Vampire desire

Chapter 1

Edward Cullen was pretty much a normal guy, besides the fact that he was a vampire. He was in love with a human named Bella Swann. He had two brothers and two sisters. He also had a father (his creator) and a mother (his creator’s mate). Jasper and Emmett were his bros, and Alice and Rosalie were his sisters. Carlisle and Esme were his “parents”. They were a different kind of vampire though; they drank animal blood instead of human blood.

The Cullens had an enemy though, Victoria. She hated them because Edward killed her mate when he became obsessed with drinking Bella’s blood. She wanted to destroy Bella to get Edward back, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to do that without the Cullens getting in the way. She had be to be creative and come up with a plan.

Victoria was very smart and she thought long and hard about how to stop them. She couldn’t think of an easy way, so she looked at the problem from a different angle. Maybe all she had to do was slow them down. She started thinking of ways she could do that.

“Hmmm, maybe if I could make them out of shape then that would slow them down enough maybe”, she thought.

She started researching ways to increase appetite and ways she could get them to eat food. She discovered that if she could get a certain hormone into their bodies then it would restore their want for good food. Also, since vampires couldn’t really change all the food they ate would stay in there stomachs, which would really slow them down.

Victoria had to think of a way to get it into them. She would have to enlist the help of some civilians. She made her way to Forks to find her helpers. She located a lone teen that probably went to school with the Cullens. She walked up to him and he was taken away by her beauty.

“This is going to be easier then I thought”, she whispered to herself.

Alice Cullen had a special power. She could see the future. She started having visions of all of the Cullens with huge bellies.

“Whoa, there must be something wrong with my power that could never happen.” she thought.

She decided to keep these visions to herself since they were kind of weird.

The student agreed to do Victoria’s bidding. He hated the Cullens anyways because they were so perfect. While at lunch he slipped some of the liquid into all of the Cullens drinks by volunteering as a lunch preparer.

The Cullens would take sips of their drink to apppear human. They usually just spit it back out, but all the hormone had to do was get into their mouth.

Victoria’s plan was going well. The boy successfully put the hormone into the drinks and the Cullens had drank them as Vicky thought they would.

“Im starting to feel kinda hungry”, stated Edward to the others. They all agreed and Bella looked at them strangely.

“But you all don’t eat human food; you’ve never been hungry before” said Bella.
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