Big big belly

Chapter 1 - big big belly

"Just dance, gonna be okay, doo doo doo." Crissy sang along with Lady GaGa, shimmying all around her bedroom. Today was the day that the fat 19 year old got what she had been waiting for for months. The six-monthly doctors visit. Crissy had been packing on the pounds purposely for about a year now, and she was pretty darn big. With her last visit, she had been teetering on the edge of being overweight, but had now gotten a job at the best bakery in her town, and gained lots and lots of weight. She was seen as quite the pig now with her 5 ft 1 inch frame and 235 pounds of flab. She checked her weight and was delighted to see that the number now read 242. "Woo hoo!" She said. She then got dressed for the appointment in super-tight blue jeans and a tank top that let her enormous belly hang out and showed every fat roll and love handle."Perfect". But she threw on a hoodie so that her mother wouldn't have a fit. "All ready." She said to her mother. They drove to the doctors office and Crissy went into the room where Dr. Payton was waiting for her. "Well." Dr. Payton said. "It looks like you've put on some weight. Hop on that scale for me and take off your hoodie. "Ok." Said Crissy, taking of the hoodie and letting her big fat belly hang out in the tank top. When Dr. Payton turned around, she let out a gasp. "Oh my, Crissy. You've put on more than some. It looks like you've more than doubled your previous weight. I didn't realize how much that hoodie was concealing." "Well, I love to eat and I really don't exercise at all." Said Crissy. "Well that explains it." Said Dr. Payton. "242 pounds! That is very overweight for a girl your height." She said, jiggling Crissys big wobbly jelly belly. "Here is a diet plan. In the meantime, you're scheduled for another appointment in 4 months. Goodbye and good luck." Crissy left the office feeling determined to pass the 300 pound mark by next appointment, and made her mom stop so she could pick up a McDonald's quarter pounder, supersize fries, and a double dozen box of jelly filled donuts. As she munched, she muttered to herself about how fat she would get and how she would surprise Dr. Payton next visit. When she got home, already finished the small snack she had in the car, she got lots of chips and chocolate bars from the kitchen,went to her room,and ate and ate and ate till she was done everything. She went back for more food, and once she had it, she plopped in front of the tv and continued eating. She kept at it for 5 full days, only moving to get more fatty food and go to the washroom. At the end of the 5 days, she hopped onto the scale, still munching at an eclair, and struggled to see the number, for trying to look over her humongous belly was impossible, it had grown so big and fat. "Mom, can you come help me with something?" Said Crissy. Her mother came and looked at the number. Gasping, she said "Crissy Lamill! You must stop this constant eating! You are 306 pounds!" Crissy felt like she could burst, she was so happy. She hopped off the scale and rewarded herself by taking the car out and going to Mandarin. She had finally beaten the 300 pound mark! By the end of the meal, about 15 large, empty plates sat in front of her, and her huge gut sagged halfway out her shirt. It jiggled and rippled when she walked, and hung 6 inches over her tight leggings. She took the car back home and went to sleep, dreaming about how fat she would get.
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