The carnival

chapter 1 - remembrance

In high school, Isla wasn't popular. She was a bookworm, albeit with friends. She spent her days in all the advanced classes, striving to get into the very best college or university. She was smart, if dull.

In high school, Keanan was popular. Due to his 6'1 stature and the wideness of his body, he was a linebacker on the school's varsity football team, even when he was a freshman. But in his senior year, he wasn't on the team. Since the team lineup was announced before school started, no one had really seen him yet except for his football buddies. They took to social media and told everyone: Keanan isn't on the team this year because he's fat.

Isla was shocked. Sure, Keanan had always been large, but it was mostly muscle. Or so she thought. After all, she didn't know about Keanan's little... or not-so-little anymore... problem with food.

See, Keanan's favorite hobby wasn't football, as he had lead people to believe. No, it was eating. Shoving all that rich, fatty or sugary food into his face was positively the best, in his mind. On the nights when his family was out, he was in the kitchen feeding himself for hours, complete with orgasmic groans. Despite this habit, he'd managed to mostly keep his weight in check, though he got a little larger every year. But now, it was different.

Isla wasn't sure she believed them. Maybe it was just a senior prank... in the middle of the summer?? She didn't know. But she was skeptical. Until school started, that is. Then she saw just how right the footballers were. Keanan had let himself go- in a BIG way.

Keanan walked down the school hallway for the first time all summer, grinning at everyone, as a popular person does. But in return, he got looks of disbelief and disgust. He even thought he saw one girl faint.

Yep, Keanan was big now. At 6'1 and ultra-muscly, he had been around 195 pounds, give or take a few. But now, he'd blown up over the summer to around 230. His tummy, once little, now stretched the fabric of his old school uniform button-up, inching its way out the bottom. His thighs were larger, meaty, and had lost most definition. He sported a pair of miniature man-boobs and a softer jawline bordering on a double chin. But he was smiling. He adored being big. Now he had no football commitments and he wouldn't be forced to work out. He could sit on his growing ass each day and stuff his face. He would live the dream.

That was high school. Isla and Keanan barely knew each other. He was the cute football player who got fat, and she was the nerd girl who tutored him in French. Now Isla and Keanan were both 32. Isla was a single mom of two, left by her husband. And Keanan... well, Keanan was a carnival "fat man". Little did they know what the future held them, stressed-out Isla and superchub Keanan...
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