Greedy for nectar

chapter 1

Ossymandiaz was rather unusual for one of the Flower Folk. While most pixies delighted in doing daring acrobatics and darting through the air, he spent most of his time hopping from flower to flower. He'd always loved gorging himself on nectar until his belly was distended and round. Now that he was a grown pixie, he spent days doing just that, to the point that his belly was soft and round all the time. It wasn't rare for pixies to become somewhat plump as they aged, but Ossy was young to be so pudgy. His friends had given him the nickname Bumblebee, for his rotundity and his devotion to flitting from flower to flower. Ossy didn't care. He loved the way his soft fat belly would fill up and become firm and plump. He knew his strong pixie wings would support him even if he grew to be many times the size he was now.

On this particular day, Ossy was browsing his way through a meadow a good distance from his home. He had already slept off a big breakfast, but he was feeling peckish again. He was looking around for some of his favourite flowers when he spotted a purple bloom of a type he'd never seen before.

He flew closer. A delicious scent was rising from the flower, but its long, trumpet-like blooms hid the nectar he craved. Ossy alighted on the lip of a purple petal, his weight causing the flower to droop slightly. He squeezed into the heart of the flower, sucking in his belly as hard as he could.

Within the flower was a delightfully cozy chamber, dimly lit, with a pool of nectar at its centre. It smelled divine. Ossy dipped one finger in it and brought it to his mouth.

He squealed as the flavour exploded across his tongue. The stuff was delectable, delicious. He needed more. Ossy stuck his face into the pool and let the nectar run into him. He gulped it down greedily. Soon it filled his big belly, stretching it out to the max. Ossy had learned not to ignore the twinges that told him he was physically unable to go one eating. He rolled away from the pool, pillowed his face on one plump arm, and fell asleep.

When he woke, he felt a rumble in his tummy. He was hungry. Ossy wanted to taste the delicious nectar again. He might as well stay for lunch, he thought, as he slurped away. He ended up just as stuffed as before, moaning and burping as his hands massaged his bloated belly.

This happened several times. Ossy lost track of exactly how many. Every time he considered going home, he was tempted into tasting that amazing nectar again.

Finally Ossy decided he really must go. He had been here gorging himself for several days. He wanted to see his friends, but he could always find his way back to this special purple flower.
Ossy wriggled into the narrow entrance of the flower. But here he found himself in difficulty. He had barely squeezed into the flower, and all his feasting on nectar had left him somewhat rounder. Ossy stared in dismay at the red stretch marks that had appeared on his belly. It definitely stuck out further. He was embarrassed to find he had growing softness on his chest, too. His moobs were almost as big as a girl pixie's. He looked back to see he had a little more junk in the trunk as well.

He thrust his arms through the narrow opening and tried pulling himself out at the same time as he sucked in heroically. He felt his girth slide a bit, and then stop, wedged tight. He paused, panting with exertion.

He couldn't seem to pull himself forward, but now - oh horror! - he couldn't move backward either. His plump bottom wiggled and his legs kicked as he tried, but to no avail. His rotund middle was well and truly stuck.
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Built4com4t 9 years
"spilled his nectar for her" :-) ...delicious, cute, absolutely brilliant as always, thank you
FrecherTyp 9 years
oh my georgeous that was so sweet and such anice idea hehe i liked that he nearly didnĀ“t comeout of that deliscious flower thehe rare that someone uses such nice stuckage things into a story .....