Chapter 1

“Cam’s cute, for a chubby guy,” said my friend Elisa, drunkenly, the night I first brought my new boyfriend to a party.

“Cam’s cute, period,” I said firmly, sneaking a peek at when the man in question stood, holding a beer and laughing. His little potbelly, pushing against his t-shirt, was as sexy to me as his dark eyes or his unruly curly hair or strong square hands.

“But you like the chubsters, don’t you, Mairead?” Elisa continued. I blushed.

“You’ve known me too long for me to deny it,” I said. “But Cam’s not just cute. He’s smart and funny and I think I might really be falling for him.”

“Really?” said a deep voice behind me. I turned to look into Cam’s dancing eyes.

“I - uh-”

“Because I’d hate to think I was the only one falling, here,” he said, seriously. He leaned in and then we were kissing, in front of all my friends. I didn’t care, either. Elisa whooped as the kiss grew longer and more intent.

“I think we’re going to have to leave soon,” I murmured as we broke apart. My hand lingered on the soft roll of flesh on Cam’s side, giving it a saucy squeeze.

“I agree,” he said, drawing me toward the door. After a quick round of good-byes, we tumbled out into the fall night. Cam caught my hand.

“Your place or mine?” he asked

“My place is closer.”

Soon we were up in my warm bedroom, lights on. Curled topless on my bed, I watched as he pulled off his shirt. His belly poked out even more without the camoflage covering of clothes. He really had the potential to be an enormous fatty. I got wet at the thought of his belly softening and swelling outwards. He stripped naked and came to me, laying beside me. Sex was an urgent force, pounding inside me, and yet I wanted to take my time, to savour the experience of getting to know his body intimately. I started caressing him and kissing him, paying especial attention to his pudgey parts. He did the same to me, teasing me with a little tickle and then moving his clever hands down to my clitoris. I came twice before he put on a condom and pushed the length of his penis into my welcoming vagina. My enthusiastically welcoming vagina - I shuddered again at the sensation of his cock sliding into place, filling me up. I wished I could fill him up as well.

That night was the first of many nights of physical pleasure and talk and laughter shared by Cam and I. The weeks and months slipped by, and as they did, Cam’s belly grew. I noticed when he had to loosen his belt and when he had to buy new pants. I surreptitiously checked the number on the waistband, so I knew when he moved into 36s. I encouraged him to eat plenty, to take second helpings whenever we ate together, but I never told him how sensual and sexy I found it to watch him eat and expand. It was too weird.

We graduated from university and Cam got a job in IT. He didn’t have time to play much hockey anymore and sitting all day in an office was helping him go from chubby to porky. I got on full-time at the museum where I’d worked summers during school. Cam and I had been dating for nearly a year. We decided to move in together when his lease ended in August.

A few weeks before the move, I was hanging out at Cam’s place. He and his buddies were involved in an epic hockey match on the Wii, so I went to check my e-mail on his computer. When I went to type in the address, a list of the most recently visited sites popped up. Guiltily, I paused to look at them. It was none of my business, really… but I just couldn’t help myself. Everything seemed standard, face book, e-mail, fantasy feeder- Something about the name caught my attention. I hesitated, then clicked on the link.

What happened next was a revelation to me. At first I was shocked by what I saw, but then I started reading the stories. It was as if all my deeply suppressed but long-held fantasies took on glorious, ripe, jiggling flesh. My breath came faster and I had to stop reading more than once to touch myself. I was clicking through pictures of ponderous bellies, panting softly, when the door opened and Cam came in.

I’m not sure who was more shocked. When he saw what I was looking at, he shut the door and quickly crossed the room.

“That’s nothing,” he said. “That’s just - I can explain-”

“Cam,” I said, interrupting. “Time for truth. You like this stuff? You think it‘s sexy?”

He squeezed his eyes shut and nodded, once. He looked as if he were about to cry. I think he thought I was about to freak out and dump him right then and there.

“Cam,” I said softly, standing up and twining my arms around his waist. “I thought that stuff was really sexy, too.”

He opened his eyes in surprise.
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Feedher3000 6 years
I love this story! There is still so much potential!!!
Beautybelly 7 years
why did you stop writing the story!? its so good!! please contine!! i love it!
Akwolfgrl13 7 years
So cute!
FrecherTyp 10 years
mhmmm that was so deliscious again i immediately have to eat something for this wonderful girl in your story ^^

i allways so i won´t get so fat but reading the number 245lbs in your story i found out that my weight of 97kg now = 214 lbs haha isn´t so far off .......O.O
Badhansel 13 years
I couldn't have fantasized better myself!
FrecherTyp 14 years
wow such a nice story ;-) very well written and so nice characters :-)
Csmith 14 years
Well written, sexy. You are getting better and better!~
Juicy 14 years
Really well done. Congrats.
Littleextra 14 years
Wow! Amazing smiley I've had the very same thought of a double meal on a night out for one of my own stories ... but I see you've beaten me to it! smiley
OniGumo 14 years
This story is very well written, if only I could find a feeder like Mairead. Such a saucy little minx she is XD
Built4com4t 14 years
your stories get better and better.