College beef up

Chapter 1

He sat eating alone once again Being that it was his first week of college, he knew few people. Josh was pretty outgoing in high school, but a big campus like this can be kind of intimidating. He was eating the cafeteria’s unhealthy food. He had already noticed that his size 30 pants were a little tight, but he put it off that they shrunk. Josh was pretty athletic in high school; he played football, soccer, lifted weights and he ran cross country. He always had a tight body and he could eat anything and not gain an ounce. Because his increasing college workload, he realized that he wouldn’t have much time for recreation. He already had a few essays and a research paper due next week. When he was done with his food he strolled back to his dorm room, only pausing once to check out some hot girls walking by. He arrived back at his dorm a little winded, which was very unusual for this ex-track star. He quickly dismissed the thought when he smelled the brownies his slight, blond roommate Matt was making. Josh thought Matt was pretty cool and they got along alright. “Hey buddy,” remarked Matt with a hint of humor in his voice. “What’s up man,” replied Josh. “How was the delicious café food?” Matt said sarcastically. Josh laughed and the two engaged in small talk about girls, an upcoming beach trip, and their ever increasing school work. Josh grew tired and grabbed a few brownies to snack on before he went to bed.

Josh awoke to another overcast day and noted how sick of this cold dreary weather he was. He got in the shower and noticed that his abs were less defined and his belly seemed to poke out just enough for him to notice. He just put it off as a trick of the light, because he had never even been close to being pudgy. He got out and dried off not noticing his belly jiggling very slightly as he toweled it. He then trimmed his goatee and preceded to get dressed. He slid his pants on over his thickening thighs and sucked in to get his “shrinking” pants buttoned. The clock showed eight o’clock, and he knew if he didn’t hurry he’d be late. Fast walking down the side walk to get to class, he notice his thighs rubbed together slightly. He lost this thought when he rounded the corner and saw the Cinnabon stand. They looked and smelled so good that he ordered two. He took his first bite and immediately promised himself he’d be back for another one or two after class. Class went by slow and he passed the time by playing with his shaggy brown hair, not knowing that he was being watched. Finally, the bell rang and he hurried to the Cinnabon stand once again. The girl behind the counter smiled when she noticed who it was. She told Josh that he better not eat too many or he’ll get fat. Josh laughed because he knew that would never happen. He decided to sit at a table in the yard and noticed that the sky was clearing up. “About time” he said to himself. “I know, I’m so tired of this damn gloomy weather.” said a cute tan girl with exotic features. She sat down and Josh smiled at her. “Hi, I’m Tamera,” replied the mysterious girl. Josh said hello and they made conversation as he ate his two cinnamon rolls. Tamera noticed that his belly was slightly overlapping his beltline the sight attracted her and repulsed her at the same time. They made plans to hang out that weekend and to see each other after Josh’s class the rest of the week.
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keep writing!!
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thanks yall!
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yes excellent ....:-) please go on writing at least 10 more chapters hehe
ohhh i so like this aspect when the victim don´t realize the weight gain and sneaky smart girls try to abuse that ......hehe

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