were all 23, had been to art foundation in Ashton, had all gone to far flung parts of the country for their art degrees and had now returned 'home'. Mike was due to return to London & his girlfriend, Paul & John had no plans, no girlfriends and wanted to have fun before looking for work.
After a few drinks & games of pool talk, as usual, got round to girls. They were talking about what sort of girl was their 'type', sexist, slightly mysoginistic but it was a different time & no harm was meant. Paul said 'I have to be honest with you both. Don't take the piss but I really fancy fat girls'. 'Nothing wrong with that Paul' said John,'Mike likes girls with a bit of meat on'. 'Yeah but I don't just like a bit of meat, I fancy really fat, massive girls, obese girls. Massive wobbly bellies, enormous bums, huge thick thighs & upper arms, even jiggly double chins'. 'Fuck, Paul' exclaimed John, 'that's a bit weird!' Mike was giggling 'Jesus! I love big boobs and even a good sized arse to grab hold of but I have limits. Chubby or plump but not fat and definitely not obese!'John added 'I'm not sure I believe you, I've never seen you with a girl who's more than a bit tubby. You're having a laugh. How can anyone find flab sexy? You're telling me you'd be turned on by a flabby gut hanging down to a girls knees? A fat arse sticking out so far you can rest your pint on? Thighs so fat they touch all the way to her knees?' 'Stop it mate!' Paul laughed ''You're turning me on!'They all laughed, 'see!' said John, 'he's having us on!' 'No seriously, I've always fancied fat girls & women but have been too embarrassed, worried I'm a freak'. Remember this was before the internet, before terms like BBW, SSBBW, USBBW, before you could find out they were thousands of people just like you. 'Still don't believe you' said John finishing his pint 'if it's true the next time we see a really fat girl you have to try to get off with her, however fat!' 'The bigger the better!' said Paul finishing his drink. Mike laughed, shaking his head 'glad I've got Alice!'
At that time there were over a dozen pubs & bars in the town and drinkers, mainly in their 20s & 30s would go from one to the other, each had their own feel & atmosphere. Where the boys had been playing pool was more of an older person's pub where they could talk & play pool. They always started off there & decided what sort of night they wanted. Being single Paul & John wanted to go to the Cavern, the music was louder, it was darker, there were usually more girls. Mike wanted to go somewhere quieter for real ale, a sit down and older music. They ended up going to the Cavern, hormones won.
The Cavern was not very busy, one of the reasons they came out on Thursdays, Fridays & the weekend was packed. They sat near the DJ facing the door with their drinks joking about the music. After about 10 minutes John noticed a group of 4 girls who had come in and gone to the bar. One was tall and a classic hourglass, two others were shorter, very average girls but the fourth while average height, about 5 foot 5 inches tall was enormous. Nearly as wide as she was tall. They all had their backs to the boys. John said 'here's your chance to prove you aren't having us on, Paul!' They all looked up at the girls who each had a pint and were turning from the bar. The fat girl had long, slightly wavy blond hair, big heavily made up blue eyes, a narrow longish nose and a wide full mouth. Her pint of cider was up to her lips as she turned. The other girls all wore short tight skirts to show off their legs and were in 2 to 3 inch heels, they wore tight vest tops to accentuate their breasts and the taller girl exposed a deep cleavage of which she was obviously proud. The fat girl wore a looser dress of light, subtly patterned material. It did nothing to disguise her vast bulk. It was high necked enough to cover any cleavage but it could not hide a bulging belly or huge wide hips. The dress came down to mid calf. On feet that looked incongruously dainty for such a massive girl she wore flat ballet type shoes. The dress was sleeveless, leaving bare her fat, pillowy upper arms, the fat of which folded enticingly above her elbows. Her forearms bulged like prize hams and creased & folded at her wrists. It wasn't clear if she was wearing the dress to hide her size, because a girl her size needed to wear cooler clothes in the unseasonably warm weather of that clothes like this tent were all a girl of her immense proportions could find that fit her. Her short, sausage like fingers barely held her pint and her fingernails were painted dark red. As she turned and drank the thick roll of fat around her neck that formed a sexy double chin jiggled, her neck indistinguishable under the soft blubber. Of course the boys couldn't see all this detail in the dim light but could tell the girl was massively obese.
Paul's heart raced the girl in front of him was perfection to him. He lusted after every inch of the enormous beauty. The only thing she could have done to make herself more attractive to him was wear tighter and/or more revealing clothes. John broke his gaze exclaiming 'Hey! He might be telling the truth! Look at the way he's staring at that hippo! She's fucking huge!'
Mike injected the voice of reason 'each to their own John. As long as it doesn't scare the horses & harms no one'. 'Sorry mate' apologised John 'if you do fancy her, fair play but I could never be attracted to a girl that big'. Paul smiled & shook his head, 'I knew you'd take the piss! She's gorgeous! The bigger the better for me!'
'Come on then!' said John getting up, 'they're looking over here, i want the tall one!' Paul & Mike got up with their drinks and followed John. The girls had seen them straight away, it being fairly quiet, the only other drinkers being couples and a group of middle aged men. 'Hello girls!' said John sidling up to the tall girl, 'I'm John. This is Paul & this is Mike' pointing at his 2 friends. 'I'm Jayne, the twins are Kim & Mel and this is Sophie'. The twins giggled and Sophie, blushing & smiling said 'Hi' looking directly in Paul's eyes. He was the type of man she had always liked, tall, broad shouldered, short eye big soulful brown eyes with a rugby players build. Chunky but not too fat. It seemed everyone was matched up, whether they like it or not. John was listening intently to Jayne while sneaking glimpses of her cleavage, Mike was making the twins laugh and Paul & Sophie shyly got to know each other. It turned out Sophie had also just graduated with an English degree and was back home from university. Her friends had all stayed around here and gotten jobs and she had barely seen them for 3 years. 'I've put on a little weight in that time' she muttered, her voice squeaky & high pitched. 'I bet it hardly shows' smiled Paul his heart in his throat and trying to hide the growing bulge in his jeans. 'Did he really mean that?' thought Sophie, he was obviously attracted to her, his eyes barely left hers, he had made straight for her when the boys came over, not for tall glamorous Jayne who every boy fancied, or the twins who most boys were curious about. Sophie would have something to say to Jayne later about how wrong she was saying no man would fancy a girl as fat as her, who weighed over 30 stone, 423 pounds to be precise!


'Do you mind if we sit down for a little?' whispered Sophie to Paul, she was finding it harder & harder to support her weight for long periods. As he followed her to the seating along the wall she admitted 'I find it difficult to stand for too long'. As soon as she said it she wished she hadn't, what if her being so fat it limited what she could do put him off her, what if he didn't fancy her and was just being a gentleman? She was on her fourth pint of cider so it was probably the drink talking, she'd better be careful, she didn't want to scare him off. As Paul watched Sophie waddle to the seats he imagined fat, thick thighs rubbing against each other. In reality Sophie's thighs did meet all the way down to her thick dimpled knees, making her have to swing her legs outwards so she could make each forward step. This gave her a lurching waddle that she enjoyed almost as much as the sensation of her blubber jiggling & quivering with every movement. Paul could not believe that the same evening he had confessed his attraction to fat girls he was actually with the fattest girl he had ever seen.
Sophie sat on the padded bench seating along the wall and Paul pulled up a stool in front of her. As they got to know each other, talking about university, families, music, books & art Paul was entranced by the complete lack of definition of cheekbones or jaw line in the blubbery beauty's face. He adored the way her jowly cheeks, bulbous double chin & puffy neck fat jiggled. Her eyes sparkled as she gazed deep into his dark eyes. She thought perhaps she was laughing at his jokes too much, seeming too girly or eager. Leaning back Paul noticed Sophie was sat with her legs splayed & he realised this was to allow her huge, flabby gut to hang between them instead of on her lap where it would push her boobs up into her face. He wished she was wearing tighter clothes so he could marvel at the rolls, bulges & creases of fat that he imagined covered her body but had to use his imagination to picture these where her diaphanous dress draped & folded over her immensity. Pleasingly for him at least the dress was high waisted so as she sat down and her belly & breasts were pressed together the dress was pulled into the deep crease.
"Sophie and hope this doesn't sound corny, I know we've only been talking about 10 minutes but it seems like we've known each other for years, I feel like I wa
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