Growth, m-preg

chapter one

Of all the places in the world I was likely to find a big guy who wanted to give birth, FF was the most likely.

And his ad was right there, chunky, would like to carry a child himself, if it was right, with the right woman, and a blushing emoticon.

So we traded a few messages, talked online, and finally got together. He was above average height, a little bit chubby, handsome, polite, and smart. Good genes.

"Alan", he says, reaching out his hand.

"Evelyn." I shake it.

"You want to feel?" he asks, discreetly motioning to his belly. "This would be all yours. I mean, if I was yours...." Blushing again.

I press my hand against his belly. Soon it would be growing.

"I'm interested", I say, pinching an inch.

"Me too", he says, smiling. So cute. Brilliant blue eyes.

"So do you know how all this works?", he asks.

"I do know something about it, yes. You'd have to get the womb implanted. It's a major surgery. You've thought this through right?"

"Oh absolutely", he said, "I know it's going to take a little time to heal."

"It's implanted right under the surface. My egg and your sperm are combined, then implanted in your womb", I say, "Damn, this sounds so strange!"

"Oh I know!" he says, "But it's a dream for me. A weird dream for a man, I know, but I always wanted to be kind of coddled, and be dominated and..."


"Yeah", he whispered, embarrassed.

"I'm pretty dom in the sack, so it's good with me that you're submissive, and I want a child, but I'm not 20 anymore you know, and I don't want to screw up my body forever either. You don't have to be embarrassed with me, I like what you like", I say.

He takes my hand and squeezes it.

"Would you consider going on vacation with me?" he asks, "This has to go pretty fast, but...I need to get to know you."

"Of course."

Three weeks in Hawaii, then a week with his family, who patently don't understand. His mother burst into tears when he told her he wanted to bear a child.

But we got through it. And move in together.

I sat in the orange chairs in the waiting room while a womb and our zygote was implanted inside him.

While there were other men doing this, it was still considered odd, and some doctors simply wouldn't do it. But we found someone who could see how much he wanted to do this.


"Into bed, baby", I advise, tucking him in. "I want you on mostly bedrest, we don't want to take any chances with our child."

"Okay", he smiles, thrilled to be doted over.
"I want you to get fat with this baby, really, really fat, I know we both want that", I say, massaging his feet.

"Yep", he says, rubbing his belly, "I think I'm going to end up huge." He's grinning ear to ear.

"Well let's get started." I cook him breakfast and he puts away 5 pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, and a couple of cinnamon rolls, after which he takes a nice long nap.

We stick to that plan for weeks, doctors appointments, some walking, mostly bed rest, and lots of food.

He fattens easily, gaining 10 pounds in two weeks.

"Do you love me yet?" I hear him whisper at night when he thinks I'm sleeping.

"I love you" I whisper back, "I adore you." I spoon him with my hand splayed across his belly.

"I love you too", he says, snuggling into my arms.
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Rickeb 5 years
You should write more like this.
Junepearl 9 years
Thanks. smiley
Junepearl 9 years
Ha ha, it actually might. Thanks.
Junepearl 9 years
Thanks, glad you liked it. It was a bit of a detour, but it needed to be written. Or rather, I needed to write it, which is slightly different.
Built4com4t 9 years
wow, that was fun...and strangely, incredibly arousing. thanks for the detour