Visit to the doctor

Chapter 1

Heather sat on the examination table wearing only a bra that was much too small and panties that were almost completed obscured by her massive thighs, and the rolls of fat that surrounded her middle.

Suddenly, the door opened and a thin but muscular man entered. He walked over, and stood directly in front of Heather.

He glanced at Heather, and then looked down at the clipboard that he held in her one hand.

"We have the results of your tests, Heather," the doctor reported. "Your heart is strong, your lungs are clear, your cholesterol count is acceptable, and your blood pressure is fine. All in all, you are surprisingly healthy considering just how fat you are."

Most women would have felt embarrassed by such a crude statement, but when her doctor called her fat, Heather felt her body tingle.

"Heather, do you realize that you are about 100 pounds heavier than when I last examined you about a year ago?" the doctor asked.

Heather tried to look shocked, as she exclaimed, "I didn't think I had gained that much!"

In reality, Heather, knew exactly how much she weighed and how much weight she had gained. In the year since her last physical, Heather had intentionally added 107 pounds of delicious fat to her body.

"Well, don't look so surprised," the doctor continued, "you must be eating like a pig to have gained so much." And then, with her free hand, the doctor reached out and grabbed a hold of the largest fat roll that encircled Heather's belly.

Heather was at first startled, but very quickly, she became aroused.

Heather had been looking forward to this exam for a long time. She knew that the doctor was going to reprimand her for letting herself get so fat. In fact, she had been stuffing herself more than usual lately just so she would look as big as possible today.

Waves of pleasure flowed over Heather as the doctor roughly shook the flab she was holding. Heather couldn't help but close her eyes and let out a long and sensual sigh.

"Look at this!" the doctor said. "You're disgusting!"

The doctor released her hold on the roll, then turned, walked over to a chair, and sat down.

When the doctor again faced Heather, she tried to regain her composure and look serious once more.

"I know that you moved in with someone a little while after your last exam, how does your partner feel about you getting so fat?”

Heather knew that her partner adored how she looked.

"Does your lover ever say anything to you about it?" the doctor continued.

Heather's lover was constantly talking about her weight and how much she ate. Heather thought about what her partner had said to her just last night…"You have to eat everything that I put on your plate tonight, Honey Piggy, you've got to be 10 pounds heavier by my birthday." And… "If you can't finish all the milk shake that I've made for you, I'm afraid that I'm just going to have to pour it down your throat." And then when they were in bed together… "I just love how fat you have gotten for me, my Honey Piggy. You are the most beautiful woman in the world."

But to the doctor, Heather responded only by saying, "My lover doesn't seem to mind."

"Hop-up off that table," the doctor ordered, I want to see something." Long ago, Heather had stopped hopping. So instead, she shifted her weight, and kinda poured herself off the table, put her legs under her, and after regaining her balance, stood on the floor.

"Now, touch your toes," the doctor commanded.

Even though Heather had not seen her toes in a long time, she tried to do what the doctor wanted. But, when she bent over, the three large fat rolls around her middle, got smashed together, and they would not allow Heather to bend enough to reach the floor.

As he frowned and shook her head, the doctor said, "That's pathetic!"

"Try running in place, instead," the doctor ordered.

Even though now Heather got winded after just climbing a flight of stairs, she did what the doctor had asked. Her soft fleshy body bounced rhythmically as she jogged, but Heather began sweating profusely and soon she was completely out of breath.

"Don't you ever get any exercise?" the doctor asked.

"No, not really. My lover doesn't want me to exert myself."

"Go ahead and get dressed," the doctor said with a disgusted tone in his voice.

As Heather struggled with the buttons on her blouse, the doctor said, "I'm going to prescribe something for you. It will help you with your weight."

Heather knew that the last time her doctor had written her a prescription, the medicine had given her an insatiable appetite and had caused her to eat uncontrollably for a month.

As Heather pulled on her stretch pants, the doctor handed her the prescription. Looking at it, Heather thought… "But, my doctor must know what is best for me."

Then Heather asked, "Will there be anything else?"

"Yes, there is one more thing," the doctor answered. "I want you go grocery shopping on your way home. There's nothing left in the house. You have eaten it all, my Honey Piggy."
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14 years
That was cute. A perfect break from a very long paper I've been working on smiley
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lol I love it smiley I'm still smiling lool very cute xx