Big boning

Chapter 1 - a chance meeting

I swoop over to talk to my friend Des. He's sitting with a mixed table of guys and girls who I don't know, but I'm tipsy enough to not care. There's an empty chair next to him, so I hop onto it. I haven't seen Des in ages. He smiles and calls out, "Celia!" We share an awkward sitting hug. I note sadly that he's lost even more weight since the last time we met. He starts telling me all about his troubles with his new boss at the pet store where he works. The guy sitting next to Des on the other side taps his arm and says something, but the band is so loud I can't hear it. Des turns to him to reply and then turns back to me.
The guy stands and suddenly I lose my focus on Des. His friend is a big guy. He has a sizable curving belly that was hidden by the table. He is wearing a button down shirt that fits him well, so he's likely been fat for some time. I am caught. I lick my lips. Shit, why are all the hot guys taken? I think as he walks away. I eye the two women across the table, wondering which is his girlfriend. They are both tanned with perfectly curled hair.
I admit that my definition of "hot guy" doesn't match society's definition. It's... broader. Definitely broader. And heavier. I like a man who is a big chunky hunk. I slept with a thin boy once in college and you know what? His pelvic bones pinched me. The only bone I want to see is the one that ends with the letter r.
Des is still chattering away and I pull my mind back into gear. His friend returns with a couple of beers and hands one to Des before settling his bulk on the chair. The band takes a break, and we can actually talk without yelling.
Des' hot fat friend leans over and says, "Who is this, Des?"
"Oh yeah, I forgot that you guys don't know each other," says Des. "Celia, this is my friend Magus. Magnus, Celia."
Magnus takes my hand and shakes it firmly. His hand is soft but not moist, a little rough, as if he does something that causes callouses. He has dark hair, pale skin and a scattering of small freckles on his nose. He wears the ubiquitous fat man's beard, presumably to hide his double chin.
"So, how do you know Des?" he asks.
"Oh, we're on the same concert organizing committee," I say, "And it turns out that we share an intense love of punk music and DIY stuff, and we sort of bonded over that. How do you know Des?"
"I've known him forever, since high school," he says, "But actually we just started working together."
"At the pet store?"
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Pd500 9 years
Love this!
Juicy 11 years
That was a real treat--unusual in tone, because it's both really hot and yet light and funny. Well done!
Built4com4t 11 years
it's always a pleasure reading your stories. this one was a treat.