Chapter 1 - 1 in love

Rebecca knew from the moment she stepped into her friend's house that she was in love. It was a beautiful house, the kind with grand, sweeping staircases in the foyer and a granite-topped kitchen counter that sparkled under the lights. Entire walls were made with glass, further displaying the silk wallpaper and the sheen of only the newest flat screen TV. The couches were so plush you would sink away. Bedrooms came straight from a rococo imperial palace, with majestic canopies and beautiful inlaid wood designs. Outside there was a pool and lounge area, bar included. Yes, Rebecca knew she was in love.

Diana didn't have too many friends, but from this moment on, Rebecca would be her best friend. Included in this best friend package was not only a sweet, honest girl who lived like an heiress, but also her older brother.

"Literally, your house is freakin' amazing," she gushed, gaping at the crystal chandelier.

"Really?" Diana said, biting her lip and staring down at the marble tiles.

"Who's this?" a male voice called from the top of the staircase.

All Rebecca saw was tousled brown hair and a rumpled polo.

"Rebecca. She's a friend."

"What's up?" he said with a nod.

"That's Joe, my brother."

She was already looking at his back, but now she saw broad shoulder.

"You never mentioned he was hot!" Rebecca squealed.

"Well, he's my brother."

"You're right. Gross, I know. You know what I wanna see? Honey Boo Boo in HD."

Diana giggled.

"I have it Ti-Vo'd."

Diana's eyes were glued to the screen. A bowl of M&M's was resting precariously in between them, the glass stained with artificial dyes. Only Rebecca was peeking at Joe, who was making ramen in the kitchen. He wasn't particularly muscular, and really a bit on the pale side, but she didn't care. She was in love. Now she had an actual trustworthy friend, as well as excellent man candy to admire during her frequent trips.

"Did you finish all the M&M's?" Rebecca whined. "You're addicted!"

Diana sucked off her fingers and shrugged.

"Soon you'll be too! I just love them. My mom has to buy those big party bags almost every other day. More now that you've been coming over."
She laughed. Her father was a surgeon, and was very health-conscious. It wasn't that she ate only organic, but processed foods were a treat. Here, they were a snack.

"Let's get some Twizzlers?"

With strawberry licorice in their mouths, they began Facebook stalking various people.

"Ew! Did she get her navel pierced?"


"Her stomach's not even flat," Rebecca scoffed.

"Who does she think she is?"

"Ugh, I hate Kirstin. She says she wants to get one of those dumb infinity tattoos."

"She probably thinks she's so deep," Diana giggled.

"Well, at least she looks better than Melissa."

"Her fake tan makes her look like an Oompa Loompa. And without her heels, she really is one."

"Why did you guys take all the Twizzlers?" Joe complained, grabbing the bucket.

"We were eating those!" Diana said, holding her hand out. "Just get some Cheez Its, or whatever."

"Just get some Cheez Its," he mimicked in a falsetto.

"Please," Rebecca whined, batting her eyes.

Joe grinned at her, bucket held high like a trophy.

"You should try that, Di," he said, pointing at Rebecca.

"Does that mean we get the bucket back?" Diana sighed, rolling her eyes.

Joe let it drop on Diana's head, chuckling as he left the room.

"Don't flirt with my brother," she muttered softly, clicking through Melissa's picture. "Can it get cheaper than leopard-printed, bedazzled stripper heels? I wonder how she gets out of the house."

Still smiling, Rebecca munched on two Twizzlers at the same time.

"She has such a bad muffin top in that picture. Corsets are not for everyone," she added on.

"I'd kill for her tits though."

Diana was one of those rail-thin girls. Sometimes Rebecca envied her, but when it came to assets, she was well-ahead. Even with her modest B cup, she was a porn star compared to her friend.

"Gain weight like she has?" Rebecca said absentmindedly. She remember Melissa 10 pounds ago: not that impressive.

"Cheez Its it is for us then. Wanna stay for dinner?"

"Yeah, I'll call my mom," she said, the last two Twizzlers in her mouth.

"I'm thinking you're developing a Twizzler addiction," Diana laughed.

"Good for the girls," she grinned, grabbing her chest jokingly.

Food at home was becoming so... healthy that Rebecca found herself dropping pounds without even wanting to. Unlike most girls, she just ended up looking like a pear, with nothing on top.

"The Cheez Its made me nauseous," Rebecca complained, lying on her back on a shag rug.

"My mom just got a new maid. If you don't eat what she makes she'll think we don't like her food."

"Your maid cooks?"

"My mom doesn't like cooking."

"Can't I say I'm allergic?"

"Not if you're planning on coming again. It'll be fine, I ate most of everything anyway," Diana shrugged.

"Your stomach is a black hole," Rebecca groaned.

Diana patted her abdomen.

"We're eating chicken pot pie."

"Comfort food," she moaned, rubbing her stomach in an attempt to ease it.

Diana laughed at her overdramatic friend.

"C'mon, there's like, an hour until dinner. Wanna sneak something from the bar? My dad's on a business trip and my mom is only on her Blackberry."

Rebecca immediately sat up.

"Dude, can I sleep over?"

"You can borrow some of my stuff."

Both girls squealed.

"I've never drunk booze before. My parents don't drink."

"Let's ask Joe if he'll make us a cocktail! He's crazy good."

They both got up, Rebecca forgetting her discomfort for the sake of excitement. Diana marched into her brother's bedroom, a big grin on her face.

"Joe," she called sweetly as she opened the door.

He grunted in response.

"Rebecca's never drank before."


&quo t;Maybe you could make her a cocktail?" she practically purred.

"Why would I do that?"

"Because you're nice?" Rebecca cooed.

"Am I?" he said, finally turning around.

Both girls nodded fervently, and Joe grinned arrogantly.

"Well, if you're so sure, then I can't disappoint, can I?"

"You're the best brother!"

Seeing as it was winter, Rebecca had barely been to the patio. Huddled in a borrowed sweater, she perched on the couch. Joe was pouring all sorts of different stuff into the cocktail shaker. A shot of blue, a shot of a translucent liquid, and then she lost track.

"How much are you putting in there?" Diana frowned.

"You guys pigged out. Otherwise she won't feel a thing."

She crossed her arms, but decided to keep quiet. It didn't really matter anyhow. Her mother was one of those clueless parents. Work was what occupied most of her time, and the remainder? The kids were occupied.

When Rebecca got her cocktail handed to her, she looked up unsurely at the two siblings. The glass was cradled in between her two hands.

"C'mon. Drink it," Joe coaxed, grinning widely.

Hesitantly, she took a big gulp.
"It's sweet," she said, completely surprised.

"Do you like it?"

She smiled and took another gulp. When she finished it, Joe filled it up before she could even protest. All three of them were drinking the same amount as her, so Rebecca felt awkward trying to ask Joe to stop. She didn't want to be seen as some uptight prissy bitch. This was the most interaction she'd had with Joe. He had these gorgeous hazel eyes, and his nose was slightly freckled. He was so cute.

When it was dinner time, Rebecca stumbled into the dining room. Oh yes, she was drunk.

"Rebecca, nice to see you. How are you?" Diana's mother asked, tearing her eyes away from her phone.

When she opened her mouth, instead of speaking, she hiccuped.

"Oh my God, excuse me."

"Don't worry, dear. Carla, could you get her some soda?" she called, smiling at Rebecca.

A Mexican woman place a glass of Coke in front of her.

"Oh! I meant soda water," she said, frowning.

"It's fine. I don't really like soda water," Rebecca quickly said, not wanting to get the woman in trouble.

"Just remember it in the future, Carla. We'll say Coke or Sprite if that's what we want."

"Yes, ma'am. Sorry ma'am."
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