Dominant female feeder

Chapter 1 - dominant female feeder

It was 1 AM and her feedee sat naked before her in the kitchen. He was slumped in a revolving chair with his back towards her. His arms were tied tightly behind the back of the chair. The kitchen was littered with empty plates and fast food boxes. After months of hard work, her feedee was now obedient, broken, and completely docile. And of course, he was horrendously fat.

Her eyes slowly traced his fattened form, following the thick bulges of flab spilling outwards in heavy rolls from his body. From behind, she could quite clearly see how her recent efforts were paying off in spades. Much to her delight, his grossly overweight body now seemed to spill outwards pretty much everywhere. It was such a dramatic transformation from such a formerly skinny frame. Internally she purred with delight at the thought of his growth ... and of adding even more to it.

"TURN AROUND" she barked at the big fat slob sat in front of her. "Let me see my fattened pig in all his glory!"

Her feedee tried, as best he could, to shuffle around in his chair to give her a full frontal view of his large obese body. Her eyes widened and her stomach leapt with delight as his flabby frame was slowly revealed to her admiring eyes. He now looked very big, and very fat; even by her standards. She purposefully tried to keep her gaze cold-looking and distant. His moobs quivered with a pendulum-like motion as he shuffled around in his chair, which he did with some difficulty given the weight of his new gut. This made her laugh on the inside. After months of feeding, her piggy's moobs now sat heavily atop an extremely plump and fully engorged belly, which spilled out far onto his lap - and it was obviously straining to hold the contents of the night's earlier indulgences. It appeared so very swollen and pale, but reddened in parts with angry-looking stretch marks. He looked so helpless sitting there naked and bloated in front of her. She couldn't tell if he was aroused or not. His manhood was buried quite firmly under the results of her feeding efforts. No woman would ever touch him there again now. She smiled at this thought as it fluttered through her wicked mind.

She had convinced him when they first met that he was her first and only lover. This was not true; she had been with many. However, she knew for sure now that she would certainly be his last. She'd turned him into such a complete bloated mess of a man. No other woman in her right mind would go near him now. She smiled again at this most delightful thought. He was now hers; FOREVER. The only woman on earth who could, and would, at least willingly, tickle his fancy so-to-speak. The one he would always dream about. The one whom he would always long for her touch, evil and wicked though it was.

To give him some credit, he had in fact truly surpassed her expectations over recent months - not that she would ever admit this to his face. He was one of a long line of weak-willed men that she had seduced, broken-in, and fed mercilessly over the years. But he was by far her best pet pig yet. The amount of weight he'd put on was truly mind-blowing. She became wet at the thought of his transformation and the gluttony that was required to achieve it. She had, of course, provided a willing and helping hand along the way. She had to claim some of the credit - this man was clearly too weak to achieve this level of weight gain on his own.

She stepped closer to him. Her six feet of slender model-esque like body towered over him. Side by side when viewed through society's eyes they were exact opposites. It made for quite a thrilling juxtaposition in her mind. Not that she would be seen dead with him in public. He was merely her fetish plaything - her friends and family would never understand his obvious appeal to the darker and more sadistic side of her otherwise flawless character. She may not have been in love with him, but she certainly loved feeding him, and he was her favourite, fattest, and most obedient pet pig by far at this point.

She leant forward to drop her head to his eye-level. She rested her hands on her knees, just as an adult would do when crouching down to speak to a child. Her body swayed softly, seductively, as only a woman's body could.

"Oh dear ..." she muttered sarcastically, shaking her head. She stood up, straightened her lithe body and motioned with her hand towards the kitchen table nearby that was strewn with the empty plates and boxes. She straightened a single finger to point to one open box specifically.

Whilst looking directly into his eyes, she said, "You ... MY fat PIG, appear to have ONE slice of pizza left to go. I sure hope there's room for it in that fat gut of yours. Do NOT let ME down, pig!".

She added, "I'm thinking of leaving you as I'm not overly impressed with your appetite these days. Just think, without me, you'll be FAT ... and ... ALL ... ALONE", she let her words penetrate his weak mind.

With those cruel words still lingering in the air she added, "No woman in her right mind would want you in the state you're in. And it serves you right piggy, for being such a GREEDY ... F-A-T ... P-I-G! Nothing I seem to give you appears to appease that huge greedy gut of yours!". She eyed his fat gut with a vindictive smirk. "Try as I might, I just can't seem to fill you up ... can I?" she let her words again linger. There was no response. Her feedee knew his place - resistance was futile.

She circled him to stand behind him once again. Her high-heels clicked loudly on the kitchen floor and her athletic figure cut a perfect silhouette of the female form along the back wall of the kitchen. She was tall and pretty, with a body to die for. She never had any particular trouble attracting men. They seemed to crawl all over themselves to vie for her attention. "Such fools!" she thought.

She checked the rope tied around her feedee's wrists to make sure that his hands were still firmly secured. She yanked hard on the knot just to make sure. She smilied wickedly as she saw her thoroughly pampered and over-fed pet-pig squirm as the rope dug painfully into his fleshy wrists.
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FrecherTyp 9 years
hmmm... i somehow think if i read more of your stories i will one day just pick any girl who would do this with me ;-)
FrecherTyp 10 years
mhmm you female feeders are all very delectable and seductive ^^ who could resist such beauty and seduction ;-)
Littleextra 11 years
Sorry to hear that - it's all just fantasy though smiley
Littleextra 11 years
Thanks so much for the feedback. I'll try and write more when I can smiley
Littleextra 11 years
Ha ha! Thanks for reading smiley
Fatlilboy 11 years
MORE>....MORE.....piggy is soooo starving!!!