Piggy princess

Chapter 1

Kelsey was a scrawny, ugly princess, a stark contrast to the beautiful kingdom in which she presided. Her whole life she had wanted to be gorgeous like the rest of her peopled, but from childhood she had only grown more and more hideous. She had dreams of being the fair maiden, saved from the dragon by some magnificent prince on a white steed. Unfortunately it had seemed like it was not to be, the king had scoured the land for a way to make his daughter beautiful, and had even found a wizard that would do it for free, but then she was all like" nooooo I don't want WIZARDS in my story I want sexy demon prince things" so we're not getting some badass, motherfucking wizard, we're getting some lame demon prince like it were something out of twilight. *Ahem* carrying on...

Having nearly given up hope, Kelsey found herself in the library looking for ANY way that she might become beautiful. As she glanced at the titles one stuck out from the rest. It was tome detailing the means for performing various dark arts. Towards the end was a powerful spell that book strongly cautioned against. However, it seemed as though it were the perfect way to get what she desired. The spell would someone the prince of the underworld so that he may begin his conquest of the mortals, in return for the caster's aid he would grant them a single boon.

Despite the consequences that her actions would undoubtedly have, Kelsey had everything prepared in her private chamber at the next full moon. The summoning circle was drawn and her hand was ready with a needle. When the moon reached it's apex she pricked her thumb and placed it in the center of the circle where two lines of archaic script met and thus bound herself too it. There was flash of light and surge of heat and smoke from the center of the circle. Kelsey was flung back and landed on her boney butt. When she looked up she saw a handsome man with a devilish smile on his face standing in the middle of the room. He had two decent size horns curling from his forehead, fangs instead of incisors, and a reddish tint to his skin.

Kelsey was astonished to say the least; in the back of her mind she hadn't really thought it would work. The dark prince's eyes flashed a sickly yellow "Art thou the mortal who summoned me to this plane?" he asked, his voice was deep and alluring, it drew the listener in. Kelsey regained her composure quickly "Yes, it was I" the faintest tremble noticeable in her tone. "Then I grant you one boon, and then, you will be my queen as we conquer this world together". This was it, it was what she had been waiting for her whole life.

"I want... I want to be beautiful".
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Sparkle 12 years
Oooh I like it smiley
Sketch 12 years
There's more coming, purplekirby asked me to write this at like 4 or 5 in the morning, working on more now.
Jimbo021289 12 years
Hope this continues