Fat little piggy boy

Chapter 1 - fat little piggy boy

Toby was huffing and puffing his way up a hill with his bike. He had sweat coving his body and his face was beat red. The shorts he was wearing were riding up his thick, fat thighs, and his t-shirt was exposing his swollen, flabby belly. Every bit of him was jiggling, even his perky man boobs.

He was a sight to see on a rather sunny day. If he had it his way he'd be in his room playing video games and eating junk food. However, his stepmother was forcing him to exercise.

"I hate that woman," Toby muttered in between heavy breathes as he was finally passed the hill. It was then that Toby caught a scent of something very delicious. He stopped his bike and noticed a quaint house on the side of the road. With one of its windows open, he could tell that someone was baking something amazing inside. Feeling it was time for a break anyway, he waddled himself to the open window to take a peek.

"Can I help you?" a voice asked.

Toby, who was balancing himself on his toes while looking through the open window, freaked and fell over on his round bottom. He then looked up to see a very beautiful woman in her late 30s looking down at him and giggling. He then tried to get up, but found himself simply wobbling back and forth.

"I'll help you up if you tell me why you are looking in my window?" the woman asked.

"I'm sorry," Toby pouted between his breathing. "I guess I just couldn't help myself with the smell of your baking."

She laughed and then proceeded to help Toby up.

"My name is Amanda," she said. "And I am so glad you like the smell of my cooking."

"Oh, you're welcome," Toby said. "My name is Tubby... No, I mean Toby," he said mistakenly while being taken in by Amanda's beauty.

Amanda laughed. "Well, you are a tubby one, Toby," she said poking him in his exposed belly.

Toby blushed with embarrassment and tried to stretch out his shirt to cover his tummy.

"Come in and I'll let you see if my cooking tasted as good as it smells."

"Well I really shouldn't," he said while looking down. "I'm supposed to be on a diet."

"Oh, one little taste won't ruin it," Amanda said while putting her hand around Toby's shoulders and leading him in to her house.

Soon Toby was seated at Amanda's kitchen table and he discovered that 'one little taste' was Amanda putting a whole pie in front of him with a fork sticking in it. He sighed and took his first bite, and it was amazing. His eyes widened and he began rubbing his belly. He then quickly went for his second bite and then his third. Shortly, and without realizing it, he had finished the whole thing.

"My, my," Amanda giggled. "Someone is quite the piggy."

Toby was ashamed of himself and he attempted to clean off his lips and cheeks.

"Here," Amanda said putting another pie in front of him. "Have another."

Toby frowned. He was quite full already and knew his stepmom would be pissed already. He began to push it away from him and say no thanks, but was interrupted by Amanda force feeding him a bite. He swallowed it and then burped. He then tried to say no again, but was forced to have another, bigger bite. Soon enough he had finished the second pie and Amanda was gently rubbing his bloated belly.

"You are such a good piggy boy," she said gleefully. "Let's get a third pie in you."

"No," Toby was able to state. "Please, no more."

Amanda pouted and hung out her lower lip. "Come on, just one more and I'll let you be."

"But I'm too full," Toby whined.

"Nonsense," Amanda exclaimed and began shoving handfuls of a third pie in to Toby's mouth using her bare hands.

Soon the third pie was done and, without a word, Amanda broke her word and started Toby on a forth and then a fifth pie.

Toby moaned and groaned. He belched and even farted a couple times. He could feel his shorts and his shirt start to become unbearably tight and even begin to weaken at the seams.

"Now I think it is time for something to drink." Amanda said cleaning off her hands on Toby's belly.

Toby was about out of it, but was relived he was done with eating pie.

Amanda returned with a pitcher from a blender. It was noticeably cold and looked like it was filled with chocolate shake.

"Drink up," Amanda said while putting a funnel in between Toby's lips and pouring the shake down it.

Toby had no choice but to swallow the sweet chocolaty tasting shake. When he had finished, Amanda proceeded to vigorously shake his stuff belly. Toby then loudly belched and then loudly farted.

Amanda laughed and squeezed Toby's fat cheeks in her hands. "You are just so precious!"

"Oh, please," Toby muttered, "no more..."
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DiapeeBaybee 1 year
I would love to hear more about diaper baby Toby.
Love that you added the diaper aspect into the story, I wish more writers here did!
Blubberjiggler1 10 years
I would love to be the young tubby Toby and have a beautiful older woman playfully tease me, poke and jiggle my fat and feed me pies until I was a bed-ridden bloated blimp
Fredi 10 years
I want more
Plumply45 11 years
More please...mmmm
Nathel112 11 years
Liv it
Collegeguy2514 12 years
great story! would love to hear more.
DikkeGert 12 years
Please much more about Fat Toby and his bulky diaper. Wish i was toby