The roommate (chapter 2 added)

Chapter 1 - new beginnings and fresh starts

Anxious and excited, John walked through the glass doors at his new university. He was a freshman on campus, and he had a lot of stuff going on. The dull sound of his suitcase rolling on the tile floor followed him all the way to his new dorm room. He paused outside for a brief second, nervous about meeting the guy he'd be spending a lot of time with. He turned the knob and entered a brightly lit room. His new roommate, Brett, was sprawled out on his bed reading a hunting magazine.

"Oh no," thought John, "My roomie is a redneck."

Brett hastily put down the magazine and introduced himself. To John's surprise, he actually sounded like he was from the city.

"I was just reading an old magazine that the people before us must've left."

John soon learned that Brett was a jock from Kansas City. John noticed Brett's buff body and felt a twinge in his pants. Embarrassed, John quickly turned around and began unpacking.

"So tell me about yourself," Brett requested. "Well, there's not much to tell," John replied, "I'm just a normal guy from Wisconsin."

"Well, did you play any sports?" asked Brett. "Yeah, I played soccer and ran cross country,"

replied John. "Nice, its always good to stay in shape, and it looks like you did," Brett added.

John was flattered to be complimented by such a handsome guy like Brett. He was tall brunette, with blue eyes, and he sported a nice tan. He generously muscled arms and well-developed pecs to go along with them. John could only imagine his sexy six-pack. John himself wasn't bad looking either. He was of average height and had a slim runner's body. He had blond hair and green eyes.

"I'm starving," exclaimed Brett. "Let's go to the dining hall then," suggested John.

The two arrived at the dining hall ten minutes later and got in line. It wasn't very crowded, so they didn't have to wait long. Brett decided to make a bet with John. "Whoever eats the least has to pay," he said. John quickly agreed, imagining Brett's swollen belly with lust. They wasted no time getting their plates. They soon dug into their food. Brett decided on fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and macaroni. John had two cheeseburgers and a huge pile of fries. After about thirty minutes of nonstop eating, the two boys laughed as they leaned back in the chair unbuttoning their pants.

It was determined that John ate the least so he had to pay. Luckily, there was a flat rate for "all-you-can-eat", so it only cost $12.99. The two slowly lumbered back to their room holding up their pants all the while. While in the elevator, John's hand accidentally brushed against the front of Brett's pants when he went to press the button. Both blushing, they sat quietly for the entire ride. When they returned to the room, Brett reached under his bed and pulled out a 24-pack of beers. Memories of high school rushed into John's head, and he happily accepted a beer. Twelve beers later, John was definitely feeling drunk. The two had had a very good talk and gotten to know each other really well. They decided to go to bed because they were so full.

"Myy sturmachhh ish killin meee," John slurred. Seconds later, John felt the covers being pulled back, and Brett slid into bed next to him. He felt a cool hand rubbing on his stomach and experienced instant relief. The next morning John awoke to an empty bed, and a severe hangover. He sat up and placed his head between his knees. He noticed his stomach was still slightly bloated, and it creased a little bit.
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More please! Can't wait to see which gets fattened up...if not both!
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