A fatty and her aunt

Chapter 1 - a fatty and her aunt

Are we almost here says Rachel to her mom in the car. I can't believe that you're leaving me for a year says Rachel. I know says her mom. But I need to take this work opportunity. We're here now says her mom. Bye. Says Rachel and takes her suitcases and leaves into her aunts house. A skinny thing, Rachel was 5'4 and 115 pounds with her moms strict healthy diet. She walks into her aunts house and says is anybody home? Rachel sees a huge woman walk into the kitchen. Short and fat, her aunt must have been around 480 pounds. Her big belly, barely covered by the t shirt and tight jeans her aunt was wearing, jiggled and bounced with every floor-shaking step. Hello there Rachel says her aunt, her three hanging chins wobbling with every word. Hello auntie says Rachel. Well aren't you a skinny thing says her fat aunt. We need to get you lunch right away. Well okay says Rachel. I'll go unpack. While Rachel is unpacking, her enourmous aunt cooks up a huge amount of food, such as grilled cheese, creamy pasta, chicken parmeasaen, and fatty caeser salad with tons of bacon, croutons and cheese. Rachel comes downstairs and smiles nervously at the enormous amount of hugely fattening food. Wow thanks. She says. Rachel and her aunt sit down at the table and begin to eat. Her huge aunt takes giant amounts of every unhealthy food on the table. No wonder she's gigantic thinks Rachel. She eats enough for ten men! As Rachel tucks into her food, she realizes how delicious it is and begins gobbling it down with gusto. Before she knows it Rachel has finished off all of the food her aunt didn't eat and starts groaning and rubbing her belly. I think I'll go take a nap says Rachel. Okay says her aunt. I'll get our afternoon snack ready. Afternoon snack?! Thinks Rachel. We just had a huge lunch! But she is so tired that she heads upstairs and thumps onto her bed, immediately falling asleep. Unbeknownst to Rachel, her aunt added weight gain powder to all the food and while she is sleeping, Rachel's formerly tiny belly doubles in size, spilling out of her shirt, her thin thighs get bigger and juicier, and her defined chin thickens. Excellent says her aunt, watching the sleeping Rachel. By the time she leaves here, I'll have her over 600 pounds! What will happen next? Keep reading to find out!
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Afuzz17 10 years
Finish the damn story
Fatlilboy 10 years
more....love the fairly gradual gain
Blubberjiggler1 10 years
I can't "weight" to hear more!!Blow Rachael up to a massive ball of blubber.
Fredi 10 years
blease more