A link to fantasy

chapter 1

It was a typical weekend morning for Jane as she wasted her day away doing nothing in particular on the internet. Jane didn't mind, however, she preferred the hummmmm of the computer to the unending chatter of her fellow human beings. Most people called her anti-social, she preferred to be called a nerd, which she was. Obscure games, movies, and comic books dominated her living space, and at the heart of her dominion was her most prized possession, her computer. It was this same computer that served as her only link to the outside world, and it was through this portal that an idea that she would find truly bizarre yet impossibly alluring would enter her life.

It was this same morning that after wasting several hours reading inane and uninteresting blogs that she stumbled upon the blog of another young woman that had gone from stick thin to incredibly large in a very short amount of time... and LOVED IT! Skeptically, Jane browsed through the woman's past entries, finding a very petite and slender young woman (much like herself) in her oldest entries and watched in amazement as she ballooned to almost 400 lbs in her more recent ones. The woman cited a "fantasyfeeder.com" as being her motivation behind this dramatic change. She had learned to love her body more as she had grown larger and larger.

Jane stood up from her office chair dumbstruck. She walked over to the only mirror in her apartment, a narrow full length mirror tucked away in the corner, and looked herself over. As she had noticed earlier, both her and the other woman had shared the same thin, bony frame. It wasn't so much that she worked hard to stay thin, however, more that she only lightly grazed on small portions of food throughout the day even if it was junk food. She pulled on a bit of pale skin, which contrasted her dark hair nicely. Not an ounce of fat was to be found on her body. She gave herself a last once over in the mirror, noting her bookish face and thick, black-rimmed glasses before returning to her computer.

The blog was still open and the link to fantasy feeder stood out like a beacon from the rest of the page. A morbid curiosity overtook her and she clicked the link "just to see" she told herself. Simply put her mind was blown. Not only did most of these women stuff their faces to try to gain weight, men were admiring them for it, even encouraging to eat more! About an hour in Jane had learned the basic ideas of feederism, and all the relevant terms, such as feedee, feeder, fa, etc. She found herself not disgusted, as she had assumed she would be, but oddly curious as to what it was like to be one of those women filling their large wonderful stomachs full of food. She dismissed the idea at once, but reconsidered. Jane had no social life, was not interested in finding a man, and didn't even make human contact outside of work. this meant she had nobody she had to impress by staying thin, she could care less about attracting a mate, and no one would care but her if she were to pack on a few pounds, temporarily of course. Deciding to consider it further she quickly made the most basic profile and closed down her browser before moving on to one of her favorite RPG's.
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Gary1627 12 years
You get the feeling that this could really happen to someone who didn't realise how good this fetish could be until they tried it. I hope there is more to come, as whilst it could finish here at chapter 6, so much more of this story can be told.
Iafeeder 12 years
More please!!!
Sketch 12 years
Thanks guys, I appreciate the support.
Jazzman 12 years
Still going along well at a nice realistic pace. smiley
Jazzman 12 years
This is really good! 175 views and no ratings? I don't get it. Well keep going. Delays are the only thing bad that can happen to a good realistic story like this.Well another bad thing would be a 50 lb one month gain.LOL
Sketch 12 years
Comments welcome, I will add more as I have time.