The jerk

Chapter 1 - the jerk

"Jerk!" shouted a woman's voice at Toby.

"Whatever, bitch!" he shouted back.

Toby had just tried to score with the woman. He assumed since she was fat, she'd be grateful that he was even being nice to her and would put out. He was wrong and she got quite upset and stormed off after throwing her drink in his face.

In the rest room, Toby wiped off his face while cursing to himself. He was outraged at how the woman treated him. He was a good looking man, maybe not a 10, but at least a solid 7. And at whatever ranking, he was out of the league of that woman and she should have been more gracious.

Toby left the restroom, ordered one more drink. After paying his tab, he got his jacket from the coat check room and left. As he neared his car he felt someone grab him from behind. As he attempted to turn around he found an odd smelling rag being flung at his mouth. He soon blacked out.

Everything was bright as Toby came to. He could hear voices, but they were distorted. Soon his vision improved and he could tell he was seating in a chair. He tried moving his arms, and at first he thought he just couldn't move them, but then realized they were bound behind him. He then discovered his legs were too. He noticed that his jacket was off, but his white dress shirt and khaki slacks were still on, though they were quite wrinkled and dirty with his shirt untucked from his pants.

"I think he's up," a soft voice echoed.

Toby turned his head and saw three overweight women looking at him and laughing at one another. One was rather tall and had blonde hair. She had a curvy hourglass shape. She seemed to be in charge. The other two, a redhead with a pear-shaped body and a short brunette with a prominent round belly and huge breasts, seemed to be taking cues from her.

"Go get the cream," the tall blonde told the short brunette.

"Sure thing, Rachel."

"Well, hello, Toby," the tall blonde greeted.

"Who are you?" Toby asked in a groggy voice.

"Why I am Rachel," she said with a smile.

"Who are the other two?"

"Well those are my friends, Becky and Ashley," she stated. "Becky was the brunette who just stepped out and this," she looked over to the redhead, "is Ashley.

"Please to meet you," Ashley giggled.

"But what's going on?" Toby asked very confused and getting nervous.

"What's going on is that my two friends and I have drugged you and tied you to a chair. We are now going to force you to gain quite a lot of weight in a short period of time."

"Why... wait, what?" Toby said moving his head, trying to understand the situation. He thought he must be dreaming.

"We know you rather well, Toby. You are quite the jerk. You have a horrible view of women, especially overweight women."

"Why no love for the chub?" Ashley added and then laughed.

"We want to teach you a lesson. And that lesson involves you getting fat--real fat."

"What? No." Toby began to squirm in his chair and the proceeded to rock it back and forth.

"Now stop it," Rachel exclaimed. "You are only going to hurt yourself."

Toby stopped, not so much because he was told, but because he was still rather out of it. It didn't take long of him rocking and squirming before he got rather exhausted.

"Good, Becky is back," Rachel said as the short and round brunette came waddling back with, what looked to be, an oversized frosting frosting bag that was jiggling back and forth while being cradled in her thick arms.

"Should he be naked?" Becky asked.

"No," she replied. "Let's let the clothes just eventually tear and rip."

All three of them laughed while Toby became very scared.

"Now listen you fat bitches! You untie me right now and let me go! I'm sorry if I pissed you off, but you are not going to *** with me!"

The three plump ladies stopped laughing for a moment and then started up again even loader.

Toby wanted to yell at them again, but found that the last words he shouted had really tired him out. He was very scared.

"Now be nice, Toby," Rachel said while her and the other two approached him. "You have no choice in the matter."

Ashley then got on one side of him while Becky got on the other. Becky then held up the large frosting bag while Ashley helped out. Rachel walked behind him and used her hands to hold his head in place.

Toby tried to resist, but soon the metal tip of the bag was forced in his mouth. As the Ashley and Becky began squeezing the bag, a very sweet and thick cream filled his mouth and soon he was forced to swallow. He wanted to fight it, but he found the cream to be so good that he couldn't help himself but wanting more. Soon he found himself actually sucking the cream down, not even needing Becky and Ashley to squeeze it down.

The three fat women were pleased and couldn't help but giggle.

Toby soon felt a pain all around his waist. He realized that his pants were digging in to him. He then noticed the same thing happening around his armpits and shoulders as his shirt became tighter. Though becoming alarmed, he couldn't help but sucking away at the cream.

"All done!" Becky squealed.

Toby was disappointed. He wanted more. He then watched as one of his buttons popped off of his shirt. He looked down and noticed he had a belly roll pooping out under his shirt. He then watched as it grew and another button popped off.

"Look at him swell," Ashley giggled.

Soon another buttoned popped and then another. Eventually he had no more buttons left on and his shirt flung open.

"Look at those growing tits!" Becky screamed.

Toby watched as he developed a pair of tits on his chest. Soon the sleeves to his shirt split off. It was then he began to cry in agony as his pants struggled to stay closed under the pressure of his growing waist.

"Should we help him out?" Ashley asked Rachel.

"No," she answered. "They'll pop soon."
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FrecherTyp 11 years
hmm nice idea ^^ love the idea of more girls i could handle will try to fatten me up (of course they won´t succeed with this plan on me^^)
FFenthusiast 11 years