Chapter 1

Finally, I found a job. My parents moved away to China, and I was still stuck here. Well, so I went up for my first day of work, but I was running late, so I didn't have any breakfast. I knew it wasn't healthy, but I quickly got something from McDonald's, and ate it in five minutes. I was still hungry, so I got another meal menu. I did this for three times, still amazing myself, but I was finally full.

I never gained weight, because I just ate until I was full. That's all there was to it. Now for work, I worked at a bakery. Most people don't want those jobs because they gain weight, but that's not me. I have good self-control.

I finally reached my destination; Boulangerie. Quickly, I went in and put on the uniform, since I already came for orientation. I was allowed to eat leftovers, but I wasn't planning to.

The day was really slow, and of boredom, I kept on snacking a bit throughout the day. When I was about to clean up, I just said to myself; screw the calories, and finished it all. I was skipping dinner for this, but I was still kinda hungry.

There was a buffet, and I went there. Today was a pig-out day, so I just took whatever I wanted to. Macaroni and cheese, french-fries, lots of mayonnaise, all the usual 'no-no's!'. I felt really, full, but in a good sense, and I slept until 10 in the morning.

'Thank god today is a day off!' I exclaimed.

Since I needed to do some shopping, and I wanted to look good, I got my best jeans. They were kind of snug, but I looked really good in them. The button was harder to close than usual, or was it just imagination? I just shrugged it off and went shopping.

I got some good snacks, since my parents would never let me have them. As I came home, I already ate half of all of the food. I wasn't really noticing what I ate anymore, and I went to a buffet for lunch. Yet again, I over-indulged, but my stomach could take it. My capacity was increasing rapidly, and I was amazed.

I loved the feel of my jeans digging into my stomach, and my bra became more strained. All the feelings were wonderful, so I kept on eating, just for the sake of them. I have enough money for new clothes, so it's not like I care. For the sake of feeling good, and not obsessing about weight, I decided to let my body do whatever it wanted to.

Before I knew it, it was time for work. Yet another slow day and I even baked a lot of extras just because when I smelled the fresh pastries, my stomach hungered for them. Slowly, I could feel the apron getting tight, but I didn’t care. After work ended, I went to the mall and bought new clothes. Clothes that were way too big, but that were my goal for next month. Guys were looking at me more frequently, and I loved it.
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