The piggy challenge

Chapter 1 - the piggy challenge

He was so hungry, but his car had no food left in it. He could have sworn he hadn't eaten all of it. He began to rub his bulging belly and started to feel guilty.

Toby was getting quite fat. Not that long ago he was in rather good shape, but ever since high school he has been putting it on. It started in college, but really piled on after he dropped out. He found himself back at his parents doing nothing but eating and lying around. But eventually, his parents got fed up and told him he needed to get a job. He was able to get a job in fast food, but found it too hard not to eat the product. After getting fired, he felt he just needed a new start. After looking at his growing self in the mirror, he decided to head west and start anew. So he got together what little money he had, plus some he borrowed from his parents, and got in his car and drove. But it didn't take long before he was making constant stops for food.

"Damn my ***," Toby said to himself driving down the dark highway. "I got less than 20 bucks left and I'm not even halfway there."

He didn't want to call his parents for more, though he did contemplate lying about being mugged. He had already been sleeping in his car instead of buying a room, but with all the food he was buying, he wasn't going to have enough cash to get him all the way there. Then he saw the sign glowing in the night

"That might work," he exclaimed as he read the billboard on the side of the road. It was for some restaurant that promised a thousand dollars if you could finish every bite. He wasn't able to read all of what was on it, but he assumed it was an especially big plate with huge portions on it. He did see that the place was called Lindsey's. Either way, he felt his gluttony could finish off whatever they gave him.

He soon saw the exit for the place, but was surprised when it wasn't right there when he got off the off ramp. He then spotted a sign that told him to take a left. He then spotted another sign that told him to take a right. It then seemed that he missed the next sign. He was driving for some time and it looked like he was just heading nowhere. Empty fields to the right and left of him, but then he saw the light.

In glowing pick letters, the sign for Lindsey's hung high in the night sky. Then the building came in to sight. There was nothing around it, but it did seem inviting. There were cars in the parking lot, even semis too, and music playing outside.

Toby parked and squeezed out of his car. He waddled up to the entrance and saw that Lindsey's was also a motel. He wondered if he "finished the bite" if he'd get a free room for the night.

"Why hello there, big guy," a very energetic and perky blonde lady greeted while opening the door.

Toby smiled and was surprised at how chipper she was at this hour. He then realized it was passed 2 am.

"Are you still serving food?" he asked.

"Why of course," she smiled, "just for you."

Toby smiled and waddled in.

"My, my," another voice exclaimed. "He's a big one!"

Toby looked to see a cute little red head smiling wide at him. He couldn't help but blush.

"Now my name is Heather," the blonde lady said.

"And I'm Jessica," the cute little red head said.

"We'll be your servers for the night," they said in unison.

Toby was a bit taken aback by the two of them, but went along and followed them.

"Where is everyone?" Toby questioned as they got to the dining room and saw empty table everywhere.

"Well it is late," Heather smiled.

"They're all in bed," Jessica added.

"Oh, yeah, I guess they would be," Toby said realizing how late it was again.

"Now take a seat," Heather said patting on a wooden bench in front of a table with a red checkered table cloth on it.

Toby sat down and looked at the identical benches and tables all around him. "I like the simplistic layout of the furniture.

"Well, we like it to be all about the food," Jessica smiled. "Plus the benches make it easier for are more robust patrons," she said and then patted Toby's belly.

Toby blushed and attempted to suck in his gut.

"Now don't be shy," Heather said. "We love are more inflated guests. That's why the benches are reinforced."

Toby smiled, but couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

"So do you know what you'd like?" Jessica asked.

"Well, I did see something about a thousand dollar challenge. That if you could--"

"The Piggy Challenge!" Heather exclaimed in glee.

"The Piggy Challenge! The Piggy Challenge! The Piggy Challenge!" Jessica squealed jumping up and down.

"Oh, is that what it's called--"

"Are you sure you want to go through with it?" Heather asked.

"Once it starts it does not end until you are finished," Jessica said smiling right into Toby's face.

"Well, I really need the money--"

"Then the Piggy Challenge it is!" Heather said and then signaled Jessica.
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Plumply45 11 years
He will probably be prepared for a \"hog roast\" when he wakes-fully fattened with a big red apple stuffed in his mouth
KarlaFFA 12 years
I love how he is so overstuffed and sleepy he never quite gets around to having sex. smiley