Fat & loving it!

chapter 1

My name is Gail and let me say I'm not big boned, chubby, tubby, plump or plus-size I'm fat. I'll take obese but I love the word fat, being fat and being called fat. I'm 34 years old, 5 feet 6 inches ta1l and I weigh 24 stone 8lbs (344 lbs). I measure 48 (G cup):52:68. I'm a sex & food addict, sometimes at the same time. Eating makes me wet, it turns me on to eat certain types of food. Food that I know will make me fatter. When I'm full I feel so horny but I'm not a gainer. I don't particularly want to get bigger though I'd be happy to. My weight goes up & down like most women.

In the last 10 years the lightest I've been is 20 stone and a few pounds (280ish) while the heaviest I've been is 26 stone 10lbs (374lbs). I haven't conspicuously set out to gain or lose weight since I was 19.

The sex addiction I cope with by masturbating twice a day, I hadn't been with a man (or woman) for about 6 months when one Friday in late summer I got the urge for a man inside me.

I live in a penthouse apartment in the city centre. The building is occupied by businesses and there's a cocktail bar/restaurant on the ground floor. I'm the owner, I bought it when I won big on the lottery just over 12 months ago. I'm very hands off, most of the staff in the restaurant don't know I own it.

Anyway I spent all day lounging & snacking on my second daily dozen of Krispy Kremes topping up my tan on the terrace. I'd been back from a month in the Caribbean for 2 months and I was still golden brown all over. And I mean all over, a private beach meant I could sunbathe nude without fear of 'beached whale!' shouts.

I had to decide what to wear to snare a guy. I know there are plenty of men who are attracted to women as big as me or bigger but most prefer skinny or hourglass shaped women. I never tried to hide my size or shape and am used to getting stares & comments (fatty, blimp, blob etc.) from people who can't accept a woman of my size who wants to look and feel sexy.

The choice was between 2 new body-con dresses, a plain, sleeveless white one or a black, lace trimmed one - both the biggest UK size 32. I decided on the white as I thought it would show more of my suntanned fat flesh. It has a high back but a very low neckline and is supposed to be knee length but because I'm bigger than a size 32 my big fat hanging gut and huge round arse make the dress mid thigh.

I don't mind showing extra leg as though they are massive (thighs as big a size 14 woman's waist, calves as big as a size 16 woman's thighs) my legs are still shapely (narrow ankles and size 5 feet). I was wearing my favourite white lace bra & pants though if you saw me from the front you would not know I was wearing panties as they're covered by my big hanging belly. Sometimes it's hard to tell from behind if they're skimpy panties or a thong as they get swallowed up between my enormous buttocks and lost between low hanging rolls of backfat and the shelf of my gigantic arse.

As my upper body is actually about a size 28 getting the dress over my boobs was the easiest part, though getting my fat, flabby arms through the arm holes was hard. Lucky it's a Lycra mix & very stretchy. I struggled & stretched, puffed & panted and wobbled and jiggled as I managed to stretch the dress over my belly & hips. I pulled it down under my quaking buttocks and looked at myself in the mirror.

The dress left nothing to the imagination! It showed every crease & curve, bulge & dimple. The fabric was stretched so tight it was nearly see through. I could see the deep dark oval of my belly button and the lace pattern of my underwear. My cleavage was nearly a foot long, how could any fat admirer resist?

As I bent over to get my shoes out I felt the dress strain & stretch and thought it may not last the night. I was going to wear my 'lucky' shoes, red patent platforms with a 5 inch heel. They make me totter which in turn makes my bloated body wobble & quiver. I'm a mass of undulating fat curves and rolls when I walk in these shoes! My blubber is in constant motion, catching the eye of any red blooded, chubby chasing guys!

I slipped them on and looked at myself in the full length (double wide - just like me!) mirror, I thought I looked fantastic. My dark curly auburn hair flowing onto my fat shoulders and framing my round face with it's big azure blue eyes, thick dark lashes, button nose and full lips above a small chin nearly lost in the flab of my neck which rested in a fold where it met my chest. I love being fat, looking fat & feeling fat. I love the sensation of my wobbling & quivering body, I ran my fat fingers over my belly, hips and bum feeling my fat undulate beneath them like an overfull water bed.

I padded to the fridge and poured a pre-cocktail glass of rose wine and went out to the terrace. I sat down, my bum overflowing the chair and wondered if I'd meet a man who wanted me tonight or I'd be pleasuring myself again. I could wait no longer, I jiggled to the bedroom and stepped into my shoes, picked up my bag and went out.

In the bar Joanne was serving, one of the few members of staff who knew I was her boss. 'Hi Gail, you look fantastic tonight' she said. I knew she meant it as we'd had a fling a few months earlier & knew she liked my big fat body. 'Thanks Jo - usual please'. She returned with my favourite cocktail, a long island iced tea with whipped cream on top to make it extra fattening.

It was still early so quite quiet, a few early diners. I perched myself on a barstool, with some difficulty. The seat barely big enough for one of my huge buttocks. My dress stretched & strained where my fat rolls bulged. Two young guys nursed beers in the window seats behind me, 'Look at the size of that!'one exclaimed in a loud whisper, 'I wouldn't touch it with yours!' the other joked. I was used to this kind of comment & to be honest I didn't care and it turned me on a little. I want to be noticed, I wouldn't dress the way I do if I didn't.

Three older women came to the bar next to me to order food. I might have imagined it but I'm sure the emphasis was there in their order - 'I don't want a BIG meal'; 'I love FAT chips': 'Do you use LARD to cook them in?' Half an hour passed, most people ignored the great, big, fat woman sat at the end of the bar but there were a few more comments.

I suddenly noticed someone approach, he smiled at me shyly and asked if he could buy me a drink. He was very tall, about 6'3" in his late 40's with broad shoulders, a closely shaved head and big beautiful brown eyes. 'I'd love one' I said 'I'm Gail'. 'Grant' he said, 'on your own tonight?'. 'Not anymore I hope', I whispered smiling and batting my long eyelashes. He giggled and ordered the drinks.
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